► 9.20 – German Tanks – MAUS Rebalance – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Update Preview, Tank Rebalance. Gameplay , Epic Battle. , Tier 10 German .

This time I am going to show you some upcoming changes or rebalances to the German tanks with the upcoming patch 9.20… And yes, tier 10 German Super-Heavy tank “ also in this list. Maus going to get quite a few nerfs to it’s survivability, DPM and armor.
This is going to focus on balancing or rebalancing some of the older tanks and WG is also going to rework some of the lines or tanks – tank destroyers and medium tanks (Bat.-Chatillon 25T) for example.

What do you think?

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  1. Little retarded players raging over Maus nerf lol

  2. Maus was a bit overpowered and I play it regularly, but making it so the armor on the lower sides is 50? Goodbye maus being effective again.

  3. RIP maus. Germany weeps.

  4. thats better actually. i was playing with t25 pilot no.1 and even with gold i couldn’t pen mause side . they need really to buff is7 and e100 i have no idea why they ignoring is7 its almost now weaker tier 10 heavy tanks except turret

  5. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Why WG is changing the stats of the tanks? They are taking nothing historical accurate into account! If you want to balance the game, take historical stats and information from the tanks that existed, patch these tanks corectly and then, buff or nerf other tanks based on this information. Don’t buff them on player requests or popularity, cause this is going to cause other problems with the game… Same thing happened with Type 5 heavy. Before, it was a normal tier X heavy tank, but now is one of the most over powered tanks in the game at tier X, and fighing against it is a nightmare, if you are not using gold ammo. #TakeHistoryIntoAccount!

  6. wow that guy in the background should just stock full APCR and not pretend like he fires any AP ever. lazy scrub

  7. Centurions need 400mm effective turret armor, all 360 degrees

  8. Kraftsman Sheng


  9. I think the nerf of bottom tank means u can shoot he shells to the ground under maus and splash its bottom and cause damage

  10. Yes Dez and if that Maus hadnt been there they would have walked all over that team in a very short amount of time, by the way did a quick check of the servers for tier 10’s Maus was only top for winrate on Asia with 56.3 the other 2 it was 4th and 5th NA 57.03 and EU 55.17 russian server low battle numbers and it was 51.62

  11. Finally some balance for OP Maus…now what about Type 5 heavy?

  12. your accent sucks

  13. wow first Retards who dont know how to drive Maus bitching now Retards who don,t know how to kill Maus bitching but 50mm idiots at WG why not make a giant arrow that points to the weakpoints ???? ok maby make the front weakpoint a bit smaler ??? better Nerf irelia

  14. sigh, is bitching the only thing people are good at? Maus is my favorite tank in the game, and it has been since long before it got buffed. Now I do think that buffs were necessary, but not THAT much buffing. The increase in frontal turret thickness and lower plate I was cool with. even the gun handling I liked because the dispersion while moving was one of its strong points already. The lower side armor should be closer to 100mm I think, makes it not as easy to damage it while its angling though the drivewheel, but still weak enough to punish the maus if it angles poorly or if you catch its side. And the dpm buff was just stupid. yes its dpm was bad, yes its alpha was not as impressive as some other heavies but that is why it has so much armor and health. it kills you slowly but you kill it even slower. Anyways, enough of that. I like jagdtiger 88 buff, the speed killed that thing.

  15. Jamie Mccartney

    RIP Maus…i didn’t like the dpm increase, but it should be a fortress. 250 to 50mm lol (i don’t have maus) 🙂

  16. the ultimate maus buff. ..was the arty changes


  18. SGT Morningwood

    Haha so fucking boring gamplay xD

    Typical wot gameplay…..l

  19. Just after I wrote that comment had a game where the opposition had 2 Maus tanks(not platooned) and we had none, did they win, not a chance we won by 5 tanks, but they should have with those op tanks

  20. is it true they will buff obj140?

  21. Bottom of the hull= the belly. Lower side of the hull= area behind the tracks. WG and translation fails go hand in hand so who knows what the fuck they actually mean by the bottom of the hull. By the looks of it “press 2 to outplay Maus” is here to stay.

  22. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    i guess they dont care about na. after 9.18 i pretty much stopped playing and if i do play theres barley anyone anymore. also why i dont watch replays anymore. people suck with there 2 key crap. but many people loved having unlimited consumables. people dont like to gain skill by themselves. they want ot compensate for it. i have mad respect when i see people that are good and dont use prem.

