► 9.19 Update, What’s New? – New Features and Changes! – World of Tanks Patch 9.19 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

Update . – Ranked Battles, New Equipment, New Currency, New Consumables, Female Crew Sounds.

► Full list of changes with :

World of Tanks Patch up and running, so in this episode I am going to cover all the most important changes and new features in this update. I am going to talk about ranked battles, bonds, new currency and equipment, female crew voices, HD tanks and about some other things as well.

What do you think about this patch?



  1. Rank is dumb because all there will be obj. German heavies etc etc the higher up tanks

  2. well in rank battle we going to see like meybe 10 maus in q battle each side cause that thing is did not broke the game

  3. THEY RE-BUFFED THE SHERMANS! WOOOOOOOOOO! The Jumbo has that epic gun mantlet again! 8D WOOOOOOOO!

  4. What a dumb decision..unique camo/any COSMETIC pattern is a better reward..this will make the game less p2w than it is now.Cosmetic reward generally make a game sound less p2w..look at dota2 success.Wargaming save your game..and give COSMETIC reward instead of this new dirty thing.

  5. I cant wait for all the whining about the unbalance of xvm ratings 😀

  6. i dont understand one thing….why the fuck they put renault and excelsior and shit tanks in HD …. WE STILL NOT HAVE THE BATCHAT IN HD…..

  7. The best would be to be able to buy special Headlights / Machineguns / Grills and other stuff and put them on their tanks in special ports, that would give ability to players to characterize every tank they like. and would be so dank. forex: the headlight on M60, grill on STRV / WZ131 looks DOPE

  8. Fully agree. That equipment buffs are too much and it makes huge difference. Visual rewards are more than enough. Just look on CS:GO, everyone is crazy to make theirs weapons looks like toys and are able to spend thousands to have it. Some cool camo or cool looking logos would be enough motivation as far as its reachable(i should write “cool”).
    And thats my second problem with ranked battles because this system is grindable. Even unicum player can have bad start into game and get wrecked easily, but bad player can camp base and still be in that top 3 at least because he finished 4-5 low health enemies and did reasonable damage. Then whole ranking system missed point, because its just matter of time to get high rank. Not saying bad player is going to win season ranking, but can get pretty high if he has enough time.

  9. so basically unless you have Tier 10s you cant have improved equipment so imagine Player who use for example The Patriot which is already very very good imagine sticking those improved equipment units on it… It will just fuck it up for non premium players and players that have not reached tier 10 tanks. Like Dez said the T64 A would be even better. Whats next 100% Camo rating on Type 5 Heavy because stupid shit like that is very believable

  10. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    Good players will be even better, so what. They must have tested the impact, for me this should be fun.

  11. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    And BTW, look at some flags in World of Warships – they also give you some advantage, and can be won by merits in battle.

  12. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    … and I know what the first tank to place improved equipment will be. M4 Sherman of course 😀

  13. What a fcked up idea. Better players that can afford playing tier X games (no premium account .. go f yourself) will get better tanks/ advantage over worse players?! WTF?!
    Leave this equipment at ranked battles or F U WG!

  14. yo dez, can you do more videos of heroes and generals?

  15. Jeremy Pietrowski

    ranked battles, if it should ever have a reward, should only be cosmetics or MAYBE some reward tanks. Never should the great player be at an even higher advantage. All players should have a fair chance. +1 for more unique camos.

  16. BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK

    fuck off i dont even own a tier x and getting up there is total fucking cancer in its own.
    uninstalled the game

  17. Skill based ranking? I have a feeling that it will be more like wallet based ranking. Now you can buy even more things to shit on those f2p players.

  18. Another brilliant update video. Keep it coming 🙂

  19. I like your idea better I myself don’t play a lot [at least grind very fast] and I am probably going to dread the seal clubbers I t5 games,t3 games ,t2 games ,and t4 games

  20. im so salty… the stat padding m2’s XD

  21. French FT BS = F*ck this BullSh*t jajaja

  22. dez tee 1 tankiga 20k lahingut /please

  23. With this patch i officialy stopped playing. Improved equipment, what else are they gonna come up with? The summoning of a repair tank, for a 100k silver per use so that it’s ‘attainable’ for everyone?

  24. Personally I think its bullshit that its only Tier 10 for Ranked Battles. They SHOULD have made it Tier 5 through 10!
    Because now what you have is a bunch of unicums who get the bonds buy the special equipment and put it on their mid tier tanks so they can roll through the noobs while they pad their stats to no end.
    THUS destroying the game for the new players completely and in the long run ruining the game so completely that most will go to War Thunder.
    Thanks for the big FUCK YOU to the community yet again Wargaming. Foch is being proven right on so many levels

  25. “We want skill based MM” -players
    “Ok here you go” – WG

  26. Love your NEWS. Sounds good to me. Thank you for the heads up.

  27. Christopher Bocksell

    How about the improvements only effect clan battles? Just not random battles. Imagine a T18 with improved gun rammer and that directive!!!

