► 9.20 – NEW BAT.-CHATILLON 25T ? – FRENCH MEDIUM REWORK – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Update Preview, Rework/Rebalance. Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay , Epic Battle. World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25t, Tier 10 French .

So, my long-waited HD-quality Bat.-Chatillon 25t over here and I am not sure how I feel about it… That new HD model + reworked Bat.-Chat itself, damn… I am not the biggest fan! 🙁

What do you think?

► Player: LLLDeadpool



  1. I am not very sure if I like what they are doing to my much loved Bat.-Man… Seems like it is going to be Robin after 9.20… ?
    That new penetration… And premium round penetration… Where is my puke emoticon?
    What you think? About other changes as well?

  2. they should nerf the french tanks, all of them, they are too good, armor and damage wise all over, all of them are too OP at the moment.

  3. I hope they stop fucking up this game , after 6 years I’m taking a year break from the game , it’s been a while so when the new HD maps are in I might pop back over, the constant premium tanks are pissing me off, just the way they do it , I’d happily pay for new camos and cosmetics to make me look better, but the ranked battles what I hard is utter bullshit with better equipment….

  4. Thank God I left the game aftergetting fed up during the the whole chrysler p2w shit.
    WG keeps shitting on their wot players with every. single. patch.

  5. Matthew dont need this

    30b bat chat i have both and this will ruin both of them nerfing the pen which is already low for 105mm. dropping the alpha damage??? what the heck wargaming??? this is just stupid i believe a good balance for changing gun stats on most tanks 100mm 320 alpha damage, 105mm 350 alpha damage, 120mm 400 alpha damage,
    122mm 420 alpha damage,
    130mm 460 alpha damage, then give reasonable reloads and dont drop the fricken medium tank pen unless every medium gets hit with a similar nerf.

  6. Bat has only been balanced, im sure it will still be great after that patch.
    The tryharders tank of choice will still be the op obj 907.

  7. I am not happy at all…

  8. bat chat ‘nerf’ seems to be there last straw from WG vs the old-good-times players.

  9. what about ammo capacity? with a ~25% reduction in alpha its potential damage will be even worse

  10. This video makes me wanna fuck people over just for nerfing it

  11. It definitely gets nerft 🙁 that sucks after hard grind

  12. Why the fuck do they lower the base pen while buffing the armor and introducing more heavy tanks?
    New BC25T will have issues penetrating obj907 frontally, do you fucking hear this WG?
    Devs decisions are getting weirder and more ridiculous than ever…

  13. I stop wot its over guys

  14. When the Bat-Chat’s prem pen is only 8 more than the E 50M’s standard.

  15. Shorter aiming time so you don’t have to be exposed to the enemy??? wouldn’t it be longer exposed because of the 6th round???

  16. I think it is a neft and I’m glad I got out of world of tanks PC when I did. You Guys should boycott World Of Tanks just get everyone to gather and pick a day to not play don’t nerf the bat.-chat :/

  17. Mokhtar Kamelbek

    25T is Fucked! Fucking WG. as for the HD mode?it’s a joke.

  18. They need to buff the Tier 8 and Tier 7 French light tanks

  19. We need HD models of Japanese type 61 and stb 1 as soon as possible.

  20. Alexandros Papadiwths

    They are nerfing 1 of my best meds, I don’t have a tier 10 but I’m gonna have 1 in few days.
    I have played with Bc in my aunts account, with Foch 155, E100,etc…

    Now that Bc is gonna get a HD model is gonna get that USELESS NERF. Now only 2 Tier 10 tanks aren’t in HD the FV215b and the STB-1 I hope that are not going to get nerfed

  21. I didn’t use premium ammo on my 25t anyway so I do not feel pain there…

  22. So they wanted to make AMX 30B different from the Leopard 1, so they made it more like STB-1? Seems legit

  23. This is going to hit CW and esports hard

  24. WG should just keep the aimtime increase and get rid of everything else

  25. About time they nerfed that op tank. I rarely bounced a shot from that tank. No matter which tank I was in.

  26. The batchat after the update: LOOK AT ME!! IM BIG GUY AND IM STRONG!!….. accually he has a small pen*s.

  27. Im giving like to the video, not to the changes…

  28. Just get the AMX 30 and it gets a pen nerf???? Why wg it’s what made it a cut above other meds and now make the maus and type 5 heavy harder to pen. Which means more money on gold. Great.

