► 9.20 – Russian Tanks Rebalanced – IS-7 BUFFED + More! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Update Preview, Soviet Russia Rebalance/Rework. . World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

In today’s “World of Tanks News” episode I am going to focus on the changes in the World of Tanks 9.20 Supertest server and this time let’s talk about Soviet tanks. The Legendary is finally seeing some love, same goes to the Object 140, , and to some other tanks as well. Are these “tunes” going to be enough or is it too much?

What do you think?

► Players on the background:
IS-7: kenshin42
Object 140: Drunk_and_Furious



  1. i want a T72 prototype premium tank

  2. The change’s to the 140 and T-54…I have no words. As if those fucking tanks were not already some of the most powerful at their tiers these changes are just fucking retarded. If these go through I want my T110E5, M48 and T57 un-nerfed. Typical of WGing to just overbuff anything Russian because “LOL VODKA”

  3. Илиан Авджийски

    the only good thing in isu-152 is the gun,he is HUGE,FAT,JUICY,MEGA SLOW,NO ARMOR.that why i tired being killed imediatly after i am being spoted and with 90k exp i sold the tank.i gave up.this line need armor like jgpz e100 line or you have just one gun,that it,but whenev i have 1000 hp i dont scared of isu or obj 704 they hit me once and i kill them with almost everything,every shot in

  4. It’s all a joke now. You cannot rely on war gaming to do the right things. What is changed today will be changed again tomorrow

  5. Good vid Dez. I wrote what I think of this supertest for now :
    1) Why do you still complain about the IS-7 ? It’s gonna be faster than the WZ and 113 and it’s already way better armored. Of course the gun is not that good, thios is called balancing.
    1,5) What about IS-4 ?!?!
    2) Lol let’s talk about the 288 pene of the UDES 03
    3)Wtf Obj 140 is already the best tier 10 russian med. Why didn’t they do the same with the 430’s turret ?!?!
    4) Yeah that’s legit, but it’s will change the Obj 430 II’s guns as well and that’s a problem
    I wish these are not the only changes for the russians, cause for now it looks like they changed the most played tank, like wg is saying “stfu stop crying and eat those buffs you asked for”. *There are some russians tanks that no one plays because they suck and they only buff the most played ones. wtf*

  6. and everybody cried about the e5.

  7. the is 7 needed faster aiming at max. its allready fast has Incredible armor. they basically make every tank op

  8. Great, all the OP soviet tanks are just gonna become even more OP now, great, T-54 does NOT need an armor buff, the turret SHOULD be penetrable by tier 10 tanks so its balanced in tier 10 games, the Obj 140 doesn’t need an armor roof buff, it need a weakpoint on it to be more balanced if its against tier 8 tanks so they have a chance, and the T-44 doesn’t need such a significant armor buff to almost 200 mm, maybe up to 150 mm at most seems more reasonable, and if theyre gonna buff the 122 on the T-44, they might aswell buff the 122 on the tier 8 Chinese medium tank aswell so its more competitive against it.

  9. For the IS7 all they need to do is buff some gun handling and premium shells pen, maybe some DPM that’s it, the speed is enough for the armor.

  10. Too bad Wargaming nerf everything?????

  11. so basically in todays world of tank news wargaming are showing themselves to be money hungry assholes by making it impossible to pen tanks without hitting that 2 key the only thing they are doing is trying to rinse the game for all its worth as its starting to decline

  12. Serban Petrescu

    What about an IS4 buff? The IS4 needs a faster reload or a damage buff.

  13. And my T55A still cries in the garage cuz his so called “brother” gets armor buffs but he doesnt…

  14. Finally a much needed buff to is7

  15. Thats not enough for IS-7

  16. Fuck Wargaming

  17. Where is the Kv5 buff…

  18. why would they take away the one thing the t62 is significantly better at than the 140 but not buff the t62 ‘s topspeed or depression. most people already prefer the 140 and the turret is the way wg themselves said the drawbacks of the t62 are justified. as a t62 driver I’m mad.

