► 113, The Forgotten One – World of Tanks 113 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of 113 Gameplay . 113, New Tier 10 Chinese . World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I wanted to show you one kinda forgotten tank, tier 10 Chinese heavy tank “113”. You do not see them too often on battlefield anymore, specially after WZ-111 Model 5A was released


  1. 0 dislikes…let’s keep it that way ?

  2. Is it just me, or did the LTTB give the guy that last kill for free? Nice people on WOT? On RU server no less?

  3. If you just replace 113 by t110e5 the video is stil accurate af

  4. Everyone used to play with you and now no one does….. sounds like the T110E5

  5. I love to play the 113

  6. I’m that kind of player who still enjoy 113 more than Wz 🙂

  7. Forgotten one? I See Them in 4/10 tier 10 matches i Play Lul

  8. Power creep at its best. Why would you want 440 alpha when you could have 490 alpha?

  9. Poor 113. WGing made it pointless after they added the retard proofed 430U into the game. It’s still a decent tank all the same and I’d argue it’s much better then the kicked to death T110E5.

  10. Miguel Vera Rebollar Huerta

    The 113 is a forgoten one, but you are forgetting the 121, wz 120, in general the chinnese meds are forgotten and useless…

  11. T110E5 is also power crept and forgotten. When other tier 10 heavies are so good, e5’s commander’s hatch should be buffed once again

  12. 113 is fine as it is. It’s a side scrape machine with no cupolas to hit. Gun it’s good. WZ can’t sidescrape and has a big cupola to hit but has the better gun. E5 needs a buff to cupola asap because no one plays it anymore. In the current MM Maus and Type5 doesn’t need buffs or nerfs since they are meeting mostly tier VIII. 430U needs a nerf to armour and the 468 needs a weak spot.

  13. Sry Dez.. but I cant agree with u this time. Most forgotten tank is the myth, the legend itslef, the IS-4.

  14. Im almost there!!!

  15. ”the forgotten one” -insert sad Derp face below-

  16. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    one word “powercreeped”.

  17. Change title to
    Juan Juan Tres

  18. Wz1115A looks awesome

  19. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    15v15 113 and 5A

  20. Power creep confirmed XD lol

  21. I’m way late on this video…….. forgive me Dez… I know I’ve failed you!

  22. Please make video for 110

  23. Forgotten? I’ve just started grinding it! 😉

  24. The Forgotten One-OneThree

  25. Regarding the Maus topic:

    What do you do if you get a vehicle with a specific strenght (good armour) but it gets beaten by premium ammo that does the same damage? You go “fuck it” and load it yourself against everything. Because its not like you’re fast enough to chase them and your premium ammo is APCR (faster shell velocity). You want every advantage you can get because your only advantage does not exist anymore

  26. My game on pilsen in maus wasnt full gold…an it was a nice carry assell (the one where u talked about wargamings/foch situation) 😛

  27. Dez play ranked battles and tell us how much gold is being used there.

  28. Obj 430U made 113 even more obsolete lol

  29. How the hell do you side scrape so well in 113? Every time i side scrape i just dont know if its overangled or not. Hard to tell.

  30. World of Tanks is a very silly game. Run by silly people. The problem has never been the tanks. If they do almost a lot less work on the tanks but all focused on maps and game play you would have an amazing game. But we players are the real problem because we keep buying the premium tanks and paying those absurd prices for them.

  31. Can you do a video on the 112?

  32. Wargaminf forgot Kranvagan.

    So sad.?

  33. You know what tank is forgotten? M46 Patton *sob*

  34. Forgotten? LMAO. Let me ask you, do you remember the name of Chinese tier 8 non-premium medium tank?

  35. I unlocked both last week and played both, i put the better crew in the 113 but it seems to perform worse than 5A, i want to like the 113 but it just seems a bit worse

  36. 113 doesnt need buff. Other tanks need nerfs

  37. I like it more than wz-111-5a Im playing ranked battles with 113 and s.conqueror and managed to get to rank 13

  38. Yeah but what about chinese 121

  39. I’m at tier 8 ,going for this tank. I recently started the Chinese line ,actually ,lines, i’m going for light,med and heavy ,and man am i impressed ! Tnx for this replay, it makes me want to grind 24/7 until i get them all. My Chinese pokemons ! :))

  40. Delete 112,113 and buy Object 430U, win win situation.

  41. E100 needs some love

  42. Nice vid Dez, but maus doesn’t need gold spam to kill it frontally. U wait for him to try to shoot u and u can pen his turret front with almost all tier X tanks.

  43. 113 is love,113 is life

  44. Oğuzhan akova wanted

    I LOVE 113 But ı no have yet 🙂

  45. Your new miniatures are just amazing ! Good job !

  46. Isn’t IS-4 forgotten?

  47. love the new thubnail Dez! keep up the good work!

  48. Believe in Ugandan Knuckles

    Tbh heavy tanks that have high dpm and accurate af is a fucking joke.

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