► 9.19, Ranked Battles, New Crazy Equipment, Currency, Consumables! – World of Tanks Patch 9.19

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World of Tanks Patch Preview. World of Tanks Ranked Battles, Equipment, New Currency, New Consumables Ó Crazy DPM Boost!

Seems like World of Tanks Leak websites are not that off with shared information. They said Public Test for patch update should be up around 4th of May and they were right! It still feels weird to about WoT patch 9.19 update when we just received patch 9.18, but oh well… I really like new things so I am not going to complain.

In this episode I will let you know everything you need to know about new World of Tanks: Ranked Battles game mode, will talk about new currency, new crazy equipment, consumables and more!



  1. Your suggestion about rank getting harder to get, first few ranks, top 12, after top 7 etc, was very good. With current system it seems like i will rank up beyond my skill level.

  2. So ranked battles directly tied to p2w? And After each season it will mix those bastards with normal players once again… such a great idea.

  3. Now just add something like premium armor to counter premium ammo in your tanks to be bought with bonds.

  4. Like lol, we have a match of rank and normal

  5. 175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk

    is there a reason why you are repeating yourself?

  6. Toasty Roasty Man

    SO…If you own NO tier 10 tanks which you need to play ranked battles you have to face in random battles crews that have SUPER EQUIPMENT? …NOT COOL WARGAMING !

  7. and these new special reward consumables will be used only in ranked battles too right? or PUBLIC and Ranked so you can SEAL CLUB the non ranked players right?

  8. ქჴąʂʂჩტჯ

    chevron ? Stargate, anyone 😀 ?

  9. female voices as well, right?

  10. So, even Ranked Battles ends 15-2. Nothing has changed 🙂 That’s perhaps a little harsh, but if the first replay is representative of Ranked Battles, Ranked Battles does not improve the current match making.

  11. Baron Münchhausen

    Greed eats mind!
    a good system? you will see more jolo-teams as at 5times exp 😀

  12. Federico Di Liberto

    I am late, let me make a joke:

    T67 with +15% RoF

  13. MrSmithwayne Smith

    So this new equip gives you +2.5% more on this equipment over greens. Be a hell of a grind to get 5000 pts and then only get a bonus of 2.5% over standard for one slot. Then again the accumulated bonuses for all the equipment when you finish those endless grind sessions to get the 25k your tank is effectively going to be 12.5% better then someone with green equipment. Pretty good pretty good. BUT!!!! that is ONE vehicle. How many people just play ONE vehicle endlessly? Soooo by the time you grind your way up to that vehicle, unlock all its components, buy the green slots then grind your self in ranked for those purples….YA! They don’t call it World of Grind or World of NO Life for nothing. Glad I don’t play this anymore. Nice system for those who want to spend eternity in one game but just not for me.

  14. I get seasons (see many other games, like Overwatch or Rocket League) and rewards associated with performance. I also get the Bonds currency.

    But what you see in other games is cosmetic rewards, NOT performance rewards. That can really ruin the enjoyment for more casual players where the pros get a chance to roflstomp with even greater ease.

    I’d even be okay with with bonds being used to buy exclusive premium tanks (like clan wars rewards) as opposed to buying improved tank buffs.

  15. I’m going to compare this to most any organised sport, and it will not come out favourably.

    In any given sport, if a player excels at any level, they tend to progress to the next level, until they reach the level that fits their skill. Hence divisions, leagues etc. But in order for anyone to progress, it is down to their own ability to shine through.

    What war gaming has done here, is take a game which has no leagues or divisions, where those that excel continue to excel, those that struggle continue to struggle, and stack the odds so that those that excel will have an even easier time, those that struggle will face yet less chance of success and higher chance of misery. It rewards those that need no help, but punishes those that do.

    9.18 ALMOST made me regret quitting the game a year ago. 9.19 has added justification to my decision.

    What a shower of shit.

  16. Dez, Does that mean only Tier X’s can get the Directives, since it appears they are the only ones that can play Ranked battles?

  17. Twitaff Twitaff

    Coming to a battle with you in it, is the new and improved arty skills as well. Faster reloading and more accurate arty, if they are allowed too use these new crew and tank options will / maybe actually break the gameplay. Just hoping WG realize this and exclude artillery from enhancing there reload / accuracy or aiming time . They don’t need the extra buff these give.

  18. Is the per game credit coefficient higher for ranked battles? Even with premium time, tier x random battles are often a credit loser. This seems like a major issue for all of these tier X only game modes that are being demoed.

