► 9.22 Release, HD Arctic Region, Italian Nation Stuff, Premiums! – World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

Review – New Tanks and Features. World of Tanks Italian Nation. World of Tanks Patch 9.23+ Update News.

Final warning, patch 9.22 is super close… According to the latest information, you have about 2 more days to finish your grinds and prepare yourself to this update!
I also have some other details about new Italian nation and little preview about HD Region map.


► Background battle: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/replay/68730/williamframpton_e50m_12k_dmg_9_kills_ace_tanker_defeat_allmost_carry

►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Ausf.


  1. Supah late upload today… Or for some of you, it is perfect! 🙂
    Anyway, final warning, 9.22 is really close!
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, time to get back into action.

  2. It’s not penis tank, It’s DIK TENK!!!

  3. Great video Dez! Console has had this for 2 years tho

  4. ehm when did greenbase camp 😀 only when shit ( or “team”) went down hard. seems balanced now and much easier to attack red base

  5. I’m hoping that the Italian crew says “whata mistakea to makea” like Cpt Alfonzo use to say in Allo Allo.

  6. that early artillery burst seems to be rocket arty; nebelwerfer, katusha, calliope 150mm type. Not really game playable since it would be 1 burst per game and then 15 min reload.

  7. OMFG yes dude. Beautiful as fuck, the new HD effects/etc are absolutely amazing.

  8. we console players are still wating for badger update wich is bullshit but they can add premium tanks weekly

  9. Justin justintheman

    any idea what tank comes after the new T-10

  10. Fuck that FV 183 at the end…

  11. Finally artic region looks like…artic

  12. Watching these new HD maps makes me want to go back to this game, but suddenly i remember that every “player” spamms prem ammo like a retard

  13. So you get ducks for Italian MOE? Can you make AMX40 Italian?

  14. Wolf’s great

  15. Bye the way I am a huge fan of the penis tank,having nearly 1000 battles in it,and taking 400 before noticing the huge dick on the front.But it has good pen,good camo,good gun depression

  16. For a moment I thought I would sell all my tanks to get an E50M

  17. Premium Consumable: Mom’s Spaghett

  18. Dez nuts

  19. You guys think tanks are op in wot? Tanks get on shot by everything in WT.

  20. WG needs a slap on the wrist. The Jagdtiger 8.8 was once in the in-game store, they removed it and said they would never sell the tank again, then they put it on sale several times after that, now they are putting the tank back in the in-game store… This is nothing but a sales strategy to make you buy a tank you won’t use just because “it’s the last chance to get it”.

    • Sebastien van Tiggele

      Papai Urso and probably because the only other tier 8 german TD option is the SkOrPion, which is so good they probably only want to sell it for real money.

  21. The first clip looks like WT?

  22. They should have had spaghetti noodles for marks of excellence

  23. What a heart break the background game was going on, oh my, I’ll be so upset if it was me dang it 🙁

  24. i think they will move red base closer to the valley… this base doesnt make sense to be so far because slow HT before they reach the valley they get *** by TDs 🙂

  25. Porto Dio for Italians. And olive oil for food, or tomatoes.

  26. LOL hold on, that was me in the Deathstar in the end (Tankyouverymuch2), killing the E50M! :O just my luck, first time I see myself in a world of tanks video and I’m the heartbreaker… hahaha

  27. Its time to quit and uninstall WoT.

  28. Wait they remove jagdtiger 8,8 cm from ingame shop? Just to put it back in 2 years later?

  29. WG: removing pref mm tanks
    *adds jt88 to the store*


  30. That’s cool and all but when will I finally be able to get my hands on even 90?

  31. so what happens if you own the T-10 & were grinding the T10 to get the IS-7 do you have to go back & grind a whole new tank for that privilege?

  32. Please Dez, don’t eeeeeeeever show as another reply that ends like that ;(

  33. Such a sad battle

  34. Felix Argyles Trap Express

    Meh still looks better on xbox

  35. Do we get the obj 257 if we own the t10

  36. Whaaaat no defender in the ingame store??? Whaaaaaat??!

  37. Pizza m41 Pasta

  38. What does you think about obj 777?

  39. The italian crew voices will be fantastic “Mama mia senza penetrazione!” also you will never lose with Italian tanks, they will switch to the victory team at the end of the battle eheh
    Jokes aside, I’m looking foward to the Italian techtree.

  40. Lmao that E 50 M’s username was “WilliamFrampton”

  41. Whahahha that cokblock at the and of the battle

  42. wow this e50 is really in berserk action

  43. How does he change the post game win/loss picture to the women? I gotta know how..

  44. tanks from holland no ration but have it replaced by edm mix

  45. What about the FCM 50t on the web Prem Shop ?

  46. Caaaazzoooo we’ve been ammoracked!

    * Crew members casually throw the 3 finger signs at each other while arguing who repairs it

  47. Would someone be kind enough to let me know what aiming mod DezGamez uses?

  48. Asta la pasta baby! (We’re done for, EVERYBODY GET OUT!)

  49. E50 m is weak!

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