► 100% Seal Clubbing Extravaganza! – World of Tanks 1.0 Special Event

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World of Tanks Update 1.0 Grand Extravaganza Special Event. World of Tanks T-127, T2 Light, M22 Locust Gameplay, Low Tier Premium Light Tanks.

Let’s talk about our newest event in World of Tanks – “Update 1.0 Grand Extravaganza” special event, that gives us a lot of different prizes, including Alienware gaming laptop Intel Core I7 Processors.
Everything is nice awesome, but this event also brings some bigger problems, like “Seal Clubbing”.

Let’s talk about that!


  1. The Grand whoisabletogetthemostgamesperhour Extravanganza! 🙂

    • I dont see tier as being a problem for the event, but the unlimited time. Imagine some students, staying in same room, playing by rotation for one of them, having almost no break in 24hrs like that nr.1 guy. No matter what tier you play , you cant compete with someone who is online 24/7 and cant be caught since its not account sharing, they all play on the same computer. It will always be the same, when its a farming contest, the winner will be someone who legally exploit the rules.

    • My processor is from 2009….. 🙁

    • I really think tier 3 should have been the absolute lowest. Getting completely roflstomped is one of the main reasons for new people to quit very early so this is going to work against WG rather than helping noobs be able to take part as well…What would have been even better is have a couple of prizes for people under 1k games so if experienced people wanted to fuck with noobs at least they’d need to do it on a smurf account which would keep a lot of people from doing it…

    • Top guys on the board have been playing one game every 2.5 minutes since the event started.
      Go figure if that is somehow done in a legit way.

      The event sucks in that regard to be honest.

    • 2,5 min average in tier 1-2 is very feasible, give it a try. You just suicide rush/flip/crash after doing a bunch of dmg if it turns into a long game

  2. 2 problems with this event for me : no tier cap as you said but also you need to no life to have a chance to win that’s why i think events like march of nations were designed way better, like everyone had a chance….

    • AlphaMomentum_ why should they give these rewards for free… if you dont have time or are not good enogh be realistic… and normal prices like prem tanks are easy to achive for everyone

    • Markus Miristlw there is a difference between having time and no-lifing….

  3. Who Cares Anyway?

    How many stamps do y’all got at the moment? I’ve got like 170

  4. Hey look, WG found a new way to break the game

  5. wg being complete retards once again. does anyone even care anymore?

  6. If I want New i7 I Will go To nearest tech store and buy it

  7. That first minute is why my son quit this game. He went back to console games and never came back.

  8. Players with 5k games should get every t4 unlocked and not be able to below that

  9. Now think of all the players with potato laptops who either play with 20fps or gave up on the game at all.
    I’m pretty sure thousands of RU cluster players quit after 1.0 hit.

    And these are the people who actually need the hardware.

    • I need that Processor! I run my game around 17fps on minimum graphics. (Used to run around 24fps) Not to mention starting in Mannerheim Line 40 sec after the first 30 sec call-in period. I need 1.0 to go away or I need an upgrade. Anyone else starting to get upset with the Invisible Tank Lag? What about bright yellow churches, blue fences, and a striped pink-white broken blimp?

  10. GermanGamingLetsPlay

    Wow i played 2xMTLs and the pz ic once … the rest of the 70battles were made with tier 8 and 9, i have 115tokens

  11. It’s that awkward moment that I regret selling my vic premium tank but proud to keep the T7 car. ??

  12. Why don’t unicums who have powerful computers stay out of the event so new players can start upgrading their computers? (I don’t have a PC)

  13. I wonder how many new players this will cost them. They’re getting clubbed from tier 1 to tier 4 by veterans.

  14. Im an old player and I say fuck this game. Its so fucking dumb and stupid

  15. Still waiting for the asia server to be updated…. no chance of prizes for me :/

  16. Stats show MTLS is a fail tank. And not worth the effort.

  17. well, i have now 99 of this things, and i always playd tier 6 or higher 🙂

    • I was talking about Top 251 leaderboard, I completed 100 stamps yesterday as well, in tier 9.

    • yeah i know, i just wanted meant, well, may i should have wrote the sentence a bit longer, that i made that in 4 hours i gues it whas. so, i think, when u started from day one, it would be easy possible to be in top 200 with driving tier 6 or higher aswell. and actualy i hope someone who plays hightier will get #1 well, we will see, still quite some time. wish u good luck getting in top 251. u would deserve it. love ur viedeo i hope u keep them going for long time, bec there is no one else for me witch makes wot viedeos, or information viedeos like you do. just a unique style, love it.

  18. if this game goes like this for two years or more, WG have to give out real money to bring players to play it

  19. They should aplly multiplier for tiers. Rank 1,2,3 = 1 stamp, Rank 4,5 = 2 stamps, Rank 6,7 = 3s etc, or somethink like this. But this is wargaming and even If they say it is finished we all know it is just halfmade like allways in past 6 years.

  20. Yep WG fails again, sadly nothing new.
    If i were new to this game, i would lose interest VERY fast.I wont recommend the game already to anybody.

