► 520 Shots Fired… That’s a Lot of Numbers! – World of Tanks Pz.Kpfw. I C Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Panzer I C Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C, Tier 3 German Light Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Thanks for supporting my efforts towards this channel. 🙂

Today I bring you something a bit different… It is one crazy good, epic battle with tier 3 German light tank “Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C”. This is the first time ever I am showing this vehicle on my channel and it has been a very long time, since my previous low tier battle.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, now try to enjoy today’s video! 🙂

I Ausf.


  1. 1c has 640 shots (tanksgg)

  2. I miss my ru251 with80kph now its just another lighttank and not thatt good one actually

  3. well looks like the 1560 games i had in this thing

  4. I ran out of bullets a couple times in my pz.onecee. I felt bad for the hapless seals. Haha No I didn’t.

  5. How to club seals?

  6. My Pz 1 c record is 1500 dmg and 9 Kills

  7. Why the Hell doesnt he have full ammo?

  8. How did the player fire all shots out of his tank if he fired 520 shots and the maximum ammo capacity on the Pz I C is 640?

  9. Filthy seal clubber

  10. Seal clubber

  11. it’s called seal clubbing lmfao yeeehhaaaw

  12. StergiosBestGaming

    Dez I wanted to say one thing!Im bored of falling asleep when I watch your videos…Guess why i fall asleep…Your voice is so (cant say cuz there are so many things).I always leave your videos in half ?because I fall asleep anyways keep up with this voice and this stuff from your Channel;)I hope you see this comment

  13. Great Game!! But why does he have only 520 shoots i use the same gun on my Pz IC but i have 640 shoots

  14. Freddie Lettegaard

    I love that Choppa Cam, so immersive ?

  15. Hey dez sounds about what I can penetrate ratio 5:3:2~

  16. think i need one of them.
    Dez, you kick ass.

  17. Would have been better if it was 420 Shots.

  18. another clue why lowtier is unbalanced
    pz.i.c didnt got nerfed at all after light changes and since then it’s the free op tank in my opinion and it has one of the best dpm at tier 3. IN my opinion it needs clip size nerf to 30 with eevrythign remaining the same to be balanced but when wg balances tanks they look only at winrate not at funfact for other palyers

  19. t7 combat car has 1250-1450 shells xD

  20. just got ma first kolobanovs medal

  21. Choppa Cam Dez…LOVE IT!!! Thanks for that.

  22. The first replay I ever uploaded was not about me (I died much earlier in my Pz I C), but of a pair of Pz.II J’s that were left alive last (of course as they killed everybody else)… They were shooting APCR one at the other in one cap, not penetrating 99% of the hits point blank range until both were left out of ammo, and then the defending IIJ started ram tracking the other in his cap in order to get resets while the other was trying to hide behind a wreck in order to finish cap… Finished in a draw, needless to say, still it was a battle where just these 2 guys fired 400 rounds each, making it 800 rounds not counting all other rounds fired in that game… Wow what a waste of gold it was!!!

  23. M2 Medium that has 6 kills

  24. Great intro!! short but very sweet

  25. le forestier damien

    The only game where only 5 % of premium round were shot :p

  26. SIlentXHunter gaming

    not sure if its just me but my pz1c has twice that ammo ???

  27. Awesome bro ty 4 replay Huggypaws

  28. Nice Dez. I agree that Mines is best for 5/6.

  29. Dez pls, can you turn off grass in sniper mode ?

  30. This tank is literally every Arty player nightmare the pen is just good enough to pen every Arty????

  31. Claus Kellerman loves this stuff.

  32. 48k WN8?!? I thought3k WN8 is normal xD

  33. Machine gun….. lol

  34. The victory girls got my testosterone going.

  35. it is getting worse man.. only said “over here” 6 times in this video.. 🙁

  36. choppa cam? lol love it Dez!!

  37. And to all the cry babies that just gives up when having a rough start , LEARN from this video !


    but we need MORE of that CHOPPA VIEW Dezzzz! :))))

  39. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    so this is how people farm wn8, they play this tank and get like 50k wn8 a game thus raising thier over all wn8 to high levels. it all makes sense now. lmao

  40. bring back Province map u mofobelaruska.

  41. Very interesting. Thank you for paying attention to the lower tiers.

  42. I want to see this reply with the upcoming 1.0 tracers.

  43. Oh god dez, disable foliage in sniper mode for God sake

  44. I like tier 3 more about the fun than the winning

  45. One of my favorite games was a platoon of 3 Pz1Cs on mines. We all went up the hill and all 3 of us hit the one enemy Pz1C who was coming up the hill. He messaged in the battle (it was a long time ago) that the sound of all 3 of us hitting his tank at once was incredible.

  46. Dez, his ammo wasnt full, the capacity of the 1C is 640 shells

  47. How to be a Unicum in WoT.

    Just play OP low tier tanks like this one and you get purple even if you are a noob at tier10. Kappa ?

  48. OH My God!
    pz 1c , first time on the channel?!?
    ( fyi Dez , This little beast is known as “The pocket-rocket,)
    IMO any player that don’t own a Pocket-Rocket, is Suspect)
    oh , interesting fact , it costs 42k credits to fill the ammo bins with premium shells .
    Good Vid, thanks Dez , nice to see lower tiers on your Channel, Keep up the great work , Thanks agian .

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