► 9.21 Release, T-44 Lightweight, HD Maps and More! – World of Tanks 9.21+ Update News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update – New Tanks, New Maps, Release Date. World of Tanks T-44 LightWeight, New Upcoming Tier 8 Premium Light Tank.

In my final news episode before my little vacation trip I am going to cover many different topics – Patch 9.21 update release date, 268 Version 4, T-44 Lightweight, maps and more!

Hopefully you enjoy the episode! 🙂


  1. couldnt put that girl in kitchen so into lol tracktor it went ?

  2. have a nice vacation 🙂

  3. So the T-44 light is better than the regular T-44? -_-

  4. I think the OBj 263 is smoke and mirror sham. WG have been removing tier 10’s as a way to make more $, nothing more, no real good reason otherwise. Many people are using gold to convert free xp to get tanks that become “special.” Its a creative way of not doing anymore (than the astronomical amount) of tier 8 premium tanks but still making more moola. The 263 will stay as a 10, WG will pretend they listened to everyone and then they will maximize the amount of gold free xp conversions because people only thought it was going to be moved downward and did not start to grind it sooner so need even more free xp. War Gaming will be renamed to “World Of Sneaks!”

  5. Safe travels Dez. Have fun.

  6. I have *G U L A G*

    For people who dare to make more tier 8 premium tank

  7. happy vacation dez.

  8. Patrick Op den Kamp

    Have a Nice holiday Ship….

    Maybe sent wg also a note about changing the obj 430 to tier 9 to…. grinded a shitload of xp to just see my tank demoted from x to 9

    Enjoy the vacation 😉

  9. background gameplay is ‘just’ a casual 12k dmg 😉

  10. Only problem is…

    These supertesters were also the supertesters that said the Defender wasn’t a very good tank, on which WG based the decision to release it.

    such a shame that there are some huge noobs between these supertesters, because that is why this retarded change to the 263 line is being discussed.

  11. New HD maps look amazing gj WG ??


  13. Enjoy the break man. get some rest and have some fun!

  14. would be good to make the Chinese type 62 a tier 8, it stated at 6 now 7 why not 8 ?

  15. Anyone else notice the kill on the E3? He wasn’t highlighting the E3 and the auto aim locked on. Isn’t that mod illegal now? Just saying.

  16. What an awesome episode again! You really really good in your opinions, in your videos ect. Just keep it going ??????

  17. Again,new Russian 8 tier premium tank…big surprise:)

  18. They should nerf everything about that obj263,its armor is too op reload is op accuracy is op,lower plate is op,super structure is op,weak spot on the front is also op

  19. Hey Dez could you give your set up on the Death Star, maybe a video on it or can you comment on this

  20. I really like the HD maps, but please do not take away the Obj 263. It’s so unique. That’s why I like it so much.

  21. asia will receive it a week after RU 🙁

  22. So SEA will get it the week after. Thats the norm for us.

  23. Graphics are still not on par with the console versions but it’s getting there.

  24. Wargaming won’t ever listen to the community no matter how much you ask, as much as we want something Wargaming will unfortunately ignore us. Look at the Chieftain!

  25. DezGamez man you are the best… Respect

  26. T-44 Ltwt…… more evidence that no nation may have a better premium tank than RUSHA!

  27. The HD maps are not going to change jack. We need actual new maps and no more freaking city bs.

  28. HD maps instead of balancing premiums
    Because, WG wants to keep selling OP premiums and earn money
    What does that have to do with the HD maps n shit
    Basicaly, the higher the system requirements, the better PCs can run it
    People with better PCs tend to have more money
    Makes sense?

  29. Commander Serviland

    Good video as always have a great holiday Dez

  30. Save the 263

  31. The release date is the 15th for the other servers you fucktard.

  32. When could you get the girl?

  33. i didnt get it what 3 girls gift from where? what i have to do? any help i dont wanted to missed them too

  34. R U Nutz? 20+ seconds advert that you can’t skip?

  35. I want to keep my SU 122 54 !!! I realy love that tank. PLS WarGaming let us keep that tank 🙁

  36. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Guys, we quit World of Tanks if they remove obj. 263 from tier 10. WG should give us a 3rd tier 10 Soviet TD instead of removing yolo wagon

  37. stay safe Dez

  38. Hey dez, I would like to challenge you to answer a question.  The question is ‘how much does skill matter?’.  To test this theory I would like you to set up a battle between 15 ‘noobs’ (xvm red or orange players) VS. 15 good players (xvm green, blue, purple players) – AND see how much lower tier the higher skill team can still win against the bad players.  So the first battle would be ‘goods’ in tier 9, ‘bads’ in tier 10.  Then, if the goods win, goods in tier 8, bads in tier 10.  Then goods in tier 7, bads in tier 10. Etc Etc.  I would like to see just how much tier advantage the good players can pull off.  I’m betting they can make it to at least tier 7.  Oh, make sure it’s a mix of tanks. (same mix every battle), 1 arty, 1 light, 3 td, 6 medium, 4 heavies (or something like that).  And make sure it’s on a map that has both a little city and a little open fields.

  39. Wrong! We got 1 week late on every update in ASIA Server

  40. Which soundtrack you are using? Sounds so good.

  41. miKo [iTheHacker] a.k.a. Montaello Dynasty

    Hello from Russia 🙂

  42. Alexander Stoyanov

    “We listened to the community’s feedback and decided to still move Object 263 to tier 9 and replace it with the 268 v4”

  43. Brexit LTs ????

  44. The maps look like the console maps hahaha

  45. WHy the fuck are they removing the deathstar if they let people keep them anyway? WG are fucking cunts.

  46. I’m 30k exp from t28. Looks like I’m going to play hd tank now. Yay!

  47. If wg do that on the t-44 lett come the 1357f amd e25 back in the shop about 1day sale

  48. Hey Wargaming, NERF THE LAG.

  49. Now FV4005 II and FV215b 183 both have 20 HESH shells. This will be painful

  50. Have a lovely holiday Dez chill , relax and Stay Awesome 🙂

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