► 9.19 and WZ-111 A5, New Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank – World of Tanks 9.19 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

Preview. World of Tanks WZ-111 A5, New 10 Chinese Heavy Tank.

► My information from TheDailyBouce blog: https://thedailybounce.net/

I am back with some more news about World of Tanks. It feels weird to talk about our next update, patch 9.19, when we even do not have 9.18 update on all servers. 😀
In this episode let’s make quick preview about update and let’s take our look at hopefully new, upcoming 10 Chinese heavy tank “WZ-111 A5”. Tank that was here, under some testing few years ago, in patch 8.2 in 2014.

What do you think about those ideas and about WZ-111 A5.



  1. ever used that new swedish tds like udes as launch ramp,awesome,or spic’s wreck as missile

  2. The new currency sounds like they might make it pay to win. RIP WoT

  3. Hahaha….. “Tank” Tops.. lol

  4. Dez,how do you know that WZ-111 A5 is in the 9.19 update?

  5. Ha, the damage he dealt were almost all low-rolls. I wonder why is that? 🙂

  6. New currency? Hm.. Another motiv for wg shitheads to make some money, i already can see that, 1k gold for one x coin, and you need 20 to buy some shit.


  8. I was kinda sad earlier because i had a pretty awesome replay in my B-C 12T… but i couldn’t upload it to your replay website because it doesnt accept replays after the update 🙁

  9. How do you get your sniper mode to zoom in to x25, I really need that

  10. Jack Hemmersmeier

    Love the color changing mugs!

  11. you can always trust wargamins’s never again kappa 🙂

  12. Even IS-7 stacked with 132% crew + rammer can’t get anywhere close to 3k dpm…

    I thought they were supposed to nerf it so it’s not OP???

  13. Mr. FuckingDigidies

    if this doesnt replace the 113 and is main tech tree then it will be just a split line after tier 9. I dont believe there are any more chinese heavies. we already have 2 wz 111 tanks in game and are getting a new wz 111. thats 2 and a half more than even existed. plus the 110 is tier 8 and the 112 is premium. that leads me to believe that unless wargaming copies or fakes new tanks there is nothing for a second line at tier 8 or 9.

  14. Holy shit, more WZ-oneoneoneoneoneoneoneones?

  15. Yes!! More maps!!!

  16. it’s really frustrating that the low amount of ammunition these tanks carry. esp like the fb215b, t57 heavy, the batchat. these tanks don’t even make profit because of running out of standard shells most of the time. it’s really frustrating when their are 3+ heavily armoured tanks.

  17. WTF!! 9.5 s. reload thats like Maus reload

  18. I hope that tank does replace 113. It seems WAY better

  19. Awwww,I hope 113 is not replaced,I really like that tank.

  20. people need to stop playing the game. WG doesn’t give a shit about what we think. they only want gold….that is why they don’t fix the game they don’t have new maps and they introduce new gold tanks…they want MONEY

  21. After more than a month since ordering epic shirts Teechip emailed me yesterday saying the order is being shipped.
    I can wait, their not fast turnaround. mmm epic boomstick is on the way 🙂

  22. Just bring baxk some of the old maps, problem solved.

  23. Wargaming is working on two maps i guess… One of them is already finished. <-- Berlin. then theres this "one map" that has no water in it, and it reminds me of malinovka and the other map i dont remember.

  24. There is no way in heck that it has 10 degrees of gun depression, look how it struggles when he barely drives over a ridge or a bump. Plus it’s Chinese… the only Chinese tank with gun depression has an American turret (Type 64)

  25. …and the Paris map is even older than that, since it was completed and scheduled for release earlier; but postponed due to the terror attacks in Paris.
    7 unique maps in this kinda game is just not enough!

  26. I hope the 113 gets replaced… this tank is utter crap

  27. this thing isn’t a heavy its an insanely armored medium with a huge gun. 400 meters view range like wtf that,s better than some tier 10 light tanks.

  28. Francesco cassarlewis

    good job on the video most probably you are the first informative youtuber who made this and about the maps make them a bit bigger as wel

  29. Updating to 9.18 right now. Although I do not like the arty changes, neither from the perspective of an arty player nor from the perspective of the guy who gets hit by the arty, I am really hyped since the missions for the reward tanks are much easier now on arty so I’m gonna get my T-55A today 😀 And gonna get some credits for all the light tanks I already have in my garage, which I am never gonna play again since they are shit now

  30. Luís Augusto Panadés

    we need they fix the shit Grille 15. It was a shit and now it is unplayable.

  31. Are the LTs buffed yet?

  32. My prediction is that A5 will be reward tank for some Frontline related missions….

  33. Dez, not hating…but please save the merch info and stuff like that for the end of the video.

  34. Chinese tank with 10 degrees of gun depression…. I don’t think so

  35. 9.19!!!!! asia still on 9.17… sigh why anyone but.. US server get rekt with release dates..

  36. Meanwhile on the Asia Server, we still playing with 9.17 lol

  37. The Austrian Avenger

    If Chinese techtree gets a new tier 10 heavy, maybe the British finally gets one too: the Chieftain. Yeah.. ther dream is still alive!

  38. from na, arty is still annoying, but much more tolerable. love the mm changes. not a fan that my t49 is slower, or my elc was nerfed. happy that my m7 is a light tank now though

  39. 9.18 already feels old for us in the USA. Bring on 9.19 for us ASAP.

  40. WZ-111 5A looks really nice, but im looking forward to get 113 so, dont want it replaced. yeah.

  41. gandit muangpracha

    waiting for Polish tanks, new maps , new graphics

  42. Two thoughts about that new chinese heavy: 10 degrees of gun depression… how? The breach is made of rubber and bends against the roof or what? The other is, 244 pen with regular rounds on a tier 10, so basically if you’re fighting other heavies you will basically have to fire premium – especially with that aimtime :S

  43. Ive just updated the patch 9.18 and its frozen on updating the garage.?

  44. This tank sounds stupidly overpowered. Decent hull armor, great turret armor, very mobile, good alpha, ridiculous dpm, decent accuracy, good penetration with 340mm heat rounds and superior gun depression of 10 degrees to boot. What the hell?

  45. Split the Heavy Tank branch to pike-nose frontal hull and flat frontal hull tanks…

    For example the 110 > WZ-111 1-4 > WZ-111 5A then 112/WZ-111 hybrid > 112 (upgraded ver.) > 113

    IS-2 still remains as Tier VII but splits into these two branches. The flat frontal hull tanks can also be reached from the medium line (at some point) as the 113 plays like a heavy medium.

  46. They have already released new equipment on wot blitz it’s kinda broken

  47. chinese t8 premium heavy?

  48. -10 degrees Gun Depression on a Chinese Tank – are you sure that info wasn’t published on the 1st of April? 😀

  49. #rememberSEAserver pls

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