► ? REACTING To Silly/Funny Moments ? – World of Tanks Edition [NEW SERIES?]

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Reacting To Funny, Silly, Fail, RNG Moments. World of Tanks Reacting To Series.

Thanks for supporting my efforts towards this channel. 🙂

► Help me to make this series:
1) Upload your replays to: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/
2) Replay Title: “React …”, “React to this moment at …”
3) Message: Exact time of the event.

Today I am rolling out with yet another Brand New series idea that I have not seen in World of Tanks before… “Reacting to something”, but only World of Tanks Edition. 🙂
In this series I am going to react to Your silly/funny/crazy/sick/whatever moments, while watching them first time, live, together with you! 🙂
This might turn out to be one really funny and awesome series, so… is everything to me, what do you think about it?


► Upload your epic games to my replay site: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/
► Send Your Epic/RNG/WTF/Funny/Silly/…


  1. Time to roll out with yet another Brand New series in World of Tanks! Let me know what you think, would you like to see more in the future?
    I was quite limited on 9.22’s clips for this video, so it is here just to inform you about it. We can get a lot more silly and kinky stuff going in the next episode. 🙂
    I am also testing this trusted formula in YT:
    Step 1: “React” in the title ✅
    Step 2: Hot girl in the thumbnail ✅
    Step 3: …
    Step 4: Winning!

    • SHIP…You don’t know if a series will succeed if you dont try.
      Depending on the players segments, give it a few weeks; you have over 158k subscribers…chances are it may take them all a while to get the news, perhaps review older replays and bring up something.

      I agree, similar to Klaus’s agenda…beat them up, rip them up when its filled with nothing.
      The first portion, the O-Ni getting rolled, ok, thats a good one, bad luck hits us all…its even worse when you’re in a fat-old pig like O-Ni…you know then no one is going to try to help you.

      Players really need to think about what they submit; when it takes too much of your time…then dump the idea OR you could create a short-segment once a month. I smell a contest…Top 5 Silly segments for a vote?
      Winner winner gets a chicken dinner.

      Agree, create Icons, one with a good emotioncon, one with a face-palm or sound byte…like something from Monty Python where he says, Stop it, thats not silly at all. Some may know the skit….or not.

    • That O-Ni had one job as a top tier super heavy tank… One flipping job… And no, it wasn’t flipping itself.

    • I am missing the face off series

    • Well, you do make really good videos, but gotta say I’m not so sure if this series is gonna be worth it. Imo the whole “Reacting to…” concept in general is kinda meh. I’m more interested in my own reaction, than trying focus the comedy and also havin to wait be alert to your reaction. Nice though that ur thinking about developin the Channel, and asking for feedback.

  2. Good luck with your new project !

  3. ThatCrazyTankGuy Official

    Love this series!

  4. I give you thumbs up Dez because I like you, but I think this s a bad idea for a series — all I saw were several nothingburgers. If you watched and sorted the best ones maybe.

  5. Not a fan of this series. Sorry
    too big a risc of waiting for something fun .. and then not finding it funny. End up finding kind of .. Meehh

  6. Review some videos before showing some of these are not cool

  7. Sorry man…through no fault of yours this is just a waste of a time. Most people have seen or experienced these kinds of things 100 times now. So there isn’t to much to offer in the way of being funny or unique. Only so many things that can happen and all the examples in this video were typical shit.

  8. So it is just like any other WoT fun compilation, except spreading out the funny moments over several minutes with forced laughter and without first filtering shitty user replays out. But it has in “reaction” in the title and therefore gets its bunghole licked by the youtube algorithm.

    No thanks.

  9. Can you accept replays from older versions? I’ve got one from 0.9.20…

  10. love the series but if you dont have a good reaction (im thinking the first and kind of the second clip) then just edit it out, i dont mean if its not funny because i thought your reaction to the third clip was hilarious, but if you dont really have a reaction period then just put in a different clip

  11. In case my previous comment wasn’t clear: If I see this kind of cancer in my feed again its unsubscribe time.

  12. Good idea, but you should get somebody else to filter the inevitably terrible ones, and make them give a one minute window of the replay with the stunt at the end… instead of watching 14 minutes for meh fail or shot

  13. I get the point is watching new stuff together but there are already *a lot* of really good WOT funny moments compilations available all the time so I’m sorry to say this might not be the best idea for a series. Love Dez vids and commentary tho.

