► 9.20 – USA and Chinese Mediums – TYPE 59 BUFF! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Preview, USA and Rebalance/Rework. World of Tanks Gameplay .

► Information:
– https://thedailybounce.net/2017/07/11/supertes-9-20-changes-to--medium-tanks/
– https://thedailybounce.net/2017/07/13/supertest-9-20-chinese-premium-medium-tanks-changes/

I am back with some more news from the future and today, I will be talking about changes to the USA medium tanks (M48 Patton and ) and to the Chinese premium medium tanks (59-Patton, -3, Type 59). Finally, this legendary Chinese premium medium tank “Type 59” going to be buffed, together with much needed turret upgrades on USA mediums… But let’s take a look at all of the changes in the video.

What do you think?

► Player on the background:
Type 59: _XILARIK_



  1. What about GUN buff for KV-5, IS6, 112, and Super Pershing?

  2. Bosnian Challenges

    what about the buff that T-54 mod.1 needs???

  3. I remember when the type 59 was OP as all get out. Every battle that had 3 or more on a team and they would wolf pack the shit out of everyone. Sooo many people were salty as shit. Every single battle chat would consist of people cry about how the type 59 ruined the game. ahh the good old days.

  4. TheUnoriginalGamer

    when is this update coming out

  5. i think buffing the american medium tanks was too much of it. yeah maybe it was kinda anoying getting penetrated the whole time but it had its strength… compare it to the leopard. both have good gun handling, but leo doesnt have any armor but patton does.
    So by buffing this very good tank you shoul take some already good things away. maybe the gun depression could be lowerd od so.
    its just kinda like the Maus buff. a little too much for it.
    sry for bad english, greetings out of germany

  6. this is needed the turret is obsolete compared to other meds

  7. i was going up to get bat chat, but they switched the lines up, i was so mad 🙁

  8. 1 like= removal of 1 arty

  9. did they ever buff the AMX 30b?

  10. No buffs for my beloved T54E1…
    I am very disappointed.

  11. looks like I’ll pick up the T-34-3 if it gets the armor upgrade. Cool news

  12. If they’re giving the Patton the newer turret, can they please make the Leopard 1 the Leopard 1A3. Then the tank would actually be a bit competitive.

  13. it would be nice to have a few small buffs to the Chinese type 62 light tank. as historically its closer to the 132 than the 131….

  14. but 181 pen on typ59 🙁

  15. Fuck this supertest, they want to take away the bl10 from the isu

  16. They should just bring the type 59 back to the premium shop already, its outclassed by so many of the newer tier 8 prem tanks and with the “gold” spamming its armor is irrelevant comparatively.


  18. Great video again Dez, you bring us news I dont see anywhere else. American mediums, I only have the tier 8 right now, but I know the tier 10 needed the buff, your right, anytime you see it in game, the commanders turret was a big shoot me here and pen me, which makes no sense on a tier 10 medium tank. As for the chinses premium tanks, that all good news and long over due, I dont have the 59Patton, but I know from seeing it in game its pretty medorce, 212 pen is about the common average pen for tier 8 mediums, and the T-34-3, I have,  yes why would it not have the same armor values as the Type 59? And the Type 59 I dont have, but the gun is the same as the T-34-2 with only 181 pen, thats just pathetic at tier 8, no wonder most of them spam gold, at least the gun handling should be better for sure.

  19. finally my type 59 piece of shit is getting buffed
    2.9seconds aim time to 2.3? lol
    i guess the fuckers in WG finally realized how shit this gun is, after the buff it still has no dpm or penetration, of course it doesn’t meet tier 10
    would actually consider coming back to wot just for the new 59

  20. T20 shit

  21. They really want to get rid of weakspots and increase the amount of premium rounds flowing. I don’t like it

  22. Lol Dez you watch Taras as well? “Welcome back to my Workshop everybody, Where safety is number 1 priority!”

  23. Type 59 was completely overpowered when it first came out on Console, it could go head on with a tier VIII heavy tank and win the most amount of times.

  24. If they are buffing the M48 so heavily WG better also buff my precious Jesus tank. The M60 was already worse than the M48 and the buff will basically make playing the M60 pointless.

