► 9.17.1+, New Light Tank “LTG”, HD Models, LT Nerfs! – World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Patch Preview. News Series – Update 9.17.1, New Soviet () LTG.

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I am back with “World of Tanks News” episode and today, I am going to talk about some more new features with , answering to most FAQ from my previous episode (about new line, changes to the tech tree), showing off new HD models and changes to the light tanks. We are also receiving new tier 7 light tank from Soviet Russia – “LTG”. Not sure yet, if that new light tank and all the changes to the old light tanks are happening with , because these changes are in the “Super Test” stage atm.

►Background battle played by: Djleafgreen
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/10347/djleafgreen_amazing_lighttank_game_no_battleheroes_medals


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany SP.



  2. i have about 170 tanks but cant remember there names lol.
    i just know its tier country and type thats how i find mine.

  3. Jammy Dodger (jammytwss212)

    what happens to the lttb?

  4. can you please do Tiger (p) vs Tiger 1???

  5. Masive stupid nerfs to light tanks that don’t deserve it. Just equilibrate
    m41 bulldog and 13 75 (one is OP, the other as bad as ****, I let you find
    which one is what)

  6. So reload all my tier 7 scouts with nothing but gold, roger

  7. just nerf all lights to def! gj wg
    and buff tds and heavy tanks for all those bot idiots who just sit at the
    back and camp the fucking shit out of their lives

  8. Will the light tanks changes be implemented in the next patch? Or the patch
    after that?

  9. yay, at2 gonna be fancy

  10. Of all the non-HD models the fv215b is one of the worst. THe bat chat still
    looks quite okay in the game, but the fv215b just seems from a different
    era of games its so ugly/lacks details. Lets hope it gets its HD model soon
    too. (and just give us the chieftain already WG…)

  11. if they nerf moor on ligaht tanks im out fu ck wg

  12. German pronunciation was actually pretty good.

  13. Those nerfes on lighttanks are pretty damn hard. I don’t want to play a
    tank like Spähpanzer IC anymore if they make it this crap. It’s not one of
    my favourite lights already, because the manouverability is not great and
    the time between shots takes ages on the autoloader gun. Not fully aiming
    is a waste, because it lacks accuracy for it. People probably have to grind
    out some tanks that get nerfed quickly! So many stupid changes seem to be
    coming up. I hope test players will change Wargamings mind..

  14. Killerrrrrrrrrr keeeeeeeemstaaaaaarr

  15. did anyone notice obj. 263 is now closed on top ??

  16. For those who wonder about all those light tanks nerfs, they’re going to
    change their matchmaking so that they’ll get -2/+2 as all the tanks in the

  17. nooo don’t nerf my wz-131 :(

  18. and the epic replay to keep us entertained too! that SP1C driver is epic

  19. Do they not have more important issues to sort? 1. Maprotation 2.
    Teambalance/Setup. Why make up more and more new construction sites all the
    time. I’d like to know, who in the player base ever complained about light
    tanks being so OP?

  20. lol WTF? so they nerv scouts even more so you will need even more skill to
    drive scouts

    And arty doesn’t get nerved once again

  21. Ok so the TOGII gets an HD upgrade, what about some speed love from WG?
    It’s totally unplayable at its current speed…Come on Dez, work your magic
    with WG!

  22. so that ugly shit LTG going to replace LTTB or what?


  24. Those Lt nerfs tho…

  25. it is a fucking joke by wg, nothing about e100… i’m sad as hell

  26. YAY, lets all play mediums before WG make them shit as well xDD

  27. Omg, why they want to nerf T7 LT?! On T7 are the best LTs, they are quite
    balanced and good. Unlike other tiers, which are quite underpowered. WG
    should buff LTs or change their mm and don’t make T9.

  28. So yet another patch and no new maps.

  29. Aww, fail by the replay dude, easy Fadins medal there.

  30. Thanks for the tip on the Maus. I’ll start grinding it immediately.

  31. Dez are the wz 131 changes for the 100 or 85 mm gun

    Keep up the content

  32. I am not sure if I understand what WG are doing with the light tanks. How
    does nerfing a lot of tier seven light tanks and moving tier eights to tier
    nine help? I thought that tier eight light tanks were already seen by
    matchmaking as if they were tier nine anyway. I’m not being funny, I just
    don’t understand what they are trying to achieve, can someone tell me

  33. Why the enourmous loss in penetration capabilities!?!?! outrageous tbh…
    ru251 speed nerf is a bit sad also :(

  34. What is up DezGamezNation, I’m your host Killer Dez, let’s get roighhhhttt
    into the noooooooose

  35. DezGamez what is your 1st language/where are you from? :)


    Gnomestar quotes 2017.

  37. Hell yeah, tog gets HD model :D

  38. WG logic: AMX 13 75 is almost no better than the 12t. That means that we
    should nerf the clip size, DPM, and give marginal reload time buffs.

  39. Muffins [ALMOST NEVER] Weekly

    Conclusion: Wargaming is still retarded.

  40. Anonymous McAnonymous

    What is the caliber of the LTG’s gun?

  41. I can’t stop watching the Twilight Sparkle badge in HD. :D

  42. I just want my T-150 in HD.

  43. oh god damit what the t71 do for the nerft?

  44. When is the 9.17.1 test server open?

  45. FlawlessFPS (DatPwnzer)

    And they STILLLLLLL won’t give the M4A3E8 an HD model. Seriously???????

  46. what a shame.
    y da fok will loose T71 it’s pen???

  47. So if i have a Lttb in my garage will i get the tier 8 Lttb or the new Tier

  48. Does the TOG II still appear in the premium store?

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