► 9.17.1 – New German Heavies, E5 and Grille 15 Nerfed + More! – World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Update Preview. News Series – Update 9.17.1, New German Heavy Tanks Mäuschen, VK 100.01P, (Panzer VII).

List of all upcoming changes:

In today’s “World of Tanks News” episode I am going to take my first look at our next patch – Patch . Once again, this going to be really big patch with a lot of updates. We are going to receive few new heavy tanks and some old “OP” vehicles are going to be balance. Tanks like , 15 and medium tanks.
German tech tree is going to receive quite big rework, because of 3 new heavy tanks – (Tier VIII) and Mäuschen (Tier IX), plus one new tier 10 Pz. Kpfw VII (Tier X) or Panzer VII.
Let’s take a look!

►T110E5 Played by: Tankiabi
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/10083/tankiabi_10k_battle_with_e5

►VK 72.01 (K) Played by: GrossSackTreter
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3167601#stats



  1. schmalturm when get a buffed?:(((

  2. Yeah ok seems legit lets take a tank that is to op that no one plays
    because of shitty gun depression and lets go a head and put more armor and
    a bigger gun to make it super fucking op and lets the grille 15 and nerf as
    if it at shit already makes a lot of since wargaming [sarcasim]

  3. i m selling time spend on my acc : 3,5k wn8 31k battles 24X (22 3 marked)
    49prems 29k gold 54 tanks 3 marked , on Xs 3,3k(lowest)-4,7k avg dmg per
    game if someone is intrested write pw or comment

  4. Is it just me or is the video not playing and is saying ” something went
    wrong tap to retry” but still doesn’t play?

  5. Buffs to premium tanks…
    Nerfs to grindable tanks…
    And a blind incentive buff to get the Type 4/5 out so people drop a fuck
    ton on gold rounds.

    Pay2Win is becoming more real…

  6. only tanks that i have are gonna be nerft WG go fuck your selfe next patch
    e5 is gonna be POS….

  7. wow. WG wants to change a few things and It looks like they don’t have
    their heads up their own asses.

  8. President Donald Trump

    Dude biking videos? Like mingles with jingles type deal

  9. Wow WG wells done RIP grill

  10. Dan Florin Martimescu

    I wil uninstal the game. I am clouse to get E5 and they nerfet now.

  11. I’m expecting that changes will improve the dynamic of most battles in the
    future. But nerfing Grille 15 I find that complet BS, with competent
    players shooting HE, HESH killing crew members, for exemple, that TD will
    be a sitting duck.

  12. They should buff the KV-4 in my opinion. It’s pretty underperformig in my
    opinion. I know, angeling is key, but the turret is just garbage. Every
    tier 8 gun is penetrating it, even tier 7 guns. It’s not the ‘mighty
    all-blocking russian bunker’ how WG presents it.

  13. Thumbs Up but why you didnt show the full replay of the E5 game?

  14. Mauschen and Mouse will be not playble. I hawe Mouse…and omg it is shiet.
    Slow NOT MOBILE BUILDING. Average gun. Medium eat mouse

  15. next please buff the Speed of the Matilda BP to 50 kp/h as well :P

  16. T54-mod 1 needs buffs too :(

  17. And ofc they nerfed the US E5 tank and left the Russian IS7 tank untouched,
    which is almost unpenetratable all around with all tier 8’s most of tier
    9’s and a lot of tier 10’s, seems after 9.17 even the lower plate bounces
    most shots…

  18. Great…. been wanting that Pz VII and i have only 30k exp left to teir 10


  20. if i have vk 45.02B on my garage now,will i get Mauschen on patch 9.17.1 or
    i Will keep Vk 45.02B? ansswer please I want to know

  21. Holy shit when is patch 10.0 coming out?

  22. T O Y O T A S U P R A (2JZ-GTE)

    Great i just got the T110E5 and they make it shit m103 was such a paint
    what a paper tank t32 was the best and t29 other are shit thanks war gaming

  23. Great Grille 15 is going to be nerfed just before I unlock it just like
    Deathstar was when I unlocked that. E100 will be next after that because
    I’m half way through the E75 grind

  24. Epic! so there’s going to be a public test server for 9.17.1??

  25. and e100 ap pen buff?

  26. when is test server open?

  27. I was more then a half way towards the Maus. Now I have to start all over
    again at tier 7 -_-

  28. I know everybody hates the TIger P, but i didnt find it all that awfull..
    maybe i faced a lot of donkeys, but in 99 games i managed to ger a 53,54%
    win rate… Now i know that doesnt sound impressive, but compared to the
    average Win Ration of the tank, thats pretty good. Of course, power creep
    might make things more difficult for me when i go back to grind the new
    Maus line, but im fairly confindent most people still dont know where to
    shoot the Tiger P.

  29. nothing happening with cancer arty? well I guess 9.17.1 will be my last

  30. Nice job again man. Does anyone know what will happen if you have in your
    garage both Maus and Vk 45 02 B?

  31. I just got my T110e5 as my first tier 10… but still after the nerf of its
    cupola it will be ok…
    but i am a bit sad anyway

  32. Wasnt the grille nerfed already?

    I love grille and its powerful – but its mobility is not great and it turns
    like bismarck….leave it its speed at least.

    Got a funny feeling that wg really punishes tds all the time.
    patch after Patch they get hit in some way. ..sad thing.

  33. British TD’s speed buff, trying to grind to “Death Star” finding it bit

  34. Waffy The Clickbait


  35. Can someone give me link out of this Test server i can’t found it 🙂

  36. Rsshha tanks get buff, quel suprise. WG alternative facts fucks up the
    paper tank E5 again, why did they ever put it in the game when an actual
    tier 10 tank design was put into production when the E5 was still on the
    drawing board?

  37. And the comunity

  38. The FV4202(P) needs a major turret buff not just a mobility buff, the
    turret on the FV4202 is pretty much trash.

  39. гапdом гапdом

    yay, my Centurion will be more faster now

  40. The 50B in the end is PERFECT example why E5 is considered “OP” – no fking
    clue where to shoot….. just randomly fire at the tank…..

  41. Kovacs Gergely (axestyle)

    great job man!

  42. But i don’t want my grille and my e5 to be nerfed 🙁 ^^

  43. Bismarck Class Battleship

    Sounds like Vk 100.01 P like the son between E 100 and Maus also Panzer
    kampfwagen 7 like Vk 72.01 K

  44. Frank Screaming Eagle Selleslagh

    I not only love to watch your uploads; I most certainly LOVE hearing your
    comments! A lot of Humor in them; sometimes maybe due to the (funny)
    accent. 😀
    Keep up the good work. 😀
    P.S.: Is “DezGamez” also your name in the game of WOT?

  45. so, suppose you researched Maus, but did not purchase it. What happens when
    new patch comes ?

  46. Who is responcible for this patch? It’s not up to the usual WarGaming
    Bullshit standard :D

  47. Are they going to keep the typo of Maushen instead of Mauschen?

  48. I will never understand how the hell can WG ignore the relative balancing
    of their tanks. It is not just about, that some tank is underperforming,
    but they have to balance it compared to other vehicles, so that one is not
    better in all aspects like it can be in this game. So even though I welcome
    changes to the US TDs (I dont play them myself) I say, they need to change
    the other vehicles as well, so that the relative balance stays the same.
    Until now, these tanks were balanced by speed like the french are balanced
    with pitiful side armour, just as an example. Once they change one tank,
    they are changing the whole balance of the tanks.

  49. When can we play on test server?

  50. interesting… is the word

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