► 30 vs 30 – FRONTLINE BATTLE MODE! – World of Tanks New Frontline Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Frontline Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Test . World of Tanks New Battle / Mode.

► Frontline Guide:

Today I have something really exciting for you, Wargaming is introducing new battle mode in World of Tanks, “Frontline”. Which is epic, 30 vs 30 battle on 9 square km map (size of 9 regular maps in WoT) on “Epic Normandy” map.

To find out more, check out video!



  1. Here because better than jingles. Dez FTW

  2. Nice clear vid, and funny commantary 10/10, and the frontline gamemode is freaking awesome if you ask me!

  3. anyone else notice the tank zooming across the map at 1:53

  4. Christian Schöffmann

    Looks like that one mode from Battlefield.

  5. IiGriferil GriferCZ

    what s you are live from ?

  6. it wont let me apply for frontline can any1 tell me why?

  7. Maruzzo Non esistente

    make another video in this mode please

  8. I REALLY HOPE THIS IS INTRODUCED TO PS4!!! Would love it. Feels like after grinding months for a tier 10 you can finally play a game mode that truly means something. Really hope they introduce this to PS4 at some point.

  9. Another stupid idea, just like all the other battle modes. Just fix the game

  10. This is confusing. So people said we want big battles, and what this looks like is instead of 15 vs 15, you get 10 vs 10 defense with the same map size as before, where you know what the next map is going to be if you win. Man, this D map, I always seem to get it after I win on the A map, what’s with that? And next I bet I’ll be playing on the G map. Can you actually go left and right? Can the tanks on the two sides all give up the sides at the start and roll into the center lane from the drop of the hat? So in short, do you ever actually get 30 vs 30, or is it always 10 vs 10 unless all three attacking lanes win both rounds?

  11. Hmm, I think I’d like it more if it were not infinite lives. Even with the timer. I think defenders should have fewer lives, though, because they get the better positions.

  12. Yeeyy let’s shit on low tiers a little bit more

  13. g00gle isFckingTrash

    Artillery players must be Re-Accommodated from this game

  14. I love idea of bigger map with more players. I dont like idea of repairing, respawning, and having two tanks awalaible. Thats just wrong in my opinion. It didnt work before and it will not work now. Basicaly u dont have option to just kill all enemies. And thats what everybody wants to do 🙂

  15. is there a stun mechanic for arty in this gamemode?

  16. How do you coordinate all these tanks? It’s hard enough with 15 per side.

  17. So, by the time a Maus drives across the map, the game would be over.

  18. I have a small feedback, for the defending team, the tanker that reaches the general rank or second highest rank, assume control of the pillboxes and could fire them

  19. looks fun

  20. Why the F can we not just have a 30 v30 standard game mode none of this capture shit just 30 v 30 on that 9km map

  21. Anyone else notice 9.18 changes not in here

  22. DezGamez 07:32 why is the Pz. Kpfw VII’s gun is 15cm??

  23. I wish they include tier 8

  24. okay applied for the sandbox… let’s see

  25. this gamemode is only for tier X?

  26. wait, did the pz VII have the 15cm on it??

  27. Hi Dez, dont know, if u hadn´t answered before, but stun mechanics (new arti modes, etc.) are not implemented in this mode? Thx and be well 🙂

  28. hopefully you’ll now be able to do 30 v 30 on mittengard in training rooms

  29. will it just be for top tiers? If it is, then I will pass. High tier are boring.

  30. So is scouting basically useless and suicidal in this new game mode?

  31. Did they scrap the cooldown consumables idea?

  32. that’s like rush mode in BF1. I like it tho.

  33. Fan artillerys Shoot over the Whole map?

  34. If you look at the view range circle something is fishy………either the view range is 1km or the map doesnt have 9km……… You said 1 square = 1 normal map that we got now. So could you please explain this ??

  35. Yeah my only concerns are that they leave it at tier 10 keeping many players from participating, or god forbid do what they did with the rampage mode where you rent tanks many low tier players have no idea how to play. Besides that is an unbalanced economy. Jingles lost 30-50K per match and QB barely scraped by with a 17K profit after performing extremely well.

    It’s sad though because I liked the rampage mode when I got to play it. Hopefully they’ll open this game mode up to tier 8 and tier 9.

  36. 22k max dmg here 🙂

  37. I don’t have tier 10 I only have 1 tier 9 omg thanks again wargaming

  38. looks amazing

  39. pullstringgoboom0811

    imagine just imagine how different history would different history would be if the beaches of Normandy was stormed with tanks. Allied forces would have never made a successful landing.

  40. Hmm, E5 heaven?

  41. Michelangeelo Lisi

    will this new mod be released on xbox one too?

  42. Anthony LaFontaine

    Definitely WG has answered my prayers just wish there would be a co-op mode like in world of warships as well. You know sometimes I like to just play. But mostly I just like to play mindlessly against the computer. With some aggression that is. Glad to hear they are revamping the economy. It was my first concern for doing the survey that was handed out to me. Without premium account you can’t progress like in wows. I am really sad to hear the nerfing of light tanks though. It just means your taking the t8 ru 251 and throwing it into a t9 position. Really doesn’t make me ever want to play that tank again. If it’s a t9 tank give me a t9 standard gun.

  43. gonna be expensive AF

  44. It looks awesome

  45. I forsee lots of yolo opportunities here, good. However its obvious to me they are seriously lacking in terms of development this mode should of been out years ago. Turn those fisher-price arrows off please.

  46. Jezz the haters ;-; Everything you’re seeing can be changed!! It’s only tier 10 for the moment while it’s in the test server but that can change. So stop crying about it!

  47. Looks interesting, but wg isn`t able to balance out their small maps, so this will probably be even worse

  48. Would be fun to see a battlefield style conquest game mode in a map like this that would utilize ticket system, so the play time varied with the kills and holding points. But frontline looks really good to me, finally a big improvement as random battle maps are often very small.

  49. WTF your Pz. VII had the actual 15cm of the Vk 72 / E-100 WTF WARGAMING?

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