► 15,000 Damage – The Glory Days of AMX 50 Foch 155 – World of Tanks Past #16

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Source: DezGamez

AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Epic Battle. World of Tanks Old Replays.

You all are crazy people, you know that? Your support is simply amazing and I can not say thank you enough for everything that you have done already!
And, for this occasion, I have something special for my awesome fans!

Thank you for your super positive feedback in my “From The Past” series. Seems like you want to go back in time every once in a while, which is fine by me, because it is always fun to see what we used to have in this game. 🙂
This time I am going to show you a battle with AMX 50 Foch 155 at it's glory days. This battle might be the highest damage battle ever, legit highest damage battle ever… There is one battle with over 15,000 damage, but with AFK enemy team, so that doesn't count. 🙂


► Player: wonderworker


  1. This week I uploaded more than usual, but thank you for watching and for all that positive feedback! Love it, never change! 😉
    But how is your weekend going so far? I think I am going to do a lot of grinding because weather over here is super shait! 😛

  2. im pulling 13k damages matches out of my ass every time i play franken on pve

  3. tip of the day: disable grass in sniper mode= faster snapshots

  4. we like to see battles from the past cuz we miss good old WoT

  5. Just for anyone wandering about the high rolls, it’s because the Foch 155 had 850 alpha.

  6. Yet same graphics

  7. Man I still feel like the game was way better back in the day ..

  8. Another episode of “Digging, with Dez!”

  9. Impossible though!

  10. These big guns sounded so much better like this

  11. Kaspars Maksims Vidiņš

    If i’m not wrong back in day 152mm td guns had 850 alpha dmg

  12. 15k damage, still only good enough for second class badge. Foch wasn’t op at all back then xD

  13. To think: if he’d killed the last four tanks, that could have been close to 20k damage. That would have been literally insane.

  14. In these “past” episodes I would like to see T-50-2, old tier 5 KV and old M5 stuart with derp.

  15. no op t8 premiums, no stun mechanics, just some broken wt auf E100

  16. winter make you productive 🙂 tnx 😉

  17. It’s not woffen, it’s waffen

  18. ooh the good days back when kv 2 had HEAT

  19. Wtf is that rolls bro hahahahahha

  20. is-8 not 7 dez

  21. Let’s not forget the old KV-1S guys.

  22. 15k dmg 2nd class medal xD
    3×850 alpha dmg op much

  23. 15.000 dmg, second class, seems legit.

  24. the map is different!

  25. No in past you can go with tier I and tier X in platoon in to battle…

  26. I’m going to keep saying it until it happens, World of Tanks Past video with the old tier 6 German medium the VK 30.01 H. It was an absolute beast.

  27. Good!!!! Old times

  28. Hey Dez love the vids. How do you play these old replays? I have some old replays I would love to be able to play.

  29. T30 as heavy tank please or a 20k damage game from a wt auf e 100 on wot replays

  30. only possible on the russian server with braindead players , afk players , GG to russia

  31. I really miss when the game was like this… I dont play anymore ( untile they fix mm and the gold … ) but still watch the vids 😀

  32. Wing_ridden _Angel

    I was watching THIS video when my best friend shot herself……..what has this become

  33. Highest damaging game was done by WTF ausf. E 100, close to 16,000 dmg. i think around 15.800 dmg

  34. worst platoon i ever made was 2 tier 1 tier 10

    funny af xd

  35. The accuracy back then was much better.shots went to the middle like all the time

  36. Man. Those were the wild days. Maybe it’s the rose tinted glasses but the game seemed like skill mattered more back then. I mean it matters still today but not the same way it did 3 years ago.

    Hey you better stream one of these days my friend. I still have a gift for you.

  37. PLZ DezGamez, do a video of WarGaming proposed changes to the Object 263 and the line, I’m pretty sure, just like me, you greatly disapprove of these changes to one of the most unique and fun Tier 10 TDs.

  38. More past episodes! 😀 🙂

  39. 15k dmg and only 2nd class…wtf?!

  40. there were no fail platoons, back in the day scouts got +3 matchmaking

  41. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    *IS-3 AND VK 100.01P FACE OFF PLEASE!!* ?

  42. Why Fail Platoon when Tier 7 Comes in Tier 10???Tier 6s got there…at least when i started this Game.(Yes,imagine JP 4 with 132 Pen,and Maus Comes round the Corner:-))4:56 Highrole needed?Why? 850 Alpha if i remember correctly.

  43. Imagine what the MOE % increase would have gone up from.. 1% to 20% or something lol

  44. the game was so much fun to play back then

  45. Back when it still had a decent engine……

  46. The good ol days…

  47. think the Foche 155 had already been nerfed by 2014…this makes this replay even more spectacular

  48. I feel cheated, they never announce when the patches will go live…I was so close to getting this tank after so many years :'(
    Then I ended up dedicating all my grinding time to try to get it before it was removed…WG cheated me once again.

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