  28. Dez, any idea what are the specifics of the armor changes on the 72.01?

  29. Hi Dez, I agree with you, this token rewards from this type of battle will be good only for ppl who play all the time tier10 and many in the game will have big problem to fight a super player:( also I would like to inform you, I don’t find your upload video web site, so I send at your email my first ever Pool’s medal in my 59-16 and unfortunately I lost my battle with an O-I experimental, because my last 3 shells was HE and its my mistake I should have more gold ammo. I hope you will show it, as an average player for me was very intense game:) Ittogami NA server:)

  30. these enhanced equip and directives should not be allowed in Random Battles, period. It is completely unfair to those that do not have Tier 10 tanks and have no way to earn these bonuses.

  31. are those ears on the Pz7?….dumbo the elephant ! or is that elefant 😉

  32. Thank you for such an informative video.  My opinion on the new enhanced equipment earned in Ranked battles is the same as yours.  It will allow the few to have an unequal advantage versus the many.  It forces you to try Ranked even if you don’t want to just to try to stay competitive. I do not think that this perk is needed to attract players to Ranked.  Yes, I have some tier 10 tanks and I am a pretty good player, but to be honest I have more fun tier 6 to 8. I do not like that now I am forced to play Ranked to keep from being uncompetitive.

  33. Dave Quaschnick

    I agree, cosmetic rewards would be better then possible overpowered and unbalancing rewards. Now you said ranked doesn’t come out till July, SO we still have time to change WG mind. Or get them to limit the EQ to one Improved per tank one a T10. That way you can maybe make up for what a tank lacks. Or even better maybe what you lack in your own game play…. Say taking the Improved Repair on you LT Tanks at T10 because you just can’t help yourself and gotta drive like you stole it … LOL

  34. Instead of improved equipment units they should give graphical upgrades to tanks or special camos you could use on any vehicles. The alternative would be to only be able to use this epuipment in ranked battles only.

  35. Jingly Mightles

    now imagine that shitstorm when they put new curency in shop

  36. I would just like to have the bons as the curency for some rare camo paterns that doesnt need to be historicly accurate like cs go skins

  37. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    defenetly this new perks and equipment are not necessary, and it will give even more advantage to good players… Visual prizes, like logos, cammo, especial emblems and especial modeled skins for tanks would be far better and not ruin even more the balance of the game..

  38. Bogdan Radulescu

    I totally agree with Dez, but I actually find it very funny the way he says girls as grills :)))))))

  39. Nice vid Dez. I agree the female commander voices sound muffled, especially the Swedish one. Agreed about the equipment/directives, will hurt lower tier games.
    (can I ask why the guy in the M2 was spamming gold at poor tier 1s?)

  40. why have your vids become blurry unless in sniper mode?

  41. Vents are clearly in the lead: 2.5% ^= 50% improvement (!).

  42. welp sounds like im not going back to wot this patch either

  43. TheMightyBoxTank

    Why do you have to watch 20 minutes of explaining the patch when you can watch 4 minutes of full explanation by sirfoch lol

  44. I would like to know what role the “supertesters” have had in the roll out of this enhanced equipment for achievement in Ranked battles coming June 5.  Most responses from players here, and on other 9.19 patch reviews, have been quite negative on this enhanced equipment, and yet it is about to be released.  During testing, did the “supertesters” favor this equipment and so WarGaming proceeded to introduce it, or were they negative and WarGaming plunged ahead anyway.  This is quite important because if the former it means that “supertesters” are not adequately representing the player base, and if the latter then WarGaming is not listening.  Some feedback on how we arrived to this point would help to make changes, so that something so universally disliked by the player base does not get introduced to the game.

  45. I’m not playing this, I’m not going to participate in these battles at all.  I have cut back on this game for a variety of reasons and am very close to quitting.  30,000 battles and Iv had it, not much to get, no end game, not much fun.  NA server is way down in the peek population so I can see I’m not the only one.  These ranked battles are just another foot in my ass to get out of this game.

  46. Frederick Burkert

    Bonds can’t be bought???Slide that premium ammo bar to the right – pay to win
    ‘God’ key will be abused especially when credits are on sale and there is risks of dropping rank – go WWII (wallet Warrior 2.0).
    Tank badges should be the trophy IMO
    Was going to buy a premium account now I’m averaging higher tier tanks and to buy a couple more 9s and 10s I have unlocked – looking for new game.
    Bottom line. Pretty sure most will want there tier 10s buffed up. But these will get into lower tiers and more random battles
    Corporate suicide or a cash cow ???
    Female voices with static GJ WG. Sound as irritating as a wife. Reduce homophobia and add some ‘camp’ voices lmao

  47. Frederick Burkert

    Another thought
    Grind fast to type five heavy get the op gun and …. Pay to win

  48. Are you planning to do a meetup in Estonia?

  49. Wargaming can forget me after this move. Period!

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