► 9.20.1 – What’s New and What is What? – World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

Patch Review. Gameplay Review, Tier 10 .

9.20.1 live and in this episode I am going to show you all of the most interesting changes.

Your opinion?


► Player: GROHMAN1991


  1. That ending for the battle on the background tho… *facepalm*

  2. That challenger turret 60/60 really sux FYI.

  3. I hope there is a bug in campaign that gonna be solved. This order thing is not working as intended.

  4. Guy playing in the background is an idiot. He knew the e100 is full health. Simple math showed he didnt have enough damage in his ammo rack to kill the e100 unless he was lucky. He was in the cap circle with 5 mins left. He deserved what he got.

  5. That automatic fire extinguisher though. Also 3 afks wut.

  6. Why he not cap?

  7. Hi from Norway! Always like your videos Dez 🙂


  9. Lovely long gratuitous pull shot at the end there Dez.

  10. so i was watching some really intense romance movie and had this video loading on the background ……at the end of the movie i thought this is shit .. no way in hell this movie story can happen . i need something real ….there comes dez:” and patch 9.20.1 is up and running …..” ……your the man dez …..this is real …. this is the shit

  11. Omg that fucking intro ??

  12. Love the facepalm at the end of the vid!

  13. FV4202 is getting improved patch after patch is because it was so god awful when it was first introduced. Now, it’s not too bad, although MM issues means that it is almost always only support sniper tank.

  14. Caernavon is now OP as fuck, with food, vents and rammer it will have over 3,1k dpm on a tier 8 tank!!!!

  15. Best intro eva

  16. Dez i really do respect you man, but it’s so hard to listen you talk, you should fix your english asap

  17. Przemysław Grochowski

    Why do you show a replay with illegal autoaim bot?

  18. New patch is pretty good, but damn all the super conquerors. Ammo racked one already in my second match of the new patch lol

  19. What a joke.. They changed the gun on the Caravan, but kept the old gun on Centurion… All the guns were exchangable between meds and heavies, so now people will need to grind a lot more guns then before if you have played one of those lines already.

  20. When do they plan on taking out the Death Star?

  21. Damn it Dez, I was focusing on the epic battle that was going on in the background and couldn’t listen to you chatter.

  22. Great player having great game still loose money shooting gold… staying at the back not even shooting a round earns 17 k on a tier 8 heavy premium without premium account (still being low tiered all the time)… lol, what a rigged game it became…each update is like a plaster on a wooden leg….one thing really improved on n’ on, wargaming revenues at our expenses

  23. Can’t wait for another Gold Rush video, very interesting to follow your progress

  24. I never complete my titties mission – guess i’ll have to try again, and again, and ….. 😛

  25. Wow, now I can actually have a hope of getting one of those prize tenks, I hate the SPG class, both to play and to fight, so I had just given up on getting it, now I have a hope, though I’ve heard they aren’t very good, at least the T28 or what ever it is….

  26. If I use stock gun with nice DPM on Conway – will I be able to rotate/traverse my turret fully or not?

  27. Omg, that ending, Dez! 😀

  28. So why woudl anyone play Kranvagen now?

  29. Jesus Christ almighty THAT gameplay gives me headache…. what was he even trying to do against that E100 ?

  30. then dez you are a really bad player a bad one than dont know nothing about the tanks in the game, im in obj 260 and t55a was a easy mission

  31. when they will fix tier 8 mm? they fixing always what is not most inportant

  32. OMG what heartbreak on that ending. 3 AFK tanks and he runs out of ammo……

  33. the guy deserved it at the end that he lost the match for 3 afk tanks and at the end JUST SHOOT IT THE DAMED AMMORACK

  34. Yeah, two years and i haven’t played arty yet. Skip

  35. That guy….why so greedy at the end? 4 x 6 shells gives you 2400 if you get average roll every shot. Such a fail…

  36. in the end of this reply, S. Conqueror should shoot the engine part of E100 to set him on fire and get the win.

  37. nirmal kumar vaidhyanathan

    I am seriously disappointed witg you for not ellaborating on brit MT buff. U mentioned only cent ax. Wow.. people just dont care about the brit tanks….

  38. Why did they have to remove fv??

  39. Great video, Just wish MM was sorted dont enjoy tanks anymore

  40. yeah. SPG-15 for 55a is basically impossible to complete. My closest to completing it was 7800 damage 7 kills including 2 ram kills. Spotting my own targets and I was still third xp from the top.. So had to use my orders just for that.

  41. I need to go for a poo!!……brb

  42. Can you belive he coudnt win against some afkers ? I mean what a fucking imbecil . Cant imagine been in the oposite team . I would’ve had the laugh of my life

  43. But would you really want to equip a badge that says ‘Look! I am a good player! Please target your premium rounds and artillery on me!’

  44. MongooseJake : Fun & Games

    Guy went for more damage and turned a Kolobanov’s into a draw…

  45. i actually quite like the new mm …… a pain in the ass sometimes but better than previous one BY FAR

    honk if you approve 😀

  46. Just got my T55A thanks to those mission changes. i had 9 orders and used 4 of them to skip heavy tank mission 15. i was at mission 12. Every other class was finished with honours exept MT 15. so LT 15, SPG 15, TD 15 was finished with honours and MT 15 without honours.

  47. Why didn’t he ram the grille and save the ammo :/
    Good info, thanks as ever Dez,

  48. T-44-122 is a special tank that as far as I know is currently only available to Moderators and WG staff. Just like the ISU-130

  49. ramming E100 with this tank must be a joke!

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