► Alpine Tiger – Special Tier 8 Premium! – World of Tanks WZ-111 Alpine Tiger Gameplay

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of Tanks WZ-111 Alpine Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. Alpine Tiger, Tier 8 Premium Chinese Heavy Tank.

In my previous episode I showcased WZ-111 Model 1-4 and I saw “Alpine Tiger” in the battle.. I asked if you would like to see this tank in action and there were a lot of you who did. So in this episode I am going to take a little bit closer look into this skinned WZ-111, called “Alpine Tiger”.



  1. How was your weekend, Beasts… Snowy? 😛 It finally started snowing over here!
    But many of you wanted to see that special “Alpine Tiger” in action, so here it is! 🙂

  2. my god, this tank got tatooed.

  3. It would have been ever cooler if the Tiger had modeled in Chopsticks (kuàizi if you are Chinese) into the paws.

  4. nice welding 😉
    ljubi brat

  5. Baron VonFrankenstein

    I’ve spent enough, not another cent.

  6. This guy seems that he is using tundra mode

  7. Solitaire Dez pls

  8. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA grass in sniper mode

  9. this guy “could not hit the inside of a barn with a banana!” – Johny English

  10. this tank is already in the files on the game on eu server. You can find it when you you use the tool to compare the tanks

  11. I like how on the Chinese server you can buy what you want. But on the other hand I always wanted a mutant tank but when it came up for sale twice now I didn’t buy it because I wanted to own the way the original owners got theirs. I was an original type 59 owner now everyone has one its not even a good tank it was nerfed to shit. I was hoping to get the chrysler GF but because there was so much feels when it was released it didn’t come up come on WG.

  12. Most likely to be distracted by shiny object… Full retard SEA server

  13. Alpine tiger ate them up ; )

  14. Can you disable grass in sniper mode please? It is terribly annoying

  15. jep , you cant see it on 3d model

  16. hippolyte escoffier

    Make a video on E100 pleaase ?

  17. I would buy that on EU in a heartbeat, I don’t even care that it has the same 175 pen garbage AP rounds as the IS-6 and 112, it looks that good lol.

  18. This tank look very verry similar to the one on blitz glacial 112 guns are the same too 175 pen

  19. Tier 7 battle? I that he was driveing a tier 8 prem tank

  20. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    This tank was a mission marathon tank at Asia server, you need 20tokens to get this, you can finish the missions or just buy the tokens at the premium shop. I got 15tokens doing the missions – some missions requirement were not met so i didnt get the other 5 tokens – i dont have money to buy the 5tokens soooo i just grind VK100.01P to do my HT missions lol

  21. That intro was so sexy

  22. Hey! I have this tank.

  23. i love alpine tiger even i dont own it
    cause i eat them with amx m4 49

  24. Dez, those little blocks in the chat were not Chinese characters; those were Korean characters. I have no idea why their characters can’t be shown but that needs to be fixed : I’m from SEA server 🙂

  25. Comhghall Geraghty

    Chinese.. Germans have legendary tank called tiger lets reskin our tank with shitty name and call it tiger now we have legendary tank also. Go home China

    • Comhghall Geraghty m8, it’s in SEA server too, like what is wrong with you, get your facts right, and SEA server is managed by wargaming, so im right

    • Comhghall Geraghty

      Exodus chinese server only watch video and open your ears

    • Comhghall Geraghty Maybe you’re ignorant about this, but i play in the SEA server, and theres plenty of alphine tigers everywhere, so it AINT in chinese server only, so “open your eyes” please, and read a few other comments

    • There was an event which you have to complete 20+ missions every day until you get a certain number of tokens in order to get it, or, you can just swipe your credit card to buy the tokens, so dont just assume

    • Comhghall Geraghty

      Exodus your probably right im not up to date on the sea server. But chinese tank a tiger come on. The japs have a real tiger and still dont rip off the name. Looks great though I would probably pick one up play on x box now

  26. That is a nice looking skin for the WZ-111.
    Also nice to see someone who doesn’t spam the HEAT from the start.

  27. Dez on Asia server there has been a huge amount of players buying premium T8 tanks that are new players / have no idea of correct tactics to use the tank to it’s best advantage.

  28. Cool skins would be awesome ! Camo is norm but whole tank skins ?

  29. i just give up in the middle on this video becouse of that grass

  30. WZ111 with new paint..and..with very underpowered gun.

  31. Chinese? Nothing ‘wong’ with that.

  32. First, disable grass on sniper mode, is impossible to see anything.
    Second, “175 penetration is really DECENT for preferential MM”? Are damn kidding all of us?
    Third, keep doing your job. But don’t start the year with two bullshits like these in this video.

  33. easy breezy… cover girl. I laugh so hard out of nowhere! love the video’s dez! you rock

  34. If they only put this level of work on a real tank instead of a Chinese knock off…

  35. This tank is hideous and I promise to only play tier 8 arty and above for the first week this is released to make sure no one has fun with it.

  36. Des = tank sales man, I watch KELLERMAN now

  37. WOT in becoming ‘world of tuning’

  38. i got this tank for free on asia server a few months ago

  39. I saw one in the NA

  40. they give this tank away as a very hard 22 day marathon mission in SEA server.(which you can buy a Mission Token in the shop)

  41. Down Syndrome Albino Tiger Tank, that is what I call it, and some of the drivers play like they are “special”.
    The mission marathon was also bullshit and I bet quite a number of people paid for the tokens instead of earning all of it by completing missions.

  42. 100% comment: Complain about another premium tank…
    Half of SEA players( maybe ) : Got for free and MM broken because of them…

  43. So black edition tanks = rage.. .. Zippo lighter tank with engraved art = awesome.. if you ask me fuck this noise.. yo i want game balance changes ..

  44. I play in the SEA server, and fyi, there are alot, and i mean ALOT of wallet warriors who buys tier 8 premium tanks and dies in the first minute of the game, and also, there’s alot of noobs in the SEA server as well, like, tomatoes, and potatoes, of course there are good players too, but the chances of a good player being in your team is very low, you’d end up raging regularly, so if you suffer from high blood pressure, dont play in the SEA server

  45. Hey dez another great tank man

  46. I wanted to buy WZ111 in the advent calendar, but it was too expensive for such a meh tank… But if it ever comes to EU in this version, Im buying 100%.

  47. Just thought that I’ve forgotten about my not so good memory about this tank marathon, until this video came out :P, missed a mission which prevents me from getting my first tier 8 premium.. Shit.

  48. wait, if this replay is from SEA or Chinese server, why are they communicating on English in chat?

  49. Please can you turn off grass in sniper mode when recording replays ?

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