► 100+ Bounces… Oh God! – World of Tanks O-Ho Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks O-Ho Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks O-Ho, Tier 8 Japanese Heavy Tank.

Today I am going show you one of the nastiest matchmaking and tank combos… You are going to see what happens when tier 8 Japanese heavy tank “O-Ho” meets with tier 7 and tanks, when there are SPGs… This battle is quickly getting pretty ridiculous.

Hope you enjoy, I catch you live soon! 🙂


  1. *And he is kicking himself for not being on HT-15 for (Insert Tank Here)*

  2. maus wet dreams

  3. Wohoooo, I am back guys! After 16h of flights, I am finally back in home, vacation is over! 🙂
    This video was my final pre-recorded video, will catch you “live” tomorrow with something else… Can’t wait!
    #muchlove #staytuned

  4. ye but this guys pretty retarded aswell btw 100% lucky

  5. 125 blocked

  6. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Dez, when it comes to announcing tiers, its a bit odd to use the lower end of the tier spread instead of the higher end. This would be a tier 8 match but with only 3 tier 8’s per side.

  7. vk (the one which leads to maus) cold to the same

  8. What i find crazy is this was only a first class match? No ace tanker?!

  9. Honestly, I loved the O-HO more than the Type 4, the derp was rapid fire, and unlike the Type 4, the shells aren’t expensive. I honestly wish the Type 4 would have gotten this 152mm Gun, much more fun!

  10. So many idiots in enemy team

  11. If doing THAT much damage, and blocking THAT much, doesn’t get you an ACE tanker, then isn’t that an obvious tell that the tank is way OP?

  12. Never happens to me when I play o-ho

  13. So much for the E-25 been OP lol

  14. Lol bravo

  15. I’d just like to know how many times this guy got tracked?

  16. When players suicide the cost for repairs should be doubled and they should receive at least a 15 minute TIME OUT. War Gaming should take steps to stop quitters and cheaters.

  17. the same map and point i did my HT15 for T55a. just with vk100p.

  18. I wish us mobile players had tanks like this

  19. U bounced more shot than u shot

  20. Then what tank can pen it

  21. Bouncing dont count a shit for WG!!!

  22. How do you get such retarded enemies?

  23. there is a reason why sky cancer exist. So it can balance out armour AIDS

  24. how can i send u a replay?

  25. Poor E25 ran out of apcr. Don’t feel too bad for him.

  26. Retards drive heavies…. just find the “W” and your a unicom. Game not fun with bullcrap tanks like that.

  27. Haha 123 lol gg

  28. Dez, if Skill’ sees that minimap, he will makes you pregnant XD

  29. Nice Hellcat with stock gun. If he had the 90mm, he would have 243 premium pen.

  30. E25 not spamming premium? WHAT IS THIS?!

  31. My guess was 135 hits lol

  32. Tuấn Kiệt Nguyễn

    just keep crying

  33. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  34. I remember on world of tanks blitz when the night the Matilda’s were let loose nothing could pen them and no one carried APCR and I had a rasen and 127 bounces (but those were autocannons)

  35. …meanwhile i’m in my o-ho getting roflstomped by gold spamming tier 10

  36. I was wondering the same…. After you bounce of a tank. 5x / 10x in a row… You may start to think about WHY and take actions…..Im not blaming the O-Ho for anything but the stupidity of enemy team.. They are just some brainless fuk-ups that SUCK playing this game…. To them.. ONE ADVISE….please find another hobby… Something that doesn’t involve playing an online game with tanks

  37. lol looks like he shot his platoon mate as well

  38. Darkness Nighthingale


  39. Careful Dez, posting golden showers on youtube is dangerous 😉
    The amount of gold spent by that E-25 is amazing

  40. Play like this in SEA server, and you will die in 30secs.

  41. I was playing my IS-2 at Fisherman’s Bay at a tier VIII battle. I have a VK 100.01 P on my team and we encountered an O-Ho on the enemy team. While the two heavy weights were fighting, I decided to flank the O-Ho, knowing his side armor is only 105 mm. The VK struggled to penetrate the O-Ho while the O-Ho could do some damage to the VK with its derp gun. In the end I damaged the O-Ho three times (nearly killed him but my teammate got him first) and took like 300 damage from him.

    Instead of wasting ammo and credits on firing at O-Ho frontally, why didn’t they relocate and at least try to get the sides?

  42. o ho is not op. it have nice armor and gun but super slow mobility and reload time.
    so all of enemy TD is retards. especially e25 and hellcat.. they have nice mobility but just camped in their base

  43. What a op shit of a line
    Japanese op shit

  44. Even bots are smarter than these retards

  45. that semi-yolo A-43 could kill him in roughly 45s using AP on the side though

  46. I don’t know why they kept trying

  47. i use to hate to play this tanks,,but i try and surprise..i complete mission 15 for heavy.T28 concept in O-Ni..and never lose credits in this monsters..so is fun :))

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