► ALL TIER 10 SPGs, New Artillery Gameplay – Buffs and Nerfs! – World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update

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Source: DezGamez

. New/Reworked SPG (Artillery). Artillery / SPG Gameplay.

Few days I ago, something crazy happened… Something that I did not even dream about when I started making YouTube videos. I spent a lot time, effort and work into it, trying to find the best service provider, the best quality and the best designs. And I have to say, I am quite happy how it turned out. So if you would like to support me even more, then go check it out, maybe you find something that you like, thanks! 🙂

Full list of changes with World of Tanks Update:

In today’s episode I am going to focus on new artillery gameplay. I will show you all the changes to the current tier 10 SPGs and I am going to compare them to the old version (that we have on live server at the moment). SPG damage got hit really hard, but at the same time they are more accurate, better aiming and reload time.

What do you think about new SPG’s gameplay, like it or hate it and why?
Let me know!

Have a nice weekend everybody!



  1. The new micro patch killed the light tanks really hard hope they will change it back

  2. WG logic: Let’s make Type5 HE-avy so OP and retard-proof that only arty can rape him. But wait! That’s not all! Let’s nerf arty so much that game gets even more retard-proof.

    Time to sell accounts guys!

  3. all the worthless subhuman arty “players” complaining ,mmm,all those delicious tears….

  4. I’m going to sell my batchat

    There is a reason why I grinded this line, so I can get that arty and now they completely changed it.

  5. What about earning credits now that you don’t deal as much damage?

  6. Abbadon Despoiler

    Seems lie a pretty good update. Now artillery is what it always should’ve been – a support to other tanks. And with better aiming time and dispersion, I think it’s easier to rack up the damage and it’s more fun than waiting for a minute to reload, aim for the next 8 seconds and rely on horrible accuracy.

  7. WG says: if you own arty you are 2nd class individual, your grind doesn’t count (even tho it’s slower by far) .. if you own heavy, well done for grinding.. we don’t need to make buildings give more cover, or change maps, no no no, you’re so much more important to us. .. press “w” and click ok?

  8. so, artillery is actually support now?

    you might actually not be scared if you’re spotted and still take a shot because you don’t have to worry about a satellite guided tactical nuke hitting you.

  9. G.W lost its only good feature to dez, that tank is also made for AP rounds, more so than the 261

  10. Could you please explain what changes were made to the tier 5 Vk 1602 Leopard.

    Its my favorite tank but it seems like WoT is keeping it at tier 5 which means they’re going to nerf it.

  11. 9.17: artys good , 9.18: artys shit

  12. i think this is good but also Bad i like it that no one shotting me anymore but I don’t like the Fact that i cant one Shot with arty anymore lololol

  13. You know what? Fuck it. All you arty players and arty supporters who “never get hit by arty” need to chill. I got one shotted driving at 72kph in my RU…. 7 times today. Each time by a different SPG. But NOOO y’all want to complain when we take away​ the damage. Well how about this. You want to know what a 240 mm shell would do irl? You want REALISTIC DAMAGE? Okay. No problem. I say we give all tier 10 arty 3000 base damage and REALISTIC AIMING 🙂 LETS SEE HOW MANY OF YOU FUCKERS WOULD LIKE A 1/50 HIT RATIO

  14. It’s great when whiners win….

  15. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    WG won’t need to limit the number of SPGs in a battle as no-one will be playing these OVERnerfed pieces of useless shit (except to complete missions). Everyone will now hate arty but for a different reason: they will be taking up a useful slot on the team roster with a useless vehicle!

  16. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    And STUN!! It might make a SMALL difference at tier 9/10, but at tier 5 and lower? Do me a fucking favour!

  17. Soooo, let me get this straight: it’s ok for a 183 mm HESH shell to one shot you, but not for a 240 mm gun. Seems legit :/ … Better accuracy, better reload, more dmg on a smaller gun vs worse ccuracy, worse reload, less dmg on a bigger gun. In the name of “balancing” the game for idiots, they are taking all logic out of the game. Jesus, I need a better PC so I can finally play something else..

  18. Even Spg cant fkin one shot SPG in a greater chance

  19. basicly…t10 arty are shittier then kv2 exept american one

  20. Finally nerf for arty, they should be removed from the game but atleast something so QQ more unskilled map clickers

  21. the changes are bullshit

  22. now arty will get even more annoying for the players because i think they will pick up the one shots now and they dont even have to aim

  23. Ok, not considering that some maps are already hopeless for arty. This doesn’t make any sense! With the new features, reload should at least get a super boost to compensate! Now it looks essentially useless.

  24. Thank u Dez for your amazing work!
    I feel so cheated… all those hours of grinding to the tier 10 arty and now fucked. Wargaming if u are reading this please u rather remove SPG from the game… this is just frustrating. This is just useless… 35 to 40 second wait and no pen…????

