► 2 NEW MAPS Preview + Double Barrel Guns! – World of Tanks News 2018

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Source: DezGamez

and Airline Map Preview. New Gun System – MTLS-1G14 Preview. World of Tanks T-29 Gameplay.

My first news episode in 2018 filled with HYPE… Because I am going to show you 2 new maps, that WarGaming currently working on.
First new maps will be either “Eastern Harbor”, or “Eastern ”, or “East ”, or “Japort”, which is old Hidden Village and maps kinda mixed together. The second maps is called “Airline”, at the moment at least.
I am also going to take one quick look at new, kinda awesome tier 3 light tank with double barrel main armament.



  1. Today’s episode was a bit late, because of some rendering issues… Sorry! 🙂
    But I was finally able to make one news episode about new maps in WoT, huh… Was waiting for that one!
    Whacca think?

  2. ? the tier 3 light tank was in the game before

  3. I think MTLS is not a new tank, this tank was in the game since it was released i think or am i mistaken?

  4. We’re going to need that double barrel ST-I

  5. Beside this tank, there is more taks with 2 guns: churchil I for exapmple, french B1 i think also have.They should make all of them usable

  6. Wait, you guys didnt already have the mtls 1g14? I thought that thing was in the game for years

  7. Jesus fucking christ that corridor on airline.. *facepalm*


  9. Now WG, please, let Japanese Hurper Durpy Tenks use their mini turrets.

  10. this first map is from blitz

  11. second map looks like a golf course

  12. its like some tank changes/additions are tried or inspired from blitz… The new IS with the rear mounted turret and the double barreled Haloween tank Helsing H0 with a 2 shot 85mm gun

  13. I’m gonna lay odds on those maps being clan war only.

  14. . It’s going to take a lot more than 2 guns on a tank or two new maps every 2 or 3 years to save this “used to be fun” game. Seriously, if they brought back 4 or 5 of the old maps I might even bother playing it again. Instead of being stuck on the same 5 maps for the thousandth time treadmill this game is currently cursed with.

  15. That tank exists on the Xbox

  16. It is a premium on the Xbox

  17. The MTLS on the Test Server interests me because its not looking like the one already on console. The MTLS on console has a 5 round – double shot autoloader (so 10 shot) with a 15 second reload, which can very easily clip other tier 3 and tier 4 tanks. The super test MTLS seems to have a double barrel affect where you shoot them at the same time with the possibility of double damage however everything else seems to be the same.

  18. In Wot blitz this Kind of gun is already on a Tier 7 premium td Hesling HQ

  19. That japort map looks like the map with that big prot on wot blitz and that airport looks like that race map on ps4 wot

  20. Dez,I love your ‘Subject to change’ pronunciation !

  21. The MTLS is already in the Xbox version of the game, the gun is a normal autoloading canon, it’s not very special…

  22. Am I the only 1 found the lake in 2nd map a bit…phallic? WG troll

  23. where is the motovlog guy?

  24. 23 dislikes? I guess some people don’t like new maps.


  26. Wow I’m so so happy!! I have been waiting for WG to create some new cool maps and I am really happy they have actually started!! 🙂
    I wish they could also bring the old maps rebalanced in HD too! Wow that would be a awesome late Christmas Present!!

  27. im pretty sure MTLS is on console, it was a gift tank for some event i think….just checked yeah it in console wot

  28. Happy New Year Dez! Thanks for getting this news to us so early. I agree with you re the way they have used the old maps as a bit of inspiration and basis for the new ones. They look really interesting and will hopefully keep numbers high on the servers. Loving your videos mate!

  29. Is that not just the Blitzen?

  30. I want a button to disable those maps in settings

  31. OMFG they’re bringing in the rare 2xgun tank :D!!!!!!!

  32. I really want the M6 to be given it’s 2 guns, it was mounted with a 76MM main and a 37MM coaxial, instead of a coax MG
    I’d also like to see MGs useable for killing lightly armored tenks, though that’d be probably be hard to balance.

  33. That’s yamantao harbor from blitz

  34. The mtls was supposed to be out with the bt sv and the other pz but they cancelled it for unknown reasons

  35. Michael Hildebrandt

    @DezGamez The MTLS is in the console version of WOT since xmas. It is called “Blitzen” and has come with funny fairy lights all over the tank. And as far as I can tell the accuracy of the 2 guns is different. One shot can go to the left the other one can go to the right. It is a fun tank to play 🙂

  36. well, “japort” is in my opinion something like “japanese port” maybe? when you consider the japanese style buildings on the hills…. the other map…ehm…I´m thinking is “cocklake” wont be a better name for this one 😀 😀 the shape of the like is ridiculous 😀

  37. Hey Dez, when I’m checking WG’s wiki about upcoming changes, after scrolling through Polish, French HTs, Super Conq, there is a plan for WG to introduce 2nd HT line leading towards the Chieftain!

  38. The new tier 3 tank is a free gift on the PS3 console. It’s called Blitzen. It has a Autoloader. Not sure if it will be the same on PC. It’s a fun tank to play

  39. Console has had the MTLS for years

  40. That tank is already on the console

  41. The need for maps…..is big….as the current rotation is low….Wargaming have already got maps lots were removed…..my query is why can they just put them back in….some dont need to many changes…as with the wide range of tanks and tds we have changes them….also the rework of spgs as well…..

    We need more maps instead of tanks

  42. isn’t that MTLS-1G14 not one of these ancient ultra rare preoder tanks ?

  43. Maus has duble gun

  44. Indeed Chaffe race was awesome!

  45. It’s funny because the MTLS has been on the WoT console for a while as a T3 premium light, recently for the Christmas stuff you can earn another version called the Blitzen, and wasn’t there the MTLS or something similar in the beginning stages of WoT?

  46. The mtls 1g14 is in the game for a long time isn’t it? My friend has one and I played with him when he was in his tank

  47. this tank was given away on console years ago and it shoots guns we got it for free on console

  48. WG would never do this, but I hope they let us vote on which two maps to REMOVE in exchange for these two. My votes would be Mountain Pass and Sand River.

  49. comment šekšn

  50. port+hidden village and pearl river?

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