► ? One Man, One Base and No Team! ? – World of Tanks WZ-120-1G FT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

FT Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks WZ-120-1G FT, Premium Chinese . World of Tanks Live Gameplay.

This time I am going to show you one of my favorite replays in 2018, filled with non-stop action, smart plays and awesome moments.
Hopefully this makes your day even better. 😉


► Player: npocmo_28pyc


  1. Bismarck Der Teufel

    All you need for an epic battle is a match with 29 stupids!! Claus “no bullshit” Kellerman!!!

  2. Dez, that game wasn’t 1 v 15…it was 1 v 29!

  3. Your video description describes almost all of my games

  4. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    you really dont need zkill rounds to be good.

    i love this replay.

  5. This was fuckn awesome!!

  6. Why in the hell do people always scroll out before they shoot? Just aim, and scroll out AFTER you shoot. You hit more shots that way too.

    • This was a very frustrating replay to watch. But still a good video from Dez 🙂

    • I hit more often zoomed out than zoomed in. Fully aimed – hit the dirt, zoomed out on the move – direct hit. Go figure…

    • bzlat that’s different. That’s different and also rng at work. Depending on the situation you might have to auto aim on a guy and zoom out to look where you’re going. Still a bad habit to do what this guy did.

  7. Dez, Please, Stop promoting top tier vs low tier battles… I could sent to you 14-18k battles replays with same action, when i play tier10 vs tier8? or with brand new IS-M vs tier6 which side-angled is impossible to be pen by lower tier ? C’mon…. These videos becomes disapointing and i’m not joking.
    I’m a high stats player and i don’t like when i see on youtube videos like this one promoted just because an OP tank gets in top tier against tomatos. Really… Be honest sir.

  8. I assume 15 of the 25 “Thumbs Down” votes on the video must be the guys on the other team.

  9. wtf is with the enemy and ally team?! lol

  10. I think i have a loss in fv4202 with 6k of dmg, in toptier, didn’t like, the team was like all the most potatos on the game.

  11. I see it in many rpl like this he could spend his last he rounds to kill the last enemie with the last shell…. But I believe the most plp are in heart beat that time lol

  12. The enemy team was so bad, it’s unbelievable. Why I don’t have this luck

  13. what a game prosmo is having!

  14. you said “beautiful sunny weather”…how about a motovlog for our brother that has been diligently asking for one since last fall?

  15. What do the 1.0 reward camouflage look like?

  16. The intensity bro, good commentary & editing as usual gg 🙂

  17. Elias Väänänen


  18. awesome game, not bothering to aim never works for me and I doubt he can play like that if bottom tier

  19. Fake Tank !
    Best map for filthy fast Tds like this
    The tier 8 version of the su-122-44

  20. i trade IS-6 for this TD,My best decision ever in WOT

  21. Oh my god I get so nervous watching this replay, why doesn’t he aim

  22. This tank has to be aggressive.. The aim is very shit

  23. Максим Maximus Обайсат

    Beautiful !!!!

  24. that was pure luck. fustrating to watch xd

  25. Was this game rigged? Nobody actually tried to kill this guy, just fed him dmg and bounces…

  26. no notification this time :/

  27. every game after that is a let down

  28. I’ve often wondered why people zoom out so fast before taking the shot, anyone any idea why ?

  29. a very very lucky noob against a noober team

  30. I love me WZ-120-1G FT 🙂

  31. Dez, I think there is a MOD that has an option to do the zoom out thing. When you fire, it does Zoom out automatically but yeah I agree as well, for me it’s hard to play like that, you miss more shots because of that.

    But GG to this guy, no premium ammo, only skill !!! that’s what I love to see…

  32. When people zoom out before they take the shot it’s often due to a replay problem not the actual player

  33. Максим Maximus Обайсат

    Hey buddy. Thanks for the epic humor and wonderful content. Can you help a fellow youtube channel out to get more subscribers? We have this channel ” wot arty noobs” and we really need help to let more ppl know about it. Can you help us?

  34. This stuff doesn’t happen on the NA server. Players are too good overall.

  35. Nice play grat 😉 pls gift me this td 😀 pls pls pls

  36. i saw once, few years ago option in one mode pack to zoom out after you take shot

  37. That instantly zoom out after he shoots must be a mod.

  38. top tier in one of the best td at t8

  39. Dez, scrolling out before shots is actually lag, I always see it on my replays. When I’m playing, I’ll shoot then zoom out, but the replay doesn’t register when I clicked, it registers when the shot goes off on the server. So it looks like I zoomed out before shooting.

  40. I like how he makes a barricade with dead ennemies but when the reds arrive he like “nah fuk it I’m jumpin on ’em”

  41. That WZ-120-1G FT frontal upper plate is impenetrable (w/o premium rounds) to all of those tanks except for the ARL-44(w/ top 90mm), the KV-4, and the Borsig. everything else would need to hit sides or lower plate. Beautiful match making and enemy team. Points off for lazy aiming, but good positioning and reactions. The one thing he messed up was not getting a cheeky last round kill by dumping the rest of his ammo

  42. seems like a wasted opportunity to farm an easy Fadins Medal.

  43. Holy shit, this lucker. Where can I get this kind of potato teams, like he did? I would like that as well.

  44. Lovely sunny day for you, eh? Lucky you, because it has been p*ssing down all day here in the UK 🙁

  45. all i can say is WOW…..what a round!!

  46. WTF did I just witness? 29 retards and 1 good player that knows how to read a map and utilize his armor.

  47. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    @dezgamez where are you from? Croatia right?

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