► 60 PLAYERS RANDOM BATTLE, 30 vs 30 FRONTLINE – NEW MAPS! – World of Tanks New Battle Mode Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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► Official article:

I welcome you all back to World of Tanks Sandbox test server, where I am going to test out new random battles, on a little bit bigger maps than we have in World of Tanks at the moment. How about 30 tanks vs 30 tanks action, on new 1.2×1.2km “Grand Canyon” and on 1.4×1.4km “” maps? This mode provides non-stop action, with 60 tanks on the battlefield!

To find out more, check out the video!

Let me know what you think?



  1. can’t wait till they get the maps further developed, and all nice and good looking. i have been longing for bigger battles and it seems like wargaming is on the right track 🙂

  2. guys i havea problem i cant login in sanbox i use the same password and same account as first tim but theres nothing i can do please help me

  3. Those graphics thougj??

  4. dammit WG plz dont release this till AFTER my finals. I need good grades, mkay?

  5. Jason Spielvogel

    Dez, you think this kind of battle should be opened up for all tiers? Or kept to just tier X?

  6. any idea the future of World of tank will be like?

  7. already imagining a 30-0 fail team…..

  8. You suck at this game can I see quickybaby play now

  9. I can tell that this gamemode will require a lot of awarness of where enemy tanks are and might be…

  10. Alexander Agustine

    I love it !

  11. “What if we combined the Overlord and Derpenburg maps?” – how they made Grand Canyon.

  12. I can’t get sandbox test server 🙁 I don’t know why and I want to play this too much but I can’t I like it

  13. Svetlin Koldamov

    Okay wg nice one.. Finaly smt that isnt the next premium tank or “making artillery more enjoyable” kappa

  14. jordanmousseau 2017

    100 v 100 fun

  15. Dejan Arandjelovic

    thank you Dez, for showing us all the good stuff, we love you too 😉

  16. big open maps? rip russian Tanks that cant sniper

  17. Vavá da Artilharia

    Wow… Seeing the Grand Canyon map brought me a lot of good memories from PROVINCE map!!! I just LOVED that map (on lower tiers… 1, 2 or 3). It was one of my “school” maps in WoT. Wow. Just “wow”. Thanks for bringing those memories alive, Dez!

  18. send nudes dez pls

  19. I love the new frontlines game mode. Playing on the sandbox server is kinda fun, but they also changed a lot of other aspects with the game as well. I like how you only have one life now, making the game seem more meaningful. Also you cant buy premium things with credit anymore, which is interesting.

  20. stewart mcallister

    totally agree with what you say. new stuff is Good, continued research and development is good. if you don’t like the game mode don’t play it. simple

  21. Dez  do you remember what serb earlier ? So this map and the front lines mod can paved the way for this vehicles 

    “- amphibious tanks are difficult to implement, according to SerB – they don’t cause bigger client load directly, but in order to implement them, there have to be bigger maps, when those come, amphibs might come also”

  22. Watching tyis while beunh high af is awesome xddd

  23. the Grand canyon map makes me think of my old favorite map, Province

  24. Hmm if they go into this directions I could see a few problems:
    1) matches snowballing out of your control faster a.k.a. less carry a.k.a. everyone’s winrate will be closer to 50%
    2) playing stealthy campy high accuracy tanks will be way more rewarding than playing any slow well armored heavy
    3) the maps seem way too small for 30 v 30. I would like for them to introduce that map for 15 v 15… a 2km square map. would be a nice change from the stuff we have now.

    Those are the first things that come to mind. I’m pretty sure that mode won’t be successful unless they introduce some crazy reward system for it.

  25. Squire Squirrel

    10K damage games are now a thing of the past. Goodbye 10K, weclome 15K!

  26. looks like they implemented the new graphics patch too 🙂

  27. bigger maps are awesome.

  28. hopefully they add more artys in those game modes

  29. They could easily add that one removed map set in China back into the game for this.

  30. this is unfair for batchats no alot of ammo

  31. Load the Skill rounds

    I like this! Just random battle mode with bigger area and more tanks love it! Would like to see more features on the maps maybe to fill them up a bit more but ya looks like fun.

  32. This might just be the key to the long awaited map rebalance/reworked/resize etc. As long as they make enough of a balance without turning it into a corridor

  33. Tell me AMX 13 105 have enough ammo hahahaha

  34. Guys try this app in play store ‘free gold for tanks’ and when you dwnload it write my invite code ‘u9g2m’ to get 10 gold instantly 😉
    You can get gold for completing simple tasks you can get 100 gold every day and it s legal you can google it and watch youtube videos 
    It s for world of tanks but because wot wowpl accounts are unified you can get the gold in both games so enjoy ^^

  35. this is what they have needed for a long time. it opens the game up and will allow true multiple fronts on the same map. now add tiers 11-20….5 more 30 player maps make the 11 through 20 tiers all new modern tanks like aw. improve those tanks speed and accuracy…make it an add on extension from reg. wot. get you vision forward on point wg!!!

  36. they could actually make full scale battle of kursk map ?

  37. what about tanks with really low ammo count with that many extra enemies to deal with?

  38. Awesome idea. Love the maps as well, but an ammo issue like the IS3 is gonna struggle. Maybe a boost in ammo before the game,  or areas where you can re-stock your ammo on the field

  39. I am not sure how 30 Vs 30 is going to go down especially when there is going to be a bigger version of a 15-1 loss. Imagine the chat on that mtfk. Liking new maps though. More of that please.

  40. 60 players in random battle …… that’s going to be lag and yeah! finally new maps!!!!

  41. Ek sal van 30 t 30 hou op die ou kaarte ook.

  42. im glad they are keeping the original game modes with the 60 player matches

  43. Its going to be extremley perfect/awesome when it goes ingame, but when they made this, they must change the max view/spotting-range AFTER is this gamemode enjoyable fully (sorry for my bad english) What do you mean DEZ?

  44. well if they implement this mode they MUST extend scouts viewranges to for example 500m Maximum spotting Range, otherwise you cant do shit with a scout – once again

  45. MAUS`T95&Type 5 : FK U WG…

  46. @dezgamez are the medals boosted like normal you have a topgun with 6 kills is it now like 12 kills or not ?

  47. on these map it will be “snipers” game

  48. personal missions will be a lot easier in this mode 😀

  49. I see problems with ammunition?

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