  14. Nah, don’t like this series. Never liked react videos

  15. Dez! The idea seems interesting, but a similar concept that may be just as entertaining is your live reaction to watching epic battles for the first time, commenting on what you like/dislike as you watch it instead of the classic prepared style of epic battle video

  16. Not all were silly, but I think you might have something here.

  17. HI Dez, You’d be putting alot of trust in what all us randoms think is funny about our own play. We’re biased.
    Maybe if you roasted the dud entries in epic style it could be funny. But then the series would be short-lived because most aren’t up for a public roasting…

  18. Do you accept WOT console videos for this series? If so, would you download it from my yt channel? Let me know.

  19. But u must show your face to us if u want to do videos like this.

  20. Seems a bit underwhelming so far. I prefer the older RNG series, might have potential though.

  21. 🙁 Had a double full HP IS-7 Ammorack with Fv215b 183. But after the Update Yesterday it is to old

  22. Hey Dez please, before you make any other series, please keep introducing the new HD maps.

  23. watch and do it vid, JustforlolzFYI is doing good job with that kind of stuff

  24. I have a perfect replay… but it is a really old replay, so i doubt it would work

  25. I’m sceptical about this series. We’ll see how it goes tho.

  26. This new series is just RNGesus without editing but with commentary. Dez are you getting lazy?

  27. Yes, I want see more of this.

  28. This new series is a very good idea! Gj Dez! My favourite was the last clip! And the oni was also funny!

  29. Gusül şart

  30. You make it, I watch it.

  31. Older replays do play or only current version ones?

  32. Awesome girl in the tumbnail??

  33. Reaction video ? Is it that bad ? If u got to this then it’s dead

  34. how to get replay

  35. Do a top 10 smallest tanks on the game 😉

  36. Not really funny, apart from that japanese big boy flipped… Maybe next time? GL with that!

  37. I can already see this series have up to 100 episodes PS: Your voice makes you one of the COOLEST Youtuber and I LOVE it so much keep it up the great WORK you do :).

  38. It can be a fun series if people send good stuff. Too much meh in this one.

  39. I can’t but compare this series to the ones made by Claus Kellerman ! to which I find his videos really hilarious . but be careful Dez .. with claus’s personality and his humor , it’s working well at his channel .. I think since we pretty much know your character , a lot of your followers will know that your trying to fake a laugh or what not .. but if you stayed original and put some nice trolls in this series ya it might work .. go for it Dez

  40. Good idea but as you said bad examples

  41. I recommend you search for silly moments from youtube small channels because they have real silly moments not like these in the video.

  42. In my opinion, I’m not a fan of reaction videos. That was some pretty weak content and you gotta consider 90% of what people think is an epic fail or epic funny is peanuts compared to what some [mainly] skilled players can pull off every day. I feel like this was a 1/4 of the entertainment your RNGesus vids provide. I LOL to your RNGesus clips, this vid made me cringe. But maybe that’s why you’re doing it…? Are you running thin of quality content? Either way, I speak for my self, no one else.

  43. So if I get this right, this is going to be RNG series only lazy?

  44. to be honest, i dont like the ideea. why? because some players will send you replays just to prank you and there will be no fun. and dont like it. i and they are too random. the one from WG RNG series its ok, because 95% of those mini clips from players are fun. neah for the ideea. maybe you cand adjust it. good day

  45. “Nope my @ss is still over there”?

  46. Its just seems like rngesus with clips that are not as obvious so they need commentary to explain why they are featured.

  47. Good topic Dez!!! Keep it up…me likes it :))…

  48. No Dez, stick to RNG. React to that. This is not your thing. Nothing can impress your inner beast.

  49. This is good but i think, Bazillions of people will send you vids that are either very common things just like that lt in fiery salient. Hope you luckily pick very good/interestin/funny replays. Since you dont know its content. 🙂

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