► 1.0 Release Date, Kharkov Rework, Italian Camo, TOTT and More! – World of Tanks 2018 Update News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 201 Update News – Italian Tank Camo, 1.0 Release, Top of The Tree Marathons, Kharkov Map Rework and More.

►WoT HUB: https://wgmods.net/

Today I am back with yet another news episode and this time I have a lot of different topics to cover – World of Tanks 1.0 Update release date was announced (at least of the new websites), WoT HUB for official/legal mods, Top of The Tree marathons, 1.0 test server updates, Kharkov rework and more… Let’s just right into action! 🙂

► Music used from :
– Drive By – Robin Ahnlund
– Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree

► Players in the video:
– Me.
– KoJlxozHNK

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  1. All we have to do is put discounts on tanks before 1.0 and not buy those vehicles. the discounts will stay forever after that as far as i can remember

  2. Gotta love those chains! 🙂

  3. I like version C

  4. Chivalrous Veteran

    * Important * : IF You Have Not Already Used Your Christmas Bonuses : I used my tank bonuses to purchase the most expensive tank in each tier and then I sold them for Maximum Free Profits! To do this you scroll through the tech tree lists and keep a mental note of which tank is the highest cost; purchase each most expensive tank with 100% discount and you get Maximum Free Credits put right into your account when that vehicle is sold! Doing this will give you the most credits you can get through the tank bonuses. I wanted to post this to Share the idea with Others, yet another stroke of brilliance on my part to Maximize Efficiency in my game. I live off of disability pay, so I need any possible advantage in the game economy I can get. Example; I pick up Premium Tanks I like instead of premium account. When one of my tech tree tanks goes down I switch to a premium tank to “pay” for the battle expenses and tanks at higher tiers! … just call me Frugal, that’s how I play. : – )

  5. 1.0 will be released on my birthday! 🙂 <3

  6. Joshua VerSchneider

    Wargamin do not use version b of karkov. Dont make the map any smaller.

  7. Planetary Genocide

    >open video
    >90mm t49
    >close video

    unliked unfollowed unsubscribed

  8. Prosciutto 46

  9. Sven Küchenmeister

    Both versions are bullshit, again no artycover, but u just need to play agro, right?

  10. Dragan Crnogorac

    dez your video is not demonitized, that is new for this channel 🙂

  11. Still waiting to be killed by the pasta tanks so i can make a meme

  12. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    I dont like the areas that are cloused to tanks on bouth versions…. for me the way to go is open the map entirely on the central square. In the HT broling area on the meadle of the buildings i think that all four sides of that area sould have an large entrance to the meadle square to provide acces and flanking manouvers for bouth sides.
    And for the open area of southeast i think that it sould have more cover, like lower the areas that have the AA guns and the infantry positions to provide better cover and have more objects and diferent ruble disposition to make that area more dinamic (for example have several piles of ruble in varius positions instead of a continuos line of ruble on the back). that would make that area more dinamic and provide more movement and flanking options for both teams.
    On the oposit Northwest coner i think that is far worst then the corrent map. Well i kind of like that they leveled up that area, because with that change the tanks in there will be able to flank the center area, but if WG “only” flatens that area out, without cover, it will become a “no men’s land”, no one will dare to go there to die in seconds… they need to make areas with cover and concielment for tanks as well… they need to make some kind of a garden with a few trees and bushes to Tds and other snipers may flank the center area. And with more solid cover that could provide diferent options for atack/defence and flanking moves for that area… again this map needs more dinamic gameplay not more “inaccessible” areas or “no men’s land” like WG is proposing now….

  13. “Everything is subject to chains ” ? Dez you the man

  14. Was so happy first Charkov was removed with 1.0 And now it’s still there and becoming even worse…

  15. Version DELETE is the best…

  16. Penis holes…dam

  17. Hi @DezGamez i think i prefer the kharkov now from what is shown on the video simply because this one looks too open and no small hills etc. it looks too flat and i am woring with the other maps that you have shown as well all of them look so flat. If they add those maps i hope they change them a bit!.