  25. its just better for everyone… it should be like this

  26. how to fix arty? give them 500pen and AP shells only. give T10s like the GW E100, the T92, the CGC, the 261 800 average alpha. give the 155 58 the same pen but 500 alpha. make the reload 10% shorter then 9.17, and keep 4 shells in the 58 but decrease reload time by 8 seconds. improve the aim time by 20% on all of them. increase accuracy by 35 to 40%. improve mobility. decrease range to 650meters. issues:solved

  27. Ok… I go home, and I sell my tier 8 Lorraine… And good bye arty missions!

  28. Not everything is nerfed splash radius and rate of fire and accuracy all improved so arty still a big threat and potentially more annoying than ever.

  29. I’ve been skilling the French arty since it came out and just reached tier 10. About to spend 6 mil to buy it. This is why I’m not putting any more money into this game. You do premium time and regular time for a year and Devs hit you with the big F- you nerf bat.

  30. gonna be a lot harder to cap out a match if any enemy arty is a live with that larger splash area they will have to reset with

  31. well who’s going to bother playing arty now, are WG offering a refund for the epic grind we had to go through to get top tier arty’s i think they just broke it a whole lot more

  32. This is great actually. We will have less players in servers because half of the people will uninstall this game. I never play arty, at least not anymore, so shocking as it may seem, but “hull down 15 mins with just looking at each other like idiots and not penning” is going to be the next meta. Welcome 2017.

  33. 0 dmg to maus? not op my **** and E5 was op? my ****!!!!!!

  34. So this is how they will remove arty from the game without actually removing it.
    There will be no point in buying and playing high tier artillery…

  35. Alexander Agustine

    I like the update mostly for reusable consumables. But I fear that 60 pen on arty is still enough to pen most paper thin tanks like my ScorpG and Grill. Now that they are more accurate and the splash is wider, my ScorpG is practically FOOKED !

  36. to much of a nerf, disappointing

  37. the price of the shells will be reduced? The missions? Just check something to understand if arty is OP, what is the average dmg it deals compared to other type of tanks. Personaly i deal more dmg with my lights than arty, so …

  38. The arty changes just show that nobody at WG ever plays their own bloody game! The next patch will nerf arty out of existence and relevance. And the stun mechanic is a joke. It will work if you get teamwork and cooperation from your team. And WG seem to think that it a regular occurrence in random battles? Yeah maybe one in a hundred games if your lucky! Slowly but surely WG are nerfing all the classes but heavies, so eventually it will become ” World of Heavy tanks spamming gold “. I have been playing this game for 3 years, and have invested some serious time and money into the game. No more. I play on a semi regular basis now and dont see that changing any time soon. Thanks to WG greed it is becoming less fun to play with every update. Time to move on to another game I think!

  39. i am eating pocorns and reading comments.

    guys you are forgeting that this is the game.

    we all hate getting one shot arty but as well we all love to kill arty with one shoot.

    its like icing on cake when you kill art with one shot.

    i am staying neutral because i am still waiting for patch to come out and test new thing in 9.18

    cheers and have hreat day

  40. All these pukes complaining about OP arty have yet to comment on the 183. 4005, JP E100, 704, T-30, ETC ETC. More damage more pen and faster reloads. Why not just learn to play arty safe and stop whining. I am able to survive arty games in my heavies cause I am arty smart. Camp in the open and my arty will target you every time. This is the end of arty in this game. Too many arty players will stop playing it cause of this BS.

  41. Earth Flat and Stationary Truth FE

    I quit playing after 5 Years, this game keep on nerfing and buffing the wrong tanks and all new players are so bad. Report system also sucks, many teamkillers and you cant report them after playing a few rounds because we only have 10 reports to give. Anyway, i enjoy looking at your’re channel. And i started WOWS yes ships. Hahahaha, bye mate

  42. completely UNFAIR to relegate any class of vehicle to a “support” class…. i call BULLSHIT

  43. why cant dumb dumb WG just make arty do “normal” dmg with average DPM & armour… atleast it can defend itself in a small one to one face off & not be OP… (not that i think it is OP…. i hate being clipped by a T57hvy or AMX50B not to mention 1-shotted by invisi-FV215-183)…. so gonna sell all my arty and only do Lt & Med tanks from now on

  44. i think wg creating bigger and bigger bullshit every patch. one year only one usefull patch the others is only changing some mechanics in the game what is not improved it.

  45. what compesation i will got to destroy my 4 tier 10 veichles?
    i spend my lots of time,exp and credits and now destroyong all of them. joke.
    i only happy because i’m not playing only waiting the good time when i can sell my acount to one of the dumbest player who play this shit game yet.

  46. I actually managed to clip a T57 with the tier X bat arty on the test server… Penned 3 hits in immediate succession. I don’t have the replay, but I think the french was my favorite arty to play on the test server.

  47. I don’t agree what wg is doing to artillery what’s the point in taking all of that pen away when artillery ment to hurt the tanks

  48. how about the personal missions for obj 260. make a video aout those if they are hanged and also if they are not changed tell us 😛

  49. I hate this new Patch from WoT!

  50. All of this could have been avoided if we had huge maps, capable of huge games…

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