  19. Have a tier 10? Play ranked, get fancy new equipment, mount it on your favorite tier 4-6 tanks and sealclub your heart out~
    Seriously, what the fuck.

  20. As bad as patch 9.18 was this will end WoT for me.

  21. no more stat padding ;d remove randoms !

  22. As far as I can judge from the video ranked battles seem really cool! I’m glad there will finally be something special to gain for players who are not in a clan.

  23. Oh boy! I always wanted a game mode just for cancerous tier 10 players who steal kills and hog lanes! I sure can’t wait!

  24. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    So a good player gets even better tank performance against casual gamers who just like to have a random mode blast. The good players don’t need it, as they are better than us average Joe’s anyway, and I suspect it will dishearten the rest of us who don’t have the time or inclination to play the cost restrictive tier 10s. Nice one WOT. Maybe in the next next build you could give all unicums a 50% tank bonus just for turning up to grease us with their presence.

  25. Luís Augusto Panadés

    When will they do that shit Grille 15 a tier X vehicle?

    I did not ground that shit. They pushed that shit over me. It is indecent to push a super underpowered vehicle, underpowered and boring to play. Now it is just impossible to play. That vehicle is a shit, a super shit. Has any defensive power and a super shit offensive one: bad penetration; bad mobility; bad cammo; bad dpm; bad gun handling; any armor.


    And this shit Grille 15 can’t use any ventilation of gun stabilization… it will be just much much more underpowered that it is just now. It is a shame… We were robbed with this shit they pushed over us.

  26. So with “advanced rammer” and “advanced vents” and food reload time can go more faster than 4.93…damnit some reloaders fire with 3 secs reloading shell…almost reloader t62a…

  27. This is incredibly a bad idea. Casual and average players will have a huge disadvantage, they may even lose more customer than gaining. Also, not everyone can play ranked battles so unfair in every aspect. Of course, this is if they are allowed to be used in random battles.

  28. unable to sell special equipment, gold only… that’s just downright dirty

  29. so what does the t62 get once yo have both advanced vent and rammer + directive?

  30. Bo Diederichsen

    Yo mate … the ranked system is allready running on the World of warship server and if you think it is easy …. maby you try it at WoWs next time it is up.

  31. This ranking just encourages more people to use gold to get higher rankings and bonds. Another pay-to-win scheme.

  32. A long as equipment bought with bonds is limited to ranked battles only that seems fine. But if it can be used outside of ranked battles that’s horrible. The game doesn’t need more elitism.

  33. tx for the info. all average players can go play other game. wot is only for unicums now.

  34. Quick question, why would you ever choose the rammer directive over vent, sure some tanks dont have them, but its 2.5% to shots per minute or 2.5% to everything, including shots per minute

  35. @4:58 “Chevron”=a sleeve badge that usually consists of one or more chevron-shaped (V-shaped) stripes that indicates the wearer’s rank and service (as in the armed forces) [Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition, p. 197]. FYI

  36. PickelJars ForHillary

    War Gaming is pleased to announce Improved Seal Clubbing!

  37. ranked battles is a good idea but the only thing that i worry about is that you can use improvement equipments on every tier i think it should be usable for tier 8-10 tanks only

  38. Claus did a his & hers video , and wait, COFFEE , yes coffee he showed how he made his favorite coffee , so Dez what’s your favorite coffee champ ??????????

  39. Great idea overall, but the rewards shouldn’t change tank performance.  Rewards should be titles, paint jobs or visual effects only.  Giving good players an even bigger edge will not help the longevity of this game.

  40. Basicaly they are doing everything to mske us spend more money, they want to be super billioners.

  41. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Imagine this new equipment in a Tortoise…huff, op as hell.

  42. The new dark side of Seal Clubbing

  43. 12-7-3 lose-even-add for losing team

  44. All i understood was that i have to pay bonks for new equipment? lol…love the accent

  45. did they touch profitability of tanks in ranked battles or is it still black hole for credits?

  46. I imagine seeing a lot of 2.5 sec aimtime deathstars

  47. DezGamez, perhaps there is a small misconception about the simultaneous use of improved equipment and directives. The way I got it is that you mount the equipment first, but its improved action is ACTIVATED by the respective directive. Its not the cumulative effect, and it could improve only one of the functions, either crew or equipment..


  48. world of danks

  49. very nice…..but all i want is some new maps that arn’t fooking corridors…that would boost my interest more…plus I’m too crap to play tier 10’s

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