► 9.19 Update – T-103, Tiger 131 and New HD Tanks! – World of Tanks Patch 9.19 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch Preview. World of Tanks T-103, Soviet Russia Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Tiger 131, New Tier 6 Premium Heavy Tank.

► My information from TheDailyBouce blog: https://thedailybounce.net/

Time to take another quick peek in to the future, into patch 9.19 update. Seems like with the next patch we are going to get some more premium tanks, hopefully I am able to test them out as well. One comes from Soviet Russia, T-103, tier 8 premium tank destroyer. And the second one comes from Germany, Tiger 131, tier 6 premium heavy tank… or should I say “Heavy Tank No VI”, because those 2 tanks are identical.

At the end of the episode I will show you some new HD models as well, that are going to be here with patch 9.19 update.



  1. Your friendly neighborhood news anchor back at it once again! 😛 You know, when I see something new and exciting, I can not hold it for myself, I have to share it! 🙂
    Keep enjoying your weekend, Beasts!

  2. Console has the 131 at tier 7 with 169 pen and premium match making with an OP as fuck rof.

  3. Ofcourse they are putting more premiums with too good guns inyo the game

  4. in 5 years of playing I have never seen 1 MTLS-1G14 quite possibly one of the rarest vehicles in the game. If they put it into HD I would hope that they release it into the premium shop as its an extremely unique tank having 2 cannons.

  5. 131 is already on PS4 XDDDD

    It sucks… 🙁

  6. omg the tank with 2 mgs , nice, a super funny tank to play with

  7. Oh come on, they should finally make the STB-1 in HD.

  8. Tiger 131 isn’t new, it’s in console

  9. richard Van Den Bor

    seriously no HD Type 61… 🙁

  10. ” new premium” again… fuck this game…

  11. More bullshit premiums. Surprise surprise. No new maps.

    Find us a new game Dez – this ones done.

  12. Darren Adams-Beutel

    So we should be able to test 9.19 on the same day as we get 9.18 on SEA. Seems a little weird :/

  13. Well new content is never a bad thing most times. Yeah this game still has it’s up’s and down’s but I think it’s working itself back into a good spot. They just need to unnerf the tier X lights and make some new maps to keep the progress going.

  14. thank god the excelsior is getting a Hd model because i have one with 2 marks ?

  15. this litle HD tank you dont know is probably the one from consoles that has double canon ( two shells – each from diff canon ) and it was some sort of rewars idk

  16. Hmm, MGLTS in HD quality…I sense we might have the first 2 gun tank on PC soon.

  17. luuk den hollander

    the Tiger 131 is de only working Tiger in de world

  18. Mostly looking forward to the kv-13 hd model

  19. The tiger 131 is on console

  20. More premium tanks, thank RNGesus! I mean, it’s been at least a month.

  21. Every goddamn time i recieved an update from u DezGamez i get really moist!!



  24. Lol Wargaming how do you get away a 1960’s Soviet factory business model, every one hates +2 MM, WG answer keep it in game. Change the colour of a tier 6 tank and put it in tier 7(tiger 131). Who is running WG, dont they want to expand their fan base.

  25. Mitchell Sweeney

    The Tiger 131 is already on the Console Versions but is not as good as the standard Tiger because it has the worse 88 minutes on it

  26. Lots of HD but the m36 and E8 remain a rusty tin cans

  27. Skorpion G is good? Obviously there needs to be a soviet turreted TD that’s better in almost every way?

  28. Chinese TD’s for all, please!

  29. I think t103 is ok

  30. افضل مقاطع الترفيه

    what about wz-111 5a ? wont it come on 9.19?

  31. I think console’s Tiger 131 is better, though slightly OP.

  32. yay chines tds in my srever asia

  33. Shit! That ugly T25/2 not HD

  34. “as we know, wargaming won’t change anything darastically” *tier 10 light tanks…*

  35. If you want tiger 131 gameplay, go watch consol vids

  36. Tiger 131 is real German heavy right but what is standard Tiger 1 or HT N0 1?:)

  37. Again, DeZ is in front of everyone else by at least 2/3 days.. Keep it up!

  38. The problem with the HD conversion you get new weak spots in armour it ruined the jagpanther 2.

  39. Well they did say they were looking for information for Chinese arty/TD’s when they released the first 2 lines.

  40. more Premium Tanks, that no One needs

  41. Russian Buyers alert! Very good gun, good mobility and Hulldown/ Sidescrape Beast!

  42. 9.19 what a crock the Asian server still hasn’t got 9.18 why so slow for us?

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  44. SGT Morningwood

    10:58 what name did it have? didnt hear 🙁

  45. sigh so the tiger 131 is pretty much the kuromorimine from world of tanks blitz 🙁

  46. does all hd tanks come with a twilight logo XD

  47. Make or Break Gaming

    Wargaming HD the FV215B for the love of god.

  48. 1 may 2018
    I found out that there is no weakness or counter parts for most of the premium tanks

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