  18. Light tanks and td-s are complaining about this map. Ok, then make a little himelsdorf on malinovka and prokhorovka for heavys so everyone can play. They made new malinovka from city map!

  19. So the game has been in beta so far ?

  20. Kharkov is another Ruinberg

  21. Dellinger the fighting fish

    Wargaming nerfed spgs and LTs

  22. Pff ruined Kharkov. Its just open fields now… They literally flattened the map and then took away the heavy brawling areas… This is a Russian medium tank map now…

  23. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    WG is on crack with that stupid Kharkov redesign.

  24. Srbin Srbijanovic

    man you are my favorite wot youtuber…great videos XD

  25. Great flattening of 2018

  26. how do i redeem my Christmas stuff?

  27. That battle in the background on Kharkov was intense.

  28. Hmmmm… how deep are those craters? Oh wait… about as deep as a 430U’s hull right?

  29. The north should have a few ridges. The current look of the map seems make op Russian mediums even more op

  30. Why do we need to redeem these things? Are they going to take them away when 1.0 rolls out?

  31. I have so much school stuff before it’s released 🙁

  32. Well I’ll just keep watching Dez , don’t think I’ll be returning until they fix premium ammo which I heard is happening , and artillery. I honestly don’t mind artillery being there it helps with hull down tanks , tds and super heavies but the stun effect is outrages. Makes my mediums and light tanks essentially useless even on the move I get hit by the absurd splash radius. What can they do to fix the class no idea can’t say remove it since that’s unlikely , lowering the stun time maybe or the penalty am mount.

  33. Hey Dezpacito?? How bout new Tier x tank for T-10 any idea?

  34. YAY! The biggest update of WoT is coming on my birthday!!!

  35. Arty will love the new kharkov!

  36. Well CLEARLY WoT needs more Penis area’s on every map! How else will we think up new dick jokes Dez?

  37. W8 can anyone tell me if i dont redeem crew members what will happen?

  38. Reworked Kharkov maps look horrible and boring.

    There should be a collapsed house desroid by some big crashed airplane or something else that tells a little story.

    The map now is even more boring than befor.

  39. Pyro Team From Srbija


  40. So they basically ruined Kharkov?

  41. Aaron van Wattum

    I still have no idea in what tank I need to put my 4 female crew members in… Anyone a suggestion…?

  42. Matthew Carberry

    Any bets those craters are just deep enough to hide Russian Medium lower plates?

  43. Kharkow A looks terrible, too flat, no cover, and either a few corridors or an open field, and B is the same but with south-east corner gone?
    yeah i dont like Kharkow, but these are way worse than what it is atm

  44. PickelJars ForHillary

    Kharkov 2.0 = another corridor map for super heavies to dominate and everyone else to spam gold.

  45. What a Bullshit Karkov Picture, WG Designer Please play more your Game and see your Shit on Map Design in Livegameplay.

  46. I heard that the way it works is, that EU and NA servers get updated, then WG all get drunk af on vodka to celebrate their great success. They wake up in a stupor a week later and remember that they forgot little ol’ Asia/Aust server… again. Realising their lapse they promptly deploy their Asian server update donkey which stubbornly walks all the way to Singapore to hand over the files a week after that.
    I pray to RNJesus that the update donkey has fair weather and many carrots dangled in front of it.

  47. I do have those discounts UNUSED and I DO NOT KNOW where to find them .. shit someone help meee please

  48. Seriously, DO NOT IMPLEMENT THIS MAP REWORK. It looks like WG has no idea of what to do with this map, but the current version is without doubt much better than this mess.

  49. I don’t like ANY of the Charkov rework maps, they are all waaaay to flat.
    Russian bias to level out the Russian lack of gun depression?

  50. Guess they are just testing Karkhov Map and wont leave it like that. Would not make any sense to make a shitty Map like this even more shitty. OK, a lot of Things dont make sense what WG is doing…..

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