  23. Mihai Daniel Danis

    bottom armor refers to the armor beneath the tank, which at this moment is 100 mm in the front of the tank (20% of the length) an 250 mm in the back of the tank (80% of the length), … maybe will be more vulnerable to high caliber high explosive shots received.

  24. Pepperoni Anzio

    If they don’t nerf TOG then is everything okay.

  25. fucking buff the pzkpf7!! the tank uses lowe’s turret but has a glaring weakspot on its turret mantlet! its the same turret! but weaker….. wtf???

  26. the bottom armour is just the underplate, It is nerfed so type 5 heavy players can just shoot under the maus with gold HE rounds and splash through them for 1000 damage like they already do with a lot of other tanks.

  27. Dez it doesn’t mean you can track maus and dmg it too. It means for example if you shoot HE with jägeroo to the ground below maus, it will do damage (maybe pretty heavy dmg)!

  28. Tor-Henrik Rydningen

    Classic Wargaming… Too far forward, and then too far back. I completely agree that it was way too OP, and I loved playing my MAUS for a time, but it was too much. But here we go again. I guess we won’t know untill we see it in actual games..but I fear this might be a bit too far back.

  29. What i just recognized about Dezgames videos… Its like 10 minutes of repeating bullshit, or talking about stuff he already covered in different videos and 2 Minutes of effective new Information. Thats So cheap dude.

  30. Scroll down for the largest salt mine in the WoT community.

  31. 1. 5% boost in win rate, Maus clearly nerfed
    2 Took 5 minutes to get to your point, and even that sounded like WarGaming Propaganda

    Please be more transparent

  32. an ather french T10 TD or will Foch 155 be removed?

  33. I am so happy I learned my lesson from the Grille nerf (which was nerfed to oblivion just after I spent a lot of gold to get to WT Auf). Was considering using gold to get to Maus quicker but figured (correctly, it seems) that it too was going to get nerfed anyway… Spending gold to skip to Tier X just is pointless with such nerfs.

  34. I love how the guy fucking fired skill rounds entirely until he ran out pro tip load more skill….

  35. Joonas Kaukoranta

    Nice. Buffing underpowered premium tanks so they would sell again. I wonder will IS-6 get a buff also to be competetive at least against tier 8 tanks. Naah, i don’t think so, because they are not selling the tank any more.

  36. after my premium account expires….I’m done with WoT.
    Buff nerf buff nerf then sell you tanks that require gold round usage to be effective. I play to have fun, but WoT removes the fun. You grind to get a popular tank it get’s nerfed, now your gaming expirence is changed and disapointing…but hell buy a premium…and another..and another. Hey WG..change you name to “Bias Russian Tanks and Others”

  37. John von Shepard

    Still no IS 7 buff? damn it!

  38. I wasn’t really a fan of the strength of the Maus, however it didn’t need a reload speed nerf, perhaps the hp nerf is for the best.

  39. Danijel Slunjski

    shorten you intro. you videos are booring because of it

  40. When I thay going to baff e5 its shit its so easy now to be pend because 2 big stupid weakcpots :/ And when are they going to rebalance calibre of gun whit damage of that gun whit all tier in this game…because now it’s totaly not fer for tier VIII haveys whit 105 mm guns to do 320 where tier X medium tank whit 105 mm deals 390 and it hase faster rate of fire..

  41. In my opinion the E100 should get buffed as well. Its turret is too weak for a t10 super heavy. The lower plate and the bar on its roof are enough weakspots. The Type 5 doesnt even have a weakspot…

  42. They need to buff tiger 2

  43. CombatSteve2017

    Enjoy your weekend

  44. pc 1 c weights 8 tons
    elc 7’5 tons
    why is elc Slow era?
    they have same engine power and weights about the Same!
    why elc is slower at 50kph when pc1c (heavier) can get up to 79kph!

  45. Well fuck… I never got to play the E5 as OP and now I won’t get the Maus as OP.

  46. That’s right WG, just nerf the DPM, next patch the maus will have together with the pzvii the stittiest DPM of all the tier X heavies. The armor was already wortheless because everybody spams gold in tier X. Together with the crap speed we are getting the same crap tank that we had before the buff.

  47. stabilisedchaos

    Time to finish off the grind for the Type 5 heavy…

  48. j88 …. ofc buff after i trade it .

  49. Rastislav Škrabák

    man please… start talking about topic of video sooner … this was horrible

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