► 9.20 – FRENCH TD REWORK – AMX 50 Foch B – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Update Preview, Rework/Rebalance. World of Tanks 155 Gameplay , Epic Battle. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155, Tier 10 French Tank Destroyer.

I am back with some more information. This time letÙs talk about long-waited French tank destroyer branch rework. Tier , 9 and tier 10 French TDs are going to get new auto-loading/magazine type of guns and I have to say, I am pretty damn excited actually!
this what it takes to bring back French TDs? Let’s find out!

► Player: kpuBou_4yBak



  1. buff the pen to 265 and i will be happy

  2. they coudnt just buff the accuracy of the 155? or make them seprate tier 10s

  3. Frederick Schulze

    For a tank class designed to be able to penetrate heavies frontally, lacking a turret with below average mobility, 257 pen is not enough. Especially when it has 325 on apcr…. Guess this may be another tank that requires gold spam to be competitive.

  4. Wouldn’t this foch be a turreted waffentrager.

  5. Béjard Valentine

    After nerfing the armor, the speed, now they decide to nerf the only thing good of this tank: the 155mm autoloader. This is my only t10. Fuck you WG!I’m uninstalling NOW!

  6. Foch and Foch 155 remind me of mini vans, I don’t know why

  7. Can’t they just fix the French tier 7 AMX AC 46. its not a bad tank, pretty average tier 7 td, but the aimtime is fuuuucking garbage and in reality it feels like 10 seconds to fully aim. That tank works only if you don’t ever need to move your hull, and thats impossible because the gun arch is so narrow. So either buff the aim stats or gun arch to a playable levels.

    And 257 pen for tier 10 td? Yes its an autoloader but really? On non turreted td, naa man its a joke. With that huge range finder on the top you dont want to be too agressive anyway so on range that pen is like 220 ffs.

  8. Next one re-worked will be the Wtf E100?

  9. this autoloader has a similar sound and look to the old WT auf. E100, 6 shot clip with 2.5sec inter reload. Think about that…

  10. WG should hire you to make names for their vehicles mr. dezgames 😀

  11. I think the AMX 50 Foch B should either get a penetration increase because 257 on a tier ten TD is just disappointing, or it should keep the 155 as maybe an upgraded gun for people who might like the old one?

  12. ლუკა ლომსაძე

    so now CT 9.19.1 not working?

  13. Matthieu Antoine

    Pen is ass on the tier 10 tho

  14. tier 10 will be op with gold ammo

  15. Not really sure I agree with removing the 155mm cannon from the Foch 155, If anything all that was really needed was to improve the gun handling, reload, aim time and drop the intra-clip reload from 5 seconds to 3 and boom Foch 155 is competitive again.

  16. Pascal Schwarzer

    The 50 Foch B seems to be the new goldspamming tank.. I wont blame anyone, with 257 pen on TD you should load the gold.. GG wargaming

  17. If WG would just add 13 mm to the new pen , this tank would actually be the most powerful td in tier 10

  18. Honestly, if they haven’t made the gun arc better, I’d argue that the tier VIII and IX are worse than they are now. It would mean that the tier VIII would have the exact same issue as before (bad aiming time + a bad gun arc), except that it would be exacerbated by the fact that you have worse accuracy. So in those moments were you are fully aimed, you are actually less likely to hit. The tier IX would be affected even more, because not only would it suffer the same fate as the tier VIII in regards to accuracy, but its aim time is being increased!
    The tier X does get a lot better aim time, so that should help the with the aim time/gun arc issue. However, I think the loss of alpha might hinder it. Having 750 alpha is very good at scaring people. 400 on the other hand, not so much. The other thing is that you have to shoot (and thus expose yourself) for a lot longer with 120mm to get the same damage as the 155mm. Which, considering the foch’s aren’t known for their great armour, might also be a hindrance.

  19. Great rework of the foch wargaming. (SARCASTIC VOICE)

  20. I don’t see the 155 gun as any problem for the game *cough* 750 DPM *cough*, therefore not needed to be removed so the best thing WG could have done would have been to just add the new gun to it and let it have two options like the E100.
    Also, 257 pen as tier 10 TD is afucking joke, i never wanted to go for the french TDs and now the tier 8 and 9 look quite awesome unlike before but seeing 257 pen on tier 10 made my decision easy again.

  21. Patrick Op den Kamp

    looks like i got to re-buy my frencies tds 🙂

  22. inquisiTHOR /LetsGame999

    wtf AMX 50 Foch B gets that OP??? they just reballanced the Waffeltraktor, now they buff the Foch…. Well it had Problems but now this Tank gets the Problem…. holy s*it

  23. wont the new tier 10 french TD just be another WT-E100

  24. Baron Münchhausen

    6 Rounds in a clip/ 2sec reloadtime/ 36sec clip-reload WTF!! Why WoT deledet WT on E100??
    this f… French “machingun” will do MORE DMG than the old WT on E100.. must be Logic with a lot of Vodka..

  25. Foch 155, new WaffleE100?

  26. Time to wake up the bathtub…

  27. I did not know french stole WT e 100 and made it in the foch series

  28. 1:47 “Todays episode is going to be filled with French titties”
    where are the boobies Dez?

  29. Overall I think it could be good as long as they don’t fuck it up with soft stats. 2 second reload is good, but won’t matter for shit if every time you move the gun you get fucked.

  30. Joona Uusiheimala

    what are you guys crying 257mm is not too bad. Its enough to pen lower hull armor in most of tanks and remember that there are lot of new tanks what have paper thin armor.

  31. #DezGamez Can you do a “Top 10 most acccurate tanks in WoT” or “Top 10 best gun handling tanks in WoT” ?

    Thank you !

  32. So are they going to introduce the WT E-100 similar stats but no armour

  33. The_black_Frank_White

    Cant understand why he attack this afk e100! That was really risky

  34. pls notice the dpm in your future videos

  35. Aaand no 3 shit nerf. Who needs a damm 3 shot Autoloader if you have 9.2 sec reload on tier 8 and the same gun on Tier 10 ? Mist be a bad joke, i sold it once because it was bad on tier 10 and now its even worse…

  36. They should also rework Leopard 1…

  37. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Nice. but reduced peentration is now super shit!
    And still any fix of that shit Grille 15 that they pushed over us… that garbage underpowered shit vehicle with all bad stats for just 4cm more accuracy…. a real joke that got nerfed by idiots of wargaming.

  38. im so love amx50Foch 150 caliber… this new patch so bad… replacement gun… why just not put new gun… fucking idiot…. always replacement thing… same damn thing like wte100

  39. 2. waffletractor confirmed….

  40. dez turn on base values on tanks gg. 2.78 is 2.9 normally

  41. Matteo Zoccatelli

    So, the tier X will become a “different style” WT E100? Niiiiiice WG…

  42. They’re reworking the Japanese Heavy tanks again?!?!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  43. amx 50 foch 122mm ausf. fantasy

  44. Kristóf Harsányi


  45. Too much clip potential, in my opinion

  46. therandomnessisreal

    Nooooo I nearly have Foch 155, I want to play it that way 🙁 Just improve the gun handling… And if they change it like they said at least give it a decent pen…

  47. tier 10 gun suck 257 pen fail you will bounce always vs heavy the new foch is garbage fail review

  48. You can make your reload time faster with gun rammer?

  49. the real question ist, do they actually fix those fucking weakspots? because those fuck you up and the rest could almost stay the same

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