► 12 FRAGS, CRUSHING ENEMIES! – World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks E-50-M Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M, Tier 10 German Medium Tank.

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Hello once again everybody! This is my second upload today and as I have just SO MANY super crazy games from you, I decided to show them more often… Double upload days going to help with that, I believe so. In this episode you are going to see one “WOW” battle from “cRuZ0r”, in his E-50M, tier 10 German Beast of a medium tank. He is going to carry his team to victory, -core, in style!

: cRuZ0r


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. Edit: Are you seeing notification when I upload video, or is this popping up in the front page? I think I might have some problems once again. 🙁
    Second upload as promised. 🙂 And guys, I would like to make EVEN MORE VIDEOS! 😀 I can not get enough of it atm, will see what tomorrow brings..
    Anyways, enjoy this super awesome battle with German Beast!

  2. Did anyone else notice the WZ 132 giving the IS 4 some grief at 6:19 and then reporting him?

  3. damn dez my willy is getting “hard feelings”

  4. Svetlin Koldamov

    Dg Where are you from? Do you have a video revealing us yourself and if not wont you make one?

  5. is4 and arty were helping him in 12kill, not kill stealing. gg

  6. *Cries* This tank is too beautiful D:

  7. DezGamez > Quicky Baby > Jingles.

  8. Have to say this is my favorite WOT channel now your videos are really enjoyable to watch and you put out way more wot content than most others, gr8 work keep it up Dez??

  9. Where is his platoonmate?.. xD

  10. Yep. E50M still weak.

  11. that panzer VII was actually smart on his choice to shoot the e50m, that dumb is4 wasnt doing anything to him anyway so he was firing at the player that actually poses a threat

  12. haha nice for the T34 shot reload =)

  13. Strokepanda Ciro

    What a nice day 2 Dez videos :3 love it.

  14. 10k damage, 12 tanks killed, and he makes…. less than 4k credits profit.

    I have a real problem with this. Wargaming REALLY should introduce a flat credit reward for some hero medals. The man got a Pool’s Medal at Tier Ten. That should be a flat 50-100k credit bonus on top of everything else. You carry that hard, there should be an amazing reward to go with it. Kolabanov’s? 100-150k credit bonus. Top Gun? Okay, maybe 10-25k only. But really, if you are playing at Tier Ten and making that big a difference in the game, breaking even in credits is a slap in the face.

    BTW, I am NOT advocating dropping these kinds of credits for medals at T4 or anything. Something for the rare hero medals would be nice, but at low tiers you can pull of some amazing wins if the enemy team is loaded with scrubs. But at T10? No way. Everyone at T10 OUGHT to know how to play.

  15. I stopped playing WOT for a while and I’m gonna start again but what tier 10 should I grind for?

  16. IS 4 logic, “but the HE ammo has the largest damage number!”

  17. Love your videos Dez been watching them almost as long as jingles..wish u all would show some avg player games tho..instead of all these gold spamming unicom players..gold rounds took the skill ot of the game..thats y i havent played in over a year..but keep up the great videos…i miss your old videos where u did stupid stuff alot those were funny.

  18. Mariusz Dąbrowski


  19. Damn! He never stoping from dealing dmg.

  20. Hey dez I submieteed a replay on your site when I played Patriot on Charkov in platoon with Liberte. Fot mes it was a great team work not only with platoon mate, but also with the rest of the team

  21. his camera turning is really nauseous….

  22. All that begging.

  23. The battle was good but him asking about both – kills and damage wasn’t. I don’t mind people asking for the kill when you miss one to some rare medal like Pool’s or even Raseiniai. However asking twice – first to get 10k damage (which was reasonable) and then to get 12 kills, which doesn’t give you anything apart from +1 to 11 is a bit too much. And yeah I know it was supposedly his biggest amount of kills ever but still it’s not something I appreciate.

  24. Well … the reason why I don’t enjoy your content anymore is you’re just describing what is happening on the screen. I can see that as well. I usually watch commented replays cuz I want to “see” the decision making and I want to learn some tips&tricks. Your commentary has given no value to the replay. That’s just my personal point of view and reason why I prefer watching other WoT YouTubers.

  25. easy to carry when all you shoot is prem ammo

  26. Holger Breidscheid

    You asked, why the IS-4 has only 5 pens? He dealt with the Pz Kmpf Wg. VII. Look his after battles result. 22 hits blocked by amour. 😀

  27. Saw gold spam on tier 8 Emil 1,closed video…

  28. hi nice game
    Yesterday night i was hit and killed by a LEFH Arty but in the game , there is NO arty with this identity ?? it’s a Ghost ??

  29. You can pen IS-4, but why would you do it? IS-4 cant pen you when you face-hug it, so shoot the one who can damage you (E-50M)

  30. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    IS-4 must have had the first gun only and not the second. What a painful experience that must be to endure 175mm of pen at Tier 10.

  31. Im currently grinding the E50 towards the E50M, and I love the E50. Cant wait to get my hands on the sexy 50M.:P

  32. Good wibes FTW!

  33. what mods are you using?

  34. That focus though, pretty sure enemy arty didn’t shoot at anyone else. Plus Pz VII turns his whole turret around to shoot him, and people say XVM isn’t a thing. This is why the arty change is so good, it just means focusing single players is generally pointless as that arty player showed.

  35. I find the lack of ram kills disturbing….

  36. Emanuel Schnell

    Remember kids lift with your legs not your back 😀

  37. Is that IS-4 using 122mmD-25T lol

  38. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  39. Hey Dez, how r things. Just wondering if you had the chance to play the 30 vs 30 in the Sandbox, wish I did, had problems logging in, it wouldn’t take my password. By the way love the clips..

  40. minh ngọc trần

    they should buff e50m in pc like they do in wot blitz, make the flat part of the turret face 250mm thick , its not broken as you might think, gold still go through, tds will still pen you but atleast you can bounce lower tier ap with your turret reliabily now. the low dpm make it balanced, btw they nerf its pen in blitz only 245 now

  41. saddest thing is that still didn’t make credits….

  42. The whole name of this tanks is “E 50 Ausführung M”, not “E 50 Ausf. M” 😀

  43. mrcannotfindaname

    That IS4 player is probably being trolled by his wife, playing with stock gun and no prem ammo.

  44. I smell team Spirit

  45. not your fault but this vid is camera cancer

  46. Dez, you are awesome.
    That begging/bragging tho, prevented me from watching the video beyond the 8:45 mark as I had to puke.
    What a D-bag this amazing player is.

  47. what an amazing game

  48. george marnelakis

    What’s the point of tank stats when you can spamm premium ammo, BAN ALL PREMIUM AMMO movement!

  49. Man that IS-4 was really unlucky in that battle 😛
    only 5 penetrations until he ran out of ammo xD

  50. Really good game, but that begging for damage and kills is just pathetic.

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