► 10,000+ Reasons To Love T110E4 – World of Tanks T110E4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of T110E4 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks T110E4, American Tank Destroyer. World of Best Replays / Battles.

Long time no see, T110E4… So today let’s take a look at 2 different battles with this Heavy Tank Destroyer from USA! 🙂


► Players:
– _A_D_M_I_N_
– npuBeT_u3_KueBa


  1. Faceoff chrysler vs is m

  2. 666 dmg roll, *demon tank released*

  3. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    Nah, I prefer the T110E3 😛

  4. if i remember correctly, i asked you to play E4 on Twitch live stream but you said you don’t have one. – DptyCmd

  5. The reason I love DEZ is coz that his videos are always EPIC! Not like some stupid click baits. Gota support Dez everyone!!

  6. salvador martinez

    That just makes me want to get that TD even more
    Sadly ive gone offline for a few months

  7. That camera movement made me sick ?

  8. Play AC IV experimental pls!?

  9. Take no prisoners comrads!!!!!!! :))))

  10. gregory Pierre-Louis

    So the E3 get no love?

  11. NKVD Comrade Orion

    One of the only tanks that strike fear into me when playing my Mediums.

  12. rain all day in belgrade, and I was sleeping all day 🙂 and I will play wot all night 🙂 this vid was with my “morning” coffee 😉 tnx for vid and ljubi brat

  13. Hey Dez, for more T110E4 replays, check out the german streamer and former WGL Oops-Player Mailand… He likes to play his T110E4 as a T110HE4 and is getting hilarious good games in it 🙂 Also hes a top player ofc

  14. Why recently we see so many players zooming out before to pull the trigger?

  15. I love the commentary it’s like you just accidentally found this game

  16. Џони Џанак

    One of my favorite things is seeing YouTubers struggle to not screw up thee gender thingy lulz.

    • Џони Џанак

      Hard to keep it up when there are apparently 72 genders.
      The wrong side won the war, I swear.

  17. This tanks needs at least a gun handling buff

  18. 10,000 reasons to sell the e4

  19. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Version 1.0 deforest 19 out of 20 key start bushes. So pretty the fools will not notice!… I DID! So after 3 years and 40,000 battles a 51% win rate I have followed the advice of many friendly teammates and UNINSTALLED THE GAME…

  20. I just got it and the cupola on top makes it aweful. Can’t go hull down. Lower plate is 180mm too. It needs a major overhaul. Especially with the way OP 268v4.

    • Bushy556

      The E4 is more mobile in comparison to the E3. That’s it primary strength. It trades some armour and firepower in exchange for that, so it is actually perfectly balanced.

  21. I’m gonna say it!

    5% gold rounds

  22. The constant zoom in and zoom out in the first replay make me stress jaja

  23. e4 is so weak gun depression sux, accuracy sux, reloading sux, and that weak cupola even a t8 can pen it without a problem

  24. Hey dez … The e3 is better.

  25. E4 on xbox average is 850 so for me that’s a very low roll

  26. Oh thank god, I thought the video was just going to be 10,000 big shots from replays in an e4 XD

  27. Ugh the camera jumping is *horrible*.

    And yes, the E4 has been horribly power crept.
    The WTE100 has come and gone, the 183 has come and… it’s still there, as is the Fosch155 auto loader, and it’s been replaced with yet another auto loader. The Version 4 and Badger are in the game, easily able to out-DPM the untouched, power-crept E4.

    IMO, it could be made viable once again by gaining back the alpha that was stripped away from top tier TDs years ago and never returned, while the new TDs all got vastly superior alpha *AND* penetration.
    Give it 50-100 additional penetration, 0.03 better dispersion, and 100 more alpha to bring it back in line with the alpha powerhouses. Or reduce the reload time by 5 seconds, increase the pen and dispersion, but lower the alpha to be in line with the Version 4.

  28. second round is bullshit, no offence. firing HE shells? I just don’t fucking belive it. to me: anthor NOOB got lucky in entire battle.

  29. At first I thought you were going to show a 20 minute long video of 10k T110E4 shots

  30. 1 reason not to like this replay.

    What’s up with the camera controls? Makes me feel nauseating.

  31. E4 is my most played tierX right now, I hardly ever have a bad game with it, frontal armour hold up and gun is really fun and big hitter

  32. I love T110e4 when I play my T49 nom nom.

  33. Thought it was going to be a montage of 10,000 clips of the T110E4 from watching the intro lmao

  34. +DezGameZ yo, its nice weather outside, motovlog soon? 🙂

  35. Even “the mighty” Dez misspells ST-I (1!)… 😀

  36. Henri Liimatainen

    1,000,000 reasons to hate the E4.
    1st one, the fucking gun trolls you so fucking much.

  37. Lucasterminator 1

    Hi, heavy Germans vs heavy Russians pls

  38. Yey, some hybrid tank action. ?

  39. A piece of rubbish. I only keep it, because it’s tier 10….. total disappointment… wasted time

  40. *MITTENGARD [*]*

  41. This was my first tier 10 vehicle. The gun trolls. Sometimes the enemy, but often, you.

  42. The worst of all TDs 🙁

  43. The second guy was such an idiot

  44. Since 1.0 there are way more ammoracks.

  45. I’v seen many low rolls from my E4 but the worst roll I did was 593!!!!! into the side of an Centurion AX (just in case the lowest possible roll with E4 is 592!) so yeah RNG is a B*TCH 😀

  46. I have the T4 unlocked, yet can’t buy it…

    Wont lie though, the only reason I went up the T4 line was because I wanted the T30 Tier X ‘Murican Heavy, then they moved it.

  47. I’d love to pick up the E4, but the gun depression is simply not that great 🙁

  48. Dimitris Psomiadis

    I’m a simple guy. I see big guns, big alpha dmg, big bounces, I press Like. <3

  49. Mailand plays the T110HE4 😀

  50. Tomás Silva Costa

    Muito favorite tank!!! ????

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