  29. I rly dont like this. Just got to tier7 light going on BC and now im thnking to go other line light or other medium 😛 M8be that is what they want every body is playing them 😛

  30. Bat Chat is absolutely fine the way it is. Doesnt need to be changed just for the hell of it. Its quiet balanced already.

  31. I’ve never had any problems facing bat chats, I think they shouldn’t of nerfed it. I think if anything, they should of gave it more alpha

  32. le forestier damien

    Fun fact, when i started the game, 5 year ago, french tank had some of the best gun, with good penertation. HAD … rip french, playing tier 9 with former elc amx gun as stock gun and now they decided that top gun should also suck…

  33. what have they done ??that is nonsense. I mean it will be way worst than now, way worst than the other T10 mediums, forgive about a competitive BC 25T , let’s all play russian mediums that never have been nerfed for example …

  34. 247 pen?
    that has to be a joke

  35. if they gonna rework the b-c 25 t this way,the amx 13 105 will be useless

  36. tbh i think bat should get 320 dmg

  37. Well, I think that the BatChat deserved a rework( nerf) just as much as it needed some improvements.
    ON: So they decided to somehow change the gun( but not so much because the sixth 300 alpha kinda of compensates the 90 alpha damage difference of 3 old shells, so this is not such a bad thing). Second, they brutalized the heat so so much. I think that they should let it at 300-290 instead of 270ish because now it cannot 100% pen the side of a type 5 heavy. Third, they didn’t touched the AMMUNITION CAPACITY. The most important thing that players struggle from the beginning of the world. They should increase the amount because u cannot carry games if u miss, bounce or dip in the ground a few shells. That’s what makes BatChat so passive and boring in the beginning.
    OFF: If the IS3 would’ve been paying any attention he would’ve focused BatChat and he would’ve killed him in two shots so yeah. Nice decisions
    LE. Another OFF: From what I see the game develops in a wrong way. I think this is the seventh or the eight patch in a row where they focus putting armor on tanks. So the game came at a simple logic: the heavies focus mediums, mediums focus lights, lights focus td, td focus mediums, spg focus td and lights. But the heavies are not focused anymore. Arty completely has no power against them( we all know when an arty shoots a maus or a type 5 they do only like 50 to 200 damage so why they wouldn’t focus a medium or light where they can do more damage that becomes more substantially more credits and exp), light tanks had their guns and view ranges nerfed so that they do not compete with a true medium but the mediums have now their penetrations lowered on all types of guns and shells. Only td’s can deal somehow it a heavy, but if a td is spotted by that heavy is gg for him if the “big boy” has an arty to watch for him from the sky

  38. Nathaniel Johnson

    Wargaming just wants to ruin all the French tanks ?

  39. that fucking joking… t10 med with t9 gun…. fucking WG


    The crippling of the BC 25t breaks my heart TBH. Its a very average performing tank compared to other tier Xs. Giving it a tier 8 gun just seems absurd for a tank that has a global WR of 50.2% and global DPG of barely 2K. Its getting alpha, pen , DPG, and burst nerfed but its keeping the trash gun handling and accuracy? SMH @ Maus 56% WR but BC gets hammered.

  41. I love what they are doing to the bat chat, it will make players require more skill to play it now instead of 390 dmg and crazy heat pen that you can aim anywhere….

  42. So WG is making a medium more like a light tank, and yet not making the actual light tanks even light tanks….

  43. wargaming can suck my dick…with each patch im closer to quitting this game….they keep making it more and more broken

  44. BOOO to this nerf. Looks like I’ll be rolling my Tier 10 Czech instead now

  45. Tom's Game Replays

    Hi Dez can you do a video of the typical gold noob or something like you did with the typical arty player:)

  46. omg, why are they doing it?

  47. This could have been “ok” whitout superheavies buffed.
    Rebalance only the batchat, it’s like rebalance all LT and let premiums unchanged.

  48. killed it…… why do they kill the most fun tank in game.

  49. Its really just time to quit this game now…

  50. Graham Montgomey

    Really WG WTF? 278 pen on gold rounds in a tank that seriously needs to pen every shot? You basically have no chance in hell of penetrating a maus or type 5 now. Yeah BC is what really needed a nerf lol. glad i didn’t go down that line

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