► 9.19.1 Preview – New Tanks, Features, Buffs! – World of Tanks Patch 9.19.1 Update

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Patch Preview. New Tanks, Buffs, New Features. WZ-111-5A, Tiger 217, Polish “Pudel”.

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I am back with some more . In this episode I will be covering upcoming update, let’s see what Wargaming thinking about doing.
We have some pretty interesting topics – new tanks like WZ-111 5A, Tiger 217, First tank from Poland “Pudel” and AMX Canon d’assaut 105. On the top of that tier 10 tanks are getting gun depression buffs, WG improves the matchmaker even more and some other changes.

Let me know what you think about all that!



  1. I really hope that the Waffentrager E-100 on the console is officially gone just like the PC. We do have the Grille 15 yes but the Waffentrager is still on the console world. I dont care if you like the Waffentrager so much and you dont want it gone, its too OP. OP as in many cases, autoloader with exceptional damage hit box is the strength of the beast. But its main weakness is the reload time which is kinda helpful. I like the Grille 15 and Im grinding for it because its a non-autoloader TD with better damage hit box than the Waffentager E-100. I really do enjoy the game a lot but when someone have the Waffentrager and Im in the sight, its not even fun anymore after 3 shot and dead

  2. NUUUUUUUU! DEZ DON’T DIE! Who will I leave awesome comments to otherwise! Fuck it! I’m flyin to Estonia right now!

  3. will the is 7 ever be buffed ?

  4. fkng great….how about BC-25-t HD? its not like its like one of the most popular tanks……

  5. why they forget about is7 it was legend before now its just dust and e100 they do more pen 245 but the time of reload and gun handling the same whyyyyy wg . thx dz you rock

  6. Churchill GC to have 230mm armor!!

  7. why always premium tanks?????? why????? Wargaming

  8. New t10 wz no lowerplate lol

  9. stupid WG!!!

  10. Polish tanks? I thought they’d never see the light of day, but…


  11. I wish they make ST-1 and the vk tier IX german heavy tank to HD , I been waiting for so long 🙁

  12. Well WG doesn’t pick what gets HD models. It’s outsourced, and the people doing it pick smallest tanks first, less work.

  13. Load the Skill rounds

    I want the T-34-3 in HD. The tank is supper expensive and you don’t even get HD cmon WG.

  14. Wanna hear a joke?

    Chinese gun depression

  15. LMFAO, Dez great voice impersonations. That’s exactly what I hear. I’m still laughing. So effing funny bro.

  16. Polish crew voice : to musiało boleć!

  17. All these buff will make Brit line stronger lol


  19. Cool, I recently the 113 needs a buff since nobody was playing them, it was the only tank I did need to kill to complete all my experts but they messed me up more by adding the Swedish tank lines…

  20. when 112 and t 34 3 wil be buffed…?at least pen must be buffed

  21. We need Is-7 lower plate buff

  22. 121 player is so damn bad

  23. Yay, HD Churchill Gun Carrier! My life is now complete 😀

  24. u forgot about the Churchill​GC armor buff. (more than 100% armor increase!)

  25. Polish tanks? Well we all know whats gonna happen they are always the first the loss XD back to the drawing board WG how about we get some Italian tanks like the vento :p

  26. wts my sea account. cheap. 3 tier Xs. 2 prem tanks. batchat almost unlocked. avg stats.

  27. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Finally the M4A3E8 will have a HD model

  28. chrisangelo maderal

    Freaking love that Easy 8 HD model wow

  29. Maus nerf pls.

  30. Did anybody saw the World Of Tanks Ad that wants to destroy the “Skip Ad Button”…?

    Hats off to WG., that was some funny shit…

  31. I uninstalled yesterday! 🙂

  32. Come on WG, everyone knows E8 still doesn’t have a HD skin cuz you want us to buy the thunderbolt and the stupid fury

  33. blah blah world of tanks. my five year grind is over. nothing about the game is exciting. im sorry new prem tanks or new tech tree lines to grind are the answer game is old and filled with toxic players. let this shit die already

  34. thanks for whining, people. the game got easier because of you. and because of that, my stats got better which doesn’t feel satisfying or fullfilling at all. . you got what you wanted. now everybody is whining about pay to win because there’s nothing left to bitch about.

  35. if memory serves me, bread with schmaltz is Yiddish food. It is bread with chicken pan drippings (fat, seasonings) smeared on it.

  36. The only thing I care about is to get MM off the effin vodka !!! I mainly play TD’s but since the last patch I been getting 7 to 8 TD’s per game !!! Add in 3 arty there’s not a lot of game play !!!


  38. Cobi Film Master

    czy ja dobrze usłyszałem że naszymi racjami bojowymi będzie smalec 😀 11:40

  39. WG must improve match makes by PLAYER SKILLS , NOT UNICUMS VS TOMATOES

  40. Fair Matchmaking? Do you really believe in this? Last time they promised that if you plays low tier for a couple matches, the MM will give you a mid tier, or high tier battle… BULLSHIT! Last time I was playing 15/15 times in low tier… So I started to complain about this, and subscribed a ticket. The answer was “The match making will TRY to find a good battle for you in high, or mid tier”. Since this happened, I almost all the times get low tier battles! STOP LIE TO US WG!!!

  41. Holger Breidscheid

    Good news, nice replays, the 1st replay: Great game, but the 2nd player has no skill, he is only a goldnoob.

  42. Kurwa, vehicle was destroyed! 😀

  43. Hans_von_Twitchy

    You said, “It will be much easier to get your Marks on artillery because damage while stunned will be added.” This is incorrect, because Marks are based on how your damage total compares to the player base’s damage total in the same tank. Obviously stunned damage will be added to the player base’s benchmark too, so the new system won’t be easier or harder; it’ll just be more complete.

  44. Ayyyy finally HD E8 Sherman been waiting for that for years… My fav tank

  45. i hope you are alive and well 🙂

  46. wait… after patch 9.19 there are actually still players that play this game?
    Silly idiots xD

  47. Poland tanks ? what a joke they have horses during the war, but WG greed its real
    Btw Pudel its copy of VK 30.2 (M) next will be soviet and british copies 😀

  48. still no foch 155 buff. the worst tier 10 in game.

  49. improved mm huh, since the 9.18 the mm has been so shit, very rarely I see same tier mm or top tier (I play solo 95% of my games), another thing for ex in a t8 game the enemy gets like Defender’s, Chryslers, Scorp G etc. and I get (in my team) like CDC, FCM 50t, Ferdinand gl having even a small chance of winning :(, and alot of this shit in other tiers aswell t6-7-9, it’s so f*** retarded, even Circon or Orzanel are angry by the “new improved mm”/. Expecialy for those that don’t want/or can’t afford to shoot prem ammo all day long , you are not going to have a good time 🙁

  50. Wasn’t there some information about the 113 becoming a premium tank? And that’s why they’re replacing it with the WZ-jaun-juan-juan-juan-fiveA

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