► 268,000 Credits Profit – Balanced! – World of Tanks T26E5 Patriot Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Patriot Gameplay . Epic Battle. Best Replays.

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In todayÙs episode you are going to see one of the new tier premium heavy tanks ÜT26E5 PatriotÝ in crazy action. The amount of credits and raw EXP, in that short amount of time simply crazy! Non-Stop action from start to finish!

Played by: Excelsior08
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replays/details/11354#comment292



  1. Over 100k credits, 5k damage done in a Jagdtiger 8,8.

  2. 2350 base exp in Type 59

  3. Great video. They should nerf Patriot and some other premium tanks (I know,
    they definitely won’t do it)! This patriot is so much better than T32, it
    has better gun, better accuracy and gunhandling, better hull armor, only
    side turret armor is a little bit worse than T32.

  4. All these overpowered tier 8 premiums, good for them, bad for us….. What
    happened to ‘premium tanks are worse than standard tanks but earn more xp
    and credits’

  5. I believe I made about 110 k credits once.

  6. I would have to guess 80k for doing nearly 5k damage

  7. Looks like aimbot. Some of his autoaim leads the target by aiming ahead of
    the tank, which is what aimbots do right? 4:40 for example

  8. Bet if you could see the other teams stats would just be a sea of red
    tomatos such a damage farm when morons sit out in the open for you

  9. 45k chas! and 3k exp! eu server

  10. at 4:33 a “ready to fire” before he can aim at all….autoaim + ? :(

  11. t26e5 is totaly not op. how do you ever think it is? fuck that tank

  12. 40k with crusader light tank

  13. 50k most likely.. not more 100% … don’t have prem acc or tank

  14. He has played vs retarded players LUL thats why he made so much dmg and

  15. yeah that patriot could be a pain in the pooper sometime..

  16. Jerrie van der Wal

    my most credits ever earned was 70k in the TOG2

  17. I think it doesn’t show the wn8 because there are no expected values yet.

  18. 160,000 in my KV5, only ened up being like 100,000 because I had to spam a
    lot of premium rounds

  19. It’s good to hear you speak Spanish. It wasn’t stupid, it was very well
    pronunced. Buen video! como siempre. Saludos Dez!

  20. This tank is so OP. The Liberty, Skorpion G and this monstrosity, all paid
    to win.

  21. i got like 250k in my mutz :)

  22. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen

    My highest income game was 140ish k in Skorpion G without premiumaccount.

  23. Fátalbullet DeutscheWölfe

    My Record was 3775 basic exp with Chaffee in 2012 5k dmg and some Kills but
    i dont know why it was so high ?

  24. Thanks for your stuff Dez, big fan from New Zealand, love your work.
    Recently I did a 66,218 base in my M41 90GF, with 88,309 post Skorpion and
    a 72,135 in the Mutz.
    Usually for a good game I’m in the 25-32k base range, just average I guess.

  25. Dang for 268k credits, I would expect a ton more XP.

  26. President Donald Trump


  27. 163k with Conqueror 🙂 but only 120k profit

  28. “That was stupid” – LMAO

  29. I can’t agree with Impenetrable Turret under that angle as I myself can pen
    the turret cheeks, sure it isn’t a 100% chance to pen them but it is
    possible. I feel like this needs to be spread around as it is NOT a T-32’s

  30. World of Tanks on Xbox One is cancer. Nothing but incompetent donkeys.

  31. I got 130,000 in my lowe once.

  32. ive made 200k in my black dog but had prem and reserves kebamunger_NA

  33. console got 400k was 250k from OPS with 8k damage

  34. nice game, hard to say my best, but I got $117.00 in a FV4202 P today, used
    3 gold shells and that is rare score for me. firebanna na

  35. Volunteer announce depending leading tower hallway contemporary

  36. I remember I got 7k blocked in the patriot. God that was an awesome game.

  37. i got 2450 base exp with cromwell 😉
    and got 170K credits w/ T-44-100

  38. Hi.Please make a Scorpion G replay.İt is best premium tank in the game))

  39. some where around 20k is my best credit game if I remember right (with su
    122-44 premium td)

  40. 140K profit with Lowe 4,3dmg with premium

  41. when will the patriot go into wn8?

  42. The highest amount of credits I ever got was 150k with Lowe.

  43. ya know as good as this player was , the enemy tanks were just, begging for
    it, fuck.

  44. 140k pure profit with t-34-3

  45. murica’ total balance

  46. Love my T26E5. Best $$$ ever spent!

  47. 110k without premium account

  48. Some shots are kind of strange specialy on the end .kind of strange auto
    aim .

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