  25. 59 patton is pure trash it needs more than a pen boost

  26. Frederick Schulze

    Too much for the patton. The cent ax has the turret armor and accurwcy. The patton has the dpm and stabilization.

  27. WG need to buff FV4202 p aim time aswell…

  28. So T3-4-3 is buff ………………….T-34-2@@

  29. What I don’t like is that now my M60 will be hardly distinctable from the t10 US medium, whatever it will be called.
    I do not think that hard earned premiums shoould get such a visual nerf.

    Apart from the fact, naturally, that with this buff my M60 will be the next Type59, i.e. it is already left behind by armour and turret a lot, but now it will suffer even more from it.

    And this is what makes identical for me the Type59 and the M60 – both are left behind premiums, earned not by money but by skill.
    WG should appreciate us more than this.

  30. Scott Reinemeyer

    Oh your sexy deep barytone voice keeps me coming back.

  31. Zerobladetion Wot

    T-34-3 Armor buff that great it can brah more !! wow!!!

  32. yeah, WG hate Germans

  33. “…can see T10s with 190mm of pen…” yeahh must be sooo bad I mean I couldn’t imagine how that must feel… T32… 198mm of pen on AP… yeah not that freaking awesome either.

  34. Before I clicked on this Video. My minds was set on: “How is WG going Fuck Over the USA tanks again?” After the video I see they gave the mediums nice pat on the head while jerking off there frontal haul armor effectiveness like an Russian church minister.

  35. Tiger II approves all the buffs.

  36. So far, this is the best set of buffs yet. The M48 really does need the better turret armor. And YESSSSSS! Type 59 most definitely needed this gun handling buff.

  37. Juicy_Tender_Steak

    this change has been done to the Patton on Blitz long way ago…its op AF now

  38. So my Obj 140, M48 Patton, and T-34-3 is all getting buffs on patch 9.20?! Sweet!!! This will be a patch that I won’t actually be pissed off about. The M48 needed a better turret. Everything pens it from tier 8 and up. The T-34-3 aim time buff will be amazing. And the Obj 140 turret buff will just make it a T62A with more gun depression. lol

  39. I love the US med line already, M48 is my fav med tank, so i welcome these buffs. will make it even more enjoyable.

  40. All those changes for china tanks were desperately needed. Take a moment and think about what happened in this game since Type 59 – once so much OP – is now in such a need for buff.
    I blame unbalanced premium tanks and inability of WG to learn on mistakes.
    Again instead few small between-patch adjustments they do huge one. And they cannot take it back with premiums (Defender = IS7-alpha version, this tank ruins MM when on 3-5-7 and on top – almost amoeba can bounce then 3k and do 4shots/1760dmg)
    I would really like WG to stop making premium tanks and instead introduce option to give any tank “premium” status for a fixed amount of time. Everyone could drive tank they like then, buffing/nerfing/balancing would be possible, and money would still flow.

  41. Stijn Van Der Donk

    why do they not putt new m48 patton turret on 59 patton?

  42. so they want to buff tier 8 premium tanks’ pen to 210 while nerfing tier 10 to 240 (amx 30B)
    how does this make sense? irl amx 30’s gun could go straight through almost anything, it was lethal to T-54s no matter the angle, but no, now they buff soviet armor again and they nerf french pen again

  43. *cough* T54E1 *cough*

  44. Mohammad Al Khaled

    this not entirely good news for the patton nerfing the hull armor will make light tanks contest you frontly which is bad for my playstyle i think only changing the shape of the commander hatch is enough without any armor buff

  45. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    im neither a lady or gent. i legally had my gender changed to e25…………………………………….. just noticed your twitch link do you got certain days or times? and if so either you or someone post time and day? time can be either your timezone or US i can use google o figure what time he will be live during my time.

  46. Why Patton need buff?? great wiew range,great gun+dpm and now much more stronger tower…
    Now T34-3 with better armor is better than Type 59?

  47. good job again wg… buff the tank which cannot buy any more…wow…congrats… when will be buffed the t54mod1???? now that tank is a piece of shit.

  48. rip t-34-2….

  49. Jaylin The LaxBro

    omg i love my 48 patton now, now its gonna be even more lovely

  50. Christian WAGNER

    Just buff lights

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