► 0 Damage, 200k Credits Profit! :O – World of Tanks T92 LT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T92 Light Tank Gameplay Review, Battle. World of Tanks T92, American Premium Light Tank.

This time I am going to show you one a little bit different battle, different battle episode… Where real heroes are going to be our guy’s team mates… “Hobinz” had one of those “once in a million” light tank battles, with newest premium light tank in WoT – “T92 Light Tank”. Everything worked out, check out how he made 200k profit with 0 damage!

I am still on my vacation, will catch you live in about 3 days, stay strong! 🙂



  1. I love this little beast. Not the best speed, not the best firepower or armor but man can this badboy ninja scout like a champ.

    Just tried my luck with 25 of those boxes. Got a Lorr 40t. BRB LMAOING. Need a drink!

  2. did somebody say motovlog?

  3. the problems with noobs players that not familier with this game enough. they dont know what spot it is, they think light tanks should rush to the middle spot what he can, and to die, while they even not manage to deal damage.

  4. omg this game

  5. Can you please make a video about Armored Warfare?

  6. we can see how WN8 is useless

  7. That was some damn fine fire discipline.

  8. ?I dont know why I showed this average Battle to you 😀 youre the best

  9. that’s what lights that know how to play, do. right on brother great game yeeehhaaaw

  10. I mostly play light’s and artys unless I have I have to do ops. love both

  11. If you think hitting tanks on the move while you are artyI challenge you to do that especially hitting like takes on the Move while you’re in Artie

  12. Nobody in chat sayd thank you or something like that…
    But Dez do not do this to LT players, everybody will make more snaps now 😀

  13. It was so hard for me to hold my fire when I was learning how to passive scout!!!

  14. 210 is not enough to pen maus. Maybe 20% chance if rngesus is feeling pitiful

  15. Props to you for highlighting the contribution passive scouts contribute to the battles. Much appreciated brother.

  16. Got a one in a million game in the new premium….. not surprised

  17. And now you see why WN8 is a bad system.. Actually winning the game because you provide the viewrange needed and your WN8 rating drops like a rock.. XP system needed badly..

  18. haha , the ultimate camper! gg

  19. Rol I hope they had popcorn 🙂 . TDS .

  20. Reminds me of the T95 “scout” battle video. 🙂

  21. the tank with top exp in enemy team also no dmg 🙂

  22. i turned blue on this map,because 2 times in arow on this map i got 2 fucking idiots in LT ,and they think they are TD-s

  23. If I were you, I would have shoot and quickly turn into a pile of steaming metal.

  24. Meanwhile the Skorpion G apcr round has 490 damage and 311 pen with only 4800 cost.

  25. If I notice my team getting snotted like that I always blind fire those bushes

  26. DEZ, yes, DO the interesting, weird, strange, rare , crazy vids. I’m going to watch ANY and ALL videos you present, and Light Tanks, thank you for all the spotting and sacrifice you do for the teams ; )

  27. Reminds me my T-54 LT went in phokorovkha in west side got 8k spot damage when i was disconnected which ended up completed that LT-15 T28 HTC mission.

  28. Literally just a lucky guy who went into a bush and took his hands off the keyboard while the enemy tier 10 players drove straight across an open field. If a player like that has a Maus, you just know he botted his way to tier 10.

  29. abdeldjalil derouiche

    can someone tell me what was the song playing in the background? i mean the guitar ! please 🙂

  30. why he only kemp bush, he supposed to go spot red tanks, he not good player! Team should team kill him.

  31. Load the Skill rounds

    I never get this lucky

  32. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    maybe thats what i heard wg saying that they would do something about prem. for me this isnt the answer, but its a start. of course they will never get rid of unlimited consumables. i like it though, then it helps weed out the inflaters. the ones that use it and boost their wn8. i like skill based games or anything. i dont like things that help you inflate your skill. i liked it way more, when match making was how it use to be. no unlimited consumables and arty wasnt nearly as lame. then you got people that i guess dont play fps games. because i’d always hear pc players make fun of console for aim assist. but not on wot, people love there lame auto aim. i never use it and even on console when i use to play, i’d always turn off aim assist if you could. light tanks arent meant to do damage, in the game and real life. boohoo you cant do much damage in a scout tank. like come one man why do people not get this or just ignore that fact. thats one reason why lights take some skill to play and discipline to play.

  33. I love this tank bought it in the first day. Definitely need to play and practice with this tank. ?

  34. not even camping well, exposing that gun tip is just bad

  35. APCR shells for the T71 are 5600 ea and you load a clip of 6, so thats 33,000 credits for just on 900Hp in one clip, my IS3 APCR are 4800cr each for 390 alpha

  36. dude this is not super weird for me because he was able to do tons of assistance while he is bottom tear light tank and assistance in light tanks is more effective then dealing damage 😉 to be able to get that credits & XP

  37. I say hacks because if it were me my camo rating would be maxed or close to the cap with camo nets and crew camo and SOMEHOW I would be spotted hiding in the bush even though I don’t shoot.

  38. That would have been one of the hardest 200k for me to earn… To not shoot… Brutal! gg

  39. MoE seem the closest to reality for stats. First and foremost it excludes all other tanks (op), takes into account spotting, damage, win/loss, and is also recency biased. But it is the only ranking that excludes at least one huge random stat, tanks.
    Still it is a long way from perfect, how hard is it to get a good ranking system without comparing 3 or 4 different ones to get an estimate…
    Oh that’s right, We’re on here for fun

  40. The background music is very soothing, nice change of pace frim literally everything else on youtube

  41. What’s the intro song called?

  42. This is exactly why I don’t like playing light tanks, they’re usually used for passive scouting, and it’s sooooooooooooo boring.

  43. any of you veterans remember the t50-2 passive on malivnovka? i have no idea where that replay went (it use to be on yt if u do post link pls) but that one was cool too + some nostalgia too!

  44. What luck! When I’m playing that map from the other side, I ALWAYS blind fire that bush and the one behind it, ALWAYS! What was up with the arty on the enemy team? They should have figured it out and blind shot that bush a few times.
    Great fire dicipline, but boy he got lucky the idiots on the other team did not shoot his position
    Enjoy your vacation!
    Cheers from Tokyo Japan!

  45. Unfair plane, he kemp bush!

  46. Do you accept screen shots made 500k credits with the max 13-57 on a x2 win on the Xbox

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