  19. IS-7 should get a better DPM too, a bit more damage like 510-520 and a little bit of reaload time to get somewhere like 2300-2350 dpm, or instead of the damage buff a accuracy buff
    But I am thankful with the buffs we have now too

  20. Perfect example of power creep.

  21. Well hello, I think every time World of tanks modifies by buff or removing buffs they should compensate the player for their changes which effect how you normally operate the tank in play. Less penetration should equal cost to unlock & buy gun and as far as it goes for more penetration equal zero due to how long they have taken to make older tanks more competitive

  22. What about the T55A…? It has the same turret armor as T54… but it doesn’t get a buff too..

  23. I hope to see t62a buff, it’s officially the worst tier x Russian med, it used to be known for its turret armour but now the obj 140 is better in almost every aspect, the obj 430 has better hull armour and dpm, and the t22 is op

  24. When Serb wants a higher win rate

  25. i played like 700 games in the ISU because of the BL-10… I guess I’ll have to derp in something else now at higher tiers…

  26. this makes me want to get to the is 7 even sooner

  27. Finally… FINALLY! The 268 buff is here! perhaps the +12/-12 gun arc will negate the issues with horrible dispersion while moving. And while 950 m/s isn’t amazing, I think it’s a fantastic buff, since the BL-10 on the ISU-152 and the Object 704 has 880 m/s velocity, and nobody complains about that

  28. I laugh at all the people who play other nations xD. Russia is the only nation you should play in the game. All other nations suck compared to the Russian line because they’ll always get buffs and be preferred by WG staff. Play smart and only play Russian tanks if you know what’s good for you.

  29. I love how you inform us about all this stuff but it would be great if yo did it with your moto bike in the background showing us around the beautiful Tallinn Estonia

  30. Justin justintheman

    the is u isnt even that op

  31. are they going to buff American and British tanks

  32. WG we dont want hp buff and aim buff we want penetration buff I mean seriously? The T-10’s gun is better! And we also need armor buff cus Is7 armor is just trash now

  33. for the ISU its not a nerf but is a buff

  34. Leonhard Pfneisl

    they should buff 430 instead of 140

  35. how about buffing IS-7’s lower plate armor that is has in the normal angle 255mm potential armor? then a lot of tanks still can pen it, but some, like E-100, couldnt. and if the lower plate gets angled, the cheeks will be the weak spots

  36. Maruzzo Non esistente

    russian game=buff russian tanks

  37. There goes my hope that they may buff t54mod1 just a bit (some mobility would be nice)

  38. Hey Dez! IS-7 should also get some pen buff!

  39. Once upon a time (2014 and before) tanks were balanced around their historical characteristics. Now its shit.

  40. Wally Heisenberg

    Let me translate into real world what the Shit throwing Monkeys from WG’s balancing department are doing:

    IS7- nice improvement on HP and on Aim…and let’s give it more Horse power/t than tier X mediums,let’s give it the same as 50B

    ISU- Let’s nerf the pen of the gun cause it’s too good…..but lets leave the UDES and STRV S1 pen at 303, cause totally not “very effective”

    Obj 140- You know guys, i feel that this tank is not heavy-tank enough, let’s remove a weak spot from a medium with very good armor, monster dpm and ability to go holddown…..Balance Herp Derp!

    T54- guys, this tank’s turret cant take Gold ammo….let’s buff it out of existence…..ohh and let’s make one gun completely useless now, so people dont have a hard time which too choose

    T44- Actually this one the balanced well. Good job on this one, the turret was really bad.

  41. Moreover it was always the stpry T62A is all about turret armor and Obj 140 is about mobility, now Obj is just better.

  42. Bjarne Schuemann

    I also hope that the pen. on the standart round is getting buffed to 260 at least

  43. no changes to the t54 mod1?

  44. wtf….wargaming …why not remove all tanks and just leave Russian … more changes more Bullshits….

  45. I was exited because of the title, as I have the IS-7, and, like EVERYONE else, felt it needed a buff… but no buff to the abysmal DPM?!?!?!? WHY WARGAMING? D:
    The other buffs are nice (the new hp/t is awesome), but the one thing that everyone has always wanted is some actual DPM. The new Chinese heavy has the same gun but 500 better DPM… 🙁

  46. I don’t agree with alot of these changes. IS-7 doesn’t need better mobility, they just need to make it less likely to ammo rack. ISU I don’t know or have it. T-44 didnt need anything BC it’s fast and turret sides bounces enough to trick players, the t-44-100 isn’t as strong but it gets working side skirts. you can have it all guys. these changes make all the tanks look and act the same way instead of learning a new play style. T-54 didn’t need any love! that tanks got all the right junk in all the right places.

  47. Vladimir VojtaML

    Wargaming “Balancing” team picked up the crackpipe yet again…

  48. Why IS7 need DPM???You have good armor and 59Km max speed..
    ISU need lower reload or aim time too if have worst gun.

  49. no is-6/kv-5 pen buff?
    no defender/chrysler nerf?

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