► 1 Maus vs 29 FV304s + 30 Maus Cliff Dive! – Christmas Special! – World of Tanks: Face Off #22

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 1 Maus vs 29 FV304 SPGs. World of Tanks Maus vs Artillery / SPG Face Off.


For the start, I wish you Merry Christmas, enjoy your holiday and spend time with your family!
For that, I decided to make special episode for you… 1 Maus vs 29 FV304s… Why? Who cares, why the hell not, right? 😀 It is here just to entertain you a little bit!

And as this is special episode in special day, I am going to give away A LOT of prizes! What exactly? Watch the video!

And huge huge thank you to every single of you who helped me with this episode! #LoveYouAll

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!


  1. 15 T57 Heavy vs 15 AMX 50 B or Kranvagn
    Eu server

  2. 15 IS3’s vs 15 IS3A’s
    Username: AsoBilly
    Server: EU

  3. Merry xmas, already mentioned but Centurion1 vs FV4202P would be good. ?
    Username: NextOfKin
    Server: EU

  4. 15x the ELC AMX vs the O-I (Tier 6 Jap Heavy)
    Name: VatDestin
    Server: EU!

  5. 15 togs vs 15 kv-2s PetrovicsKutiusz EU server

  6. 15 AMX ELC vs 15 FV304

  7. 15 Tiger vs. 15 Tiger P.
    Name: Terrrrror

  8. Please do USSR vs US SPGs, Captain_286, EU.

  9. 15x t54 first prototype vs 15 t 44 100. Username: TOMAX_sniper server:
    EULOVE your vids!

  10. maybe p1c against higher tier german td that it can pen
    Zapdos97 NA server

  11. bat-chat versus tvp shagy77 on eu server

  12. 15 type 5 heavy vs 15 maus
    EU server

  13. 15 ELC AMXs vs 15 Fv304s

    Username: Run_Light
    Server: EU

  14. Well, you could do 15 AMX 50 B vs 15 Kranvagn! ign:__mm98__ (EU). And also
    i love your videos!

  15. 15x M3 Lee against 15x M3 Grant

  16. 15 Kranvagen vs 15 T57 Heavy 😉
    Username: lucaoffice
    Server: EU

  17. 15 t49 vs 15 Lttb
    tolyk07 EU

  18. t2 light vs light vic MisterisNiekas__1 [eu]

  19. I would like to see 29 t92’s vs. ELC AMX
    IGN: Zvunks
    Server: EU

  20. fury vs rudy

  21. 15 IS7 vs OBJ. 260
    Etxebarrieta, EU

  22. kv2 vs t49 mabey?
    stuwy_griffin eu
    and a mery xmas to you too

  23. I want to see 15 M4 vs 15 Pz IV H
    both with derp gun

    server EU
    name klaus455

  24. kv3 vs is plz 4 xmas

  25. plz man

  26. 15x Type 59 vs 15x T54, roki9979 EU server

  27. I want to tickle you XD

    15x Emil1 vs 15x amx 50 100 Username: Tahdon_kutitella_sua_XD Server: Eu

  28. 2xPz.II J vs. 28xPz.II D
    USERNAME : libor_09

  29. emil 2 vs IS-7 hull down 🙂 username: sjoerdimme server EU

    Good luck everybody!

  30. 15 m4 shermans vs 15 pz IV Hs
    username: foxmanjr1
    server: eu

  31. 1 AMX CDC vs 29 Tier 1 Tanks
    Name: TankKiller521
    Server: EU

  32. tiger ll vs is 3 (15vs15) or kv4 vs is3 (15vs15) username Cipri5, EU server

  33. All Valentines

  34. 15vs15 t49 and no stoping
    eu Aditsa20

  35. Happy holidays! I would like to see what tanks is the king derp at tier 5,
    pz4h vs m4 vs Sherman 3.
    JohnnyKLu , EU

  36. 15 t1 cunningham vs 1 ru 251…. sherrycata EU

  37. Merry Xmas Dez, great vid. How about 29 Pz2J agaist a
    KV1…………swanseauk, EU

  38. nice video would love to see 15 e50m vs 15 leopard 1

  39. 15 is-3 vs 15 kv-4
    XsanduX , EU server

  40. jagtiger vs tortoise
    nick PROshooter001
    srw EU

  41. IS3 vs KV4 (15 v 15 )
    server: EU

  42. How about tier 2 to 10 swedish destroyers versus grille 15 destroyer branch
    Alissandre, EU

  43. Kranvagn vs T57 Heavy! Merry Christmas:) Feonir_the_original, EU server.

  44. T67 vs Wolverine they are simelar
    domi_105 EU

  45. 29 Leopard tanks pushing 1 type 5 heavy for bridge jump?
    merry Christmas to you TooXD

  46. eu server *_BadBlueBoy_*
    5 kv-5 vs 25 sherman firefly

  47. 5 Type 5 Heavy vs 25 elc amx would be good 😀 username: uoluoluol server:

  48. Amx 40 vs 29 T1 cunninghams. IGN: Roadkill23 – Eu Server.

  49. How about type-59 vs t34-3? Username: Mr_Fratus server: Eu

  50. 15 type5 heavy vs 15 e100 or maus .
    username : MuhammadSniper
    NA Server

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