► 9.21 – The Final BIG Update in 2017! – World of Tanks 9.21 Update Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update Preview – FV217 Badger, New French Heavy Tanks and more! 183 & Tortoise Gameplay Review.

Our final big patch of 2017 is slowly, but steadily arriving… World of Tanks patch 9.21 update brings us some new vehicles, new map, changes to the existing vehicles, new HD tanks and more!

French tech tree is going to get another mini-branch to it’s heavy line:
AMX 65 t
Tier 9 AMX M4 MLE. 51
Tier 10 AMX M4 MLE. 54

WarGaming also confirmed that FV215b 183 is going to be replaced by “The Badger”, FV217 Badger is going to replace our much loved Death Star!
If you have 183 in your garage already then do not worry, you are going to keep it as a “Special” vehicle, but if you don’t… Then what are you waiting for? :O

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


  1. FIRST, Notification Squad!
    But guys, if you do not have your 183 already then chop-chop, get back to work! 🙂
    #muchlove and enjoy your weekend, my friends!

    • New stats were released on the FV217 Badger. They changed the frontal armor thickness to 355mm (definitely not all over, but in those thick spots), reduced the top speed to 30 kph, and increased the alpha damage on the gun but made it reload slower (result is about 3550 DPM now on the Badger).

    • So say I grind-out the Death Star – do I get to keep it, or is it replaced by the Badger? I would guess It’s like the recent Foch replacement where you get to keep it, right?

    • Also, the new GB map looks an awful lot like the old map Tundra…

    • Going to unlock my 183 tomorrow! Thanks DEz for the headz up months ago. It has been a long and painful grind…

    • DezGamez that german was not even bad and i mean its pretty damn hard to learn it if its not your own language?

  2. Klondike reminds me of Canals or Copper Mine from Blitz

  3. kristoffer kirkbright

    Hope they dont nerf the gun on the FV4005… nearly got my deathstar, going to convert free xp because cba with AT’s…

  4. New patch? The current patch is not work,,,,and new patch? WG must be crazy

  5. What about Canada

  6. Why are they nerfing the Type 61? That tank is horrible. The tank is just a much less effective Centurion 7/1. There is literally no reason to play the Type 61 since the Centurion 7/1 has better mobility, view range, armor, accuracy, and penetration. I don’t understand why wargaming is going to give the Type 61 an HD model given how much they seem to not want people to play it.

    Edit: I feel like I would if I heard someone tell me that they think the D.W. 2 needs a nerf.

  7. No HD maps ????

    Im so sad 🙁

  8. Great ! Now there is only one single tank left in the game with no HD model

    Amx 40 XDDDDD

  9. My crush blocked me on insta bc I finally told her how I felt. But then Dez uploaded so everything is fine! Just fine! *sniff* I’m fine. *sniff sniff* perfectly… fine. *cries myself to sleep*

  10. Whas the point having e 50m now if obj 430u is over all better?

  11. Yeah Dez that first vid you put out about the 183 going away was great timing thanks man. I had just started the AT-15 and got the 183 a few days ago 🙂 Same thing with the 215B, had just got the Caernavon but was able to make it to the 215B! Nothing like free t10 prems.

  12. Boring Update again ?????????????????????????

  13. Great they secretly are nerfing the ST1
    made the cupola huge

  14. Nope, not a reason to buy a shirt.

  15. ….seems a ‘team’….got a lesson in fluent Tortoise

  16. General Gao's Chicken

    I hope they announce the retirement of the Churchill Gun Carriage so I can watch everybody furiously grind for it.

  17. Honestly guys, if you look at the Conway’s turret compared to the 183’s turret, they look VERY similar. In my opinion, my ideal change to the British TD’s would be to put the 217 Badger in the place of the 183, but put the 183 as another branch off of the Conway. This would solve three problems: one, the grind to get a 183 millimeter by having to go through pokey low alpha guns was HORRIBLE for me, and lots of others, and having the Deathstar after the Challenger, the Charioteer, and the Conway as the grind to the 183 would be better; two, it makes more sense to have the 217 after the Tortoise and lots of people still want the 215b 183; three, and it would give people more variety of playstyle with a 183 millimeter boomstick off of the Conway. Like this comment if you agree!

  18. They had two choices, Badger, or CASTLE. And they picked fucking badger. Fuck wargaming.

  19. Scumbag Dez: Comments on the American Veterans Day, but misses the fact that November 11th every year is Rememberance Day which is recognised in the entire Commonwealth of Countries, including 52 fucking countries. Spastic.

  20. Hi DEZ Gamez can you do “Russian Bias” T-shirt please.

  21. This change makes sense. The obj. 263, on the other hand, is basically this change in reverse. Adding a 750hp alpha gun to a lesser alpha TD line. ??????

  22. Thanks to you, I finally got the fv215 183 🙂

  23. Wow, all 3 of the players who play the Churchil GC are gonna be stoked 😉

  24. I loved the (183) grind 😛 And I played over the Churchill GC to the AT 7 which is a more painful tank to play than AT 8 I think ^^

  25. I love seeing tortoise with my jg pz E 100

  26. Dez you didnt say when the patch drops, did you?

  27. Lol. In the UK November the 11th is called remembrance day its basically the day when the war ended (11/11/1918)

  28. Sándor Ottó Pleskó

    Thx Dez for the early warning of the replacement of fv2015b 183. I started grinding it out after your first video of this topic. Thx to you mate my grinding to the death star wasn’t going to be wasted. I am not a big fan of fast reloading guns especially on turretless td’s no point at all. thx once more. Keep up the good work mate.

  29. Hey Dez! That german vehicle is Awfulpanzer!! It was tier 7 german light tank, you could ram everything..very fast panther, they changed it to SP I C ?

  30. They’ll buff t-34-2 and wz-120 with HD models they said…

  31. Learn more german, i would love it ❤

  32. Worst update ever. I hate that they change the 183. Iam only on the tier 7 and i am not good enough to grind ther tier 10 🙁

  33. Well it looks like I might be spending my 170k free xp soon

  34. In german its: Hergestellt in Deutschland!

  35. And the map province will be added in the game. Awesome!

  36. Nooooo it’s not aufklärungpanzer panther

  37. Aufklärungspanzer…you said it very well btw. It means Spotingtank

  38. Wargaming acting like Dj Khaled, and another tier 10 replacement, and another one, and another one,…

  39. Het DezGamez,
    I have a question. How can you zoom out so far?

  40. I think now the FV4005 is better

  41. Still waiting for the e5 to be buffed or replaced.

  42. Final patch… excluding micro patches… pools are open to how many micro patches… ????

  43. 19 tech tree plus strv s1 is 20 I think… NOT 100% sure

  44. grind to the 183 was much more enjoyable once i started to only play those tanks with fast and brutal rock music in the background ….. makes you forget about the speed.

  45. Dez its armistice day in UK today and remembrance day tomorrow lest we never forget!!

  46. Christopher Tardiff

    From a Marine vet to all our men and women serving….Semper Fi and much love and respect….Iurn_Rat

  47. Starting French heavy tank line grind to tier 6 Arl 44….

  48. They are fucking up 263’s dpm so people spend money on getting the new tank with good dpm . Now tell me this isn’t fucked up

  49. Christopher Simonsen

    So no HD maps in 2017? Dissapointet 🙁

  50. On Console the already is one non autoloading tier 8 Heavy AMX M4 mle 49

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