► All Special Camos – “Golden” Type 59! – World of Tanks Christmas Special

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Source: DezGamez

Special Camo Patterns – Christmas Special Event 2017.

Yesterday I open 175 Christmas Special Holiday Ops boxes, that you guys sent to me (love you, Beasts!)… and from those boxes I was able to get enough decorations or scraps to craft every single one of them. As a bonus, collecting them all, you can get 4 special Christmas camo patterns.
Today, I am going to show all of them to you, featuring some gameplay.



  1. Notification Squad, where you at?! 😉
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Is this a new monitor Dez? Aspect ratio seems huge compared to what it used to be… Or is it just me? Great video as always… Also Chinese camo looks awesome on 121 ;P

  3. nar dez top teir fighting 8ss no probs 4 ya tenss easy win

  4. all i want is the russian camo!! 2 bits are missing ….

  5. How can i get this camos?

  6. I put the red camo on my Mutant lol as if the tank isn’t ugly enough.

  7. oh no wheres the motovlog guy?

  8. IchBinAbsolut Unverdächtig

    I dont like these kind of colours. But luckily you can turn off the crap. I turned off non-historical camouflage. That’s how my eyes are spared.

  9. Where are you from? You’re accent is like an Arabic accent ?????

  10. How did you get it?

  11. Huh. I had no idea there were unique camo’s for filling out any of the 4 albums. I’ll have to see what I still need.

  12. *R E A L I S T I C C A M O*

  13. I put this traditional camo on my french heavie tank and i got arty focus 4 games in a row and one times yolo by two batchat 🙁 . I never put it again .

  14. Dez, great cammo. Great games. Snipey snipey, bouncy bouncy, and missy missy……. I take it…. I take it…
    I AM entertained! 😉

  15. Feel for Asia Dez, we could not get extra decorations in the boxes

  16. Some look pretty sick.
    But you won’t get them by playing, you have to shell $$$ for a crapton of boxes.

  17. “I was ready to ram this guy”

  18. That bat chat is so fast i thought it was in fast forward at first.

  19. where are you motogoloovv guyyy.. ??? 😛

  20. please make the minimap bigger during your games so we can watch the battle as it progresses. thanks

  21. type59 painting is my choice , but i dont have that tank

  22. Herman Klein Nagelvoort

    You want the golden type 59? Just use the “kukiejar” skin for that. It really looks sick….. Something for you to show Dez? Also some beautiful milkym4n skins (Sheridan!!)…

    • Herman Klein Nagelvoort Yeah, those modded skins look sick, but for those who don’t like to mod (like me), it’s always good to get an option to customize our tanks from WG itself.

  23. Hey Dez, glad to see you back and making some more fantastic vids for all of us to enjoy. Really love the crazy camo we can have fun with this time of year. Just one tip for you, here in the U.S. we call that candy you put on your T57 ‘candy canes’. They were used long ago as treats for kids that were hung on the Christmas tree as an sweet edible ornament.
    I think my favorite was the first, love a tank ‘wrapped’ up in gift wrap paper, all the red,green and white with reindeer would surely give any enemy contemplating a kill shot a moment of pause before pulling the trigger. Never know what will land you on Santa’s ‘naughty’ list. That moments pause might be just the ticket for a quick escape too !!!

  24. GG 3rd Person KILL LOL

  25. the soviet camo is snowy wind not weather forecast

  26. Where is the motovlog guy??

  27. I love how WG SEA ripped off the players with the holiday ops crates. No fucken decorations because of some legal gambling law in Japan. The only players who got compensation where those that brought them on the day when it started. Which is also shit because we had to wait till the 22nd.if I’d known this sort of crap happens on the SEA server I would have told them to shove their transfer from the NA server where the sun doesn’t shine.

  28. therandomnessisreal

    I think the Chinese one looks best as well… need 3 more items tho

  29. Russian New Year special camo was actually really nice

  30. How do you get these camos?

  31. The Soviet camo is very… van Gogh, if you ask me. And the Chinese one is the best looking, my 112 has never looked more glorious.

  32. 0 kills…but kolobanovs medal..i got

  33. how do you get the camo?

  34. Soviet camouflage looks like, someone dropped his clay on the ground

  35. Ok how do you get the XMAS Cams? I have 61 out of 61 decorations for the Chinese collection but no special camo? do i need something else?

  36. Lucky you. I tried 12 times to get 1 chain for tree and still unlucky…

  37. My bling-34-3 looks amazing. Snoop dog’s ride has nothin’ on this mafk!

  38. HOW TO GET THESE CAMO??????????????????????

  39. Ugly Christmas sweaters for WoT

  40. dez t 10 is going to be tier 8 premium ?

  41. I will honestly never win a giveaway.

  42. Õnnelik uus aastas DezGamez 🙂

  43. Congratulations on your hard work. We love your stuff

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  45. so good for you get all boxes for free !!! benefits for playing and got gifts

  46. We didnt get those on NA ;-; (the Black widow or Christmas camos)

  47. Do you know if i can keep the Camo after the event ends?

  48. can someone explain me in short how you unlock those? do u have to just earn all collectibles then do what?

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