  21. I mean sure it’s an ultra rare tank but I simply don’t have the time anymore to play for as long as needed to win one. Ah well but that’s the shitty part about getting older and having to pay bills.

  22. The Pilot Penguin

    wargaming are the most handicaped people, this update was meant to be the update that gets the most new players like more than the christmas season. what they have done here has made it so new players are scared away before they begin and new players wont be forgiving and they could just delete the game. is wargaming trying to get OLD players back by letting them just feed on these new people? i stopped playing after christmas cause i just wasn’t feeling it but i swear every wot video i see i come out of it a 100 times more frustrated cause its alway bullshit like this

  23. In the saturday morning there was ppl wich had MTLS won… Saturday MORNING on EU server…

  24. Wargaming messed up! Well there’s something new hahaha ?

  25. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Version 1 New Player: Start game explode, Start game explode, Start game explode, UNINSTALL WOT. Ha Ha Wargaiming :).

  26. I had no idea that there were other prizes available I thought it was just a new tank.

  27. chrisangelo maderal

    its like star wars watching this low tier gameplay

  28. Lolz at your 4 year out of date processor 😛 My processor is 9 years old and I’ve just brought a “New” processor to upgrade that’s 6 year old technology 😛 I have a Phenom X4 965, I considered Ryzen but realised its cheaper to go to a FX8350 instead which should preform better then entry level Ryzen. Guess I’m cheap arse lol. I basically never upgrade.

  29. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    How so many people win this T127?

  30. Yes. To have any chance of breaking into the top 5, you need to be playing tier 3 or lower. Suicide scouting. Have to get in and do your clips damage, then …die. However, to get into the top 250, you can play your tier 8 premium tanks for 4-8 hours a day. I thought I saw somewhere that tier 4 was the cutoff, but after about 12hrs into my Stamp Grinding, I saw some of my competitors in tier three tanks and learned the long way. If your a new player playing tier 1-5, just stay hidden until the most serious Stamp Collectors get their top 10 XP, then continue to learn the game. The reason I say this is, the Stamp Collector only needs 1 victim. Then he needs to die as quickly as possible to start a new battle.

  31. Dez did you hear war gaming say that this is the most balanced game ever?!?!?

    Me neither 🙂

  32. HI dez, nice video, can i ask you, where can i find, or name of that mod which u use, where enemy is spotted then stars or something like stars goes green and when is vehicle unspotted it is grey? I found this similar mod only with XVM and i dont like XVM. Sorry for bad english and question.

  33. So this is the benefit of a hard-core, clossed in gamer I guess… He wins stuff just for clubbing.

  34. your processor is only 4yrs mine is 9 XD

  35. I only cared about the MTLS-1G14 as a collector, and got it yesterday.
    I did all of it in tier 8 premium tanks, as I needed credits (And I LOVE the credits chest event, thanks for 500k).

    Lower tiers are pretty much broken, derp guns and SPG’s one shot everything and autoloaders one clip everything.
    And if you have a normal tank, without some OP armour you will have a bad time in lower tiers.
    And this event has increased that bad time 10 times as people only choose seal clubber tanks with full premium ammo loadouts.

  36. Don’t worry Dez, I suffer from a bottleneck in my PC too. No way I am winning that processor though. xD

    I am not good enough, I do not shoot all gold shells and I do not play enough hours. LOL

  37. Joshua VerSchneider

    I just want the mtls and thats it.

  38. What are the “gold medals” from?

  39. maybe it is just me but you should change your tumbnail back to what they used to be, now that i see that color and text.. i dont want to look at these videos rly xD i know its you the same cool guy but that thumbnail is just making me vomit xD

  40. Low tiers are unplayable right now. Even OP tanks feel bad when you have 60k games players spamming full gold.

  41. this is a good way to populate the low tier battles with experienced players

  42. gun is shit on prem tank

  43. Maybe it would be better if you could win the Laptop and the Processor on tier 6-10 and the vehicle on tier 1-10

  44. I think WG should have focused the event not around stamps, but around base exp and give the rewards based on the sum of base exp the players receive, this way the skilled players wouldn’t spam lowtier and also not midtier, since midtier would likely be spammed with a tier 4 cap.

  45. “How many battles in tier 7, 8, 9 and tier 10 are ending in 3 min and 12 sec?” MORE THAN YOU WOULD LIKE THESE DAYS, JEEZ


  47. Playing against experienced players at low tiers is no fun :))) :(((

  48. lol, so people with no life, no job, no family and able to play the same game for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours for days on end have a chance. LOL have at it boys!!!! Not this dude who might play WoT once every month or two.

  49. Typical for the game now plays like a tier one game. Just more seal clubbing . 15:7 outcomes, one team up by 8+ 80% of my time. Guys with 3 skill crew and tens of thousands of games using new players as fodder. Then insulting the fodder. It may be amusing to try and reverse engineer the algorithm that governs details, but that only has so much of a capacity to amuse. The dice just seem loaded. The graphics didn’t need fixing , the MM did. Mastery Badge just means the match maker is broken and the new maps make it a lot worse, favoring snap shooting. fast twitch snap shooting.

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