► AMX 13 105, Tier 10 French Light Tank – World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay and Preview. – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 3 Review. World of Tanks – Tier 10 .

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I am back with another video from WoT: Sandbox 2.0 and here my third tier 10 light tank preview episode about – this time focusing on tier 10 French light tank “AMX 13 105”. As the name says, this light tank has 105mm gun, but it any good? Let’s take a look!

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet
– USA/American
– China/
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105

Only 2 more tier 10 light tanks to preview – XM551 Sheridan and -1, stay tuned for those episodes!

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  1. Pleeeeeease make XM551 Sheridan next :))

  2. I like it. It follows a logical path through the tech tree.

  3. i feel like this tank isnt different enough from a bachat to make it worth while

  4. Hello, DZ.
    I really, really, really love my MAX 13-90. I have unlock both AMx 30 and Bat Chat Ap, and I can not wait to try the new tier 9 Amx 13-90. I think that is stupid that the russian LT is going to be more maneuverable than the French! They really need to fix that! Thanks for the good videos on the new LT-s.
    Best regards

  5. I seriously doubt that anyone with common sense would ever play this shit when there is Bat Chatillon.. 🙂 Even with big buffs there will be no reason I guess.

  6. like the 13 90 better for a teir 8…. this is garbage to play, it’s like playing the awful panzer.

  7. PickelJars ForHillary

    7:30 You shot the green Maus.

  8. Theodore Felix Leo

    sadly wargaming will see this vid and nerf this tank further. theres no way LT do 6 kills 3k dmg

  9. I found it funny how some tier 7 tanks cost 60k+ xp to get and the kv-4 costs about 55k or less

  10. If you think AMX 13 105 has a long gun, take a look at the sword of the LTTB.

  11. thx epic beast! 🙂

  12. Toooo long reload for 3 shells.
    AMX 13 90 can clip any lights and meds (maybe heavies if lucky with high rolls) opponent of same tier. Now ANY other tier 10 light tank (not to mention meds and heavies) will kill AMX 13 105 if they face 1vs1 with full HP both.
    Just too long reload… Or to make shorter reload or to put 1 more clip.

  13. i like it if 4 shell in one magazine with same time reload

  14. Basicaly a faster batchat with 3 shots instead of 5 and a worse reload.
    I’m on the fence about unticking the accelerated crew training on my AMX 13-90 since I already have a batchat. And 6m credits for another fast autoloader :/ I already have the batchat and the TVP. WHat do you guys think?

  15. It s a good tank but I think it s very op 450 /shoot is to much.

  16. DEZ , where you find music on start: Royal Estate 4 – Johannes Bornlöf?? I can’t find it anywhere, it sound beautiful. Btw thanks for another great video 🙂 greeting from Slovakia

  17. do the wz-132-1 next pls

  18. Hey Dez.

    I’ve watched yer video and i do say the same. Yes this is a copy of amx13-90 with bigger gun. BUT!

    I have some bad experiences againts light or lighty armored tanks andi would say they don’t need buffs at all…
    I usually play JAGERO for its brutal gun wich turned allmost useless againts light tanks.
    I hope they do something about it because its pretty frustrating.
    This might sound “crying” but i would like to tell my opinion and if you would like also, you can tell the opinions of yours!

    So I do not dare to shoot Light or Lightly Armored tanks with Jagero’s gun AP round. Why, you ask?
    Because the Light tanks are allmost ALLWAYS protected by RNG.
    They whole side is covered by their tracks wich means it WILL absorb any shell what would hit their sides.
    Every time i shoot a light tank /lighty armored tank’s turret (like Batchat25t and TVP 50/51) it bounces off.
    So much for overmatching…
    Also, allmost 70% of the time the shell magically flies outside the circle everytime i shoot theese small tanks.

    The most annoying of all its their track protection. I’m sure you all felt the thing when you fired an INSANE boomstick at a light tank.
    Their track hit, they got immobilazed and they did take. Zero. Damage.
    They tap “4” then “5” and they rush at you, killing you while you have ~30sec reload.
    Also their HE protection.
    You load a HE round wich has low penetration but “enough” for light tanks and has HIGH damage like 1,400 or 1,800.
    You fire at them. They take ~400 damage, they run at you with lightning speed, and murder you in an instant.

    I feel theese very strong aspects of the light tanks, that’s why i started to grind for them! >.< Sorry for the long post, if you have opinions, bad experiences againts LIGHTS or With them, please do share! And Thanks for the video DeZ it was interesting, but i do say they don't need more mobility and more HP at all. Have a good one.

  19. wait, did he get gold when he finished that battle? Is it going to be implemented or is it just for sandbox?

  20. damn, WG you savage for taking advantage of armored warfare’s downfall and putting in mid cold war tanks.

  21. Why did I bother with French lights if this is the result? Better do some quick grind to other light tank lines ;-;

  22. haha, DEZ maybe next time check aimtime on actual amx1390 (2.88s) 😀 and u can play against T9/10 as before, so better aimtime, penetration, rld magazine/each shell, but worse dispersion…
    edit: but my point is….. NO T9/10 LIGHT TANKS, pleaseeeeeee. Make these tanks second T7/T8… keep scout MM in game at least for lights T6 and up..

  23. Its no better than currently at tier 8, one more shell in the clip and less aim time , will be competitive to superfast and OP german light tank at tier 10 and op russian tank at tier 10 light.

  24. Thanks for the vids Dez! That’s a long time to reload a 3 shot clip! Plus the least amount of Hit Points. Sounds like the Russian is best so far (shocker!) Thanks for taking the time to do this Dez.

  25. I hate the 13090 and already have done the grind twice not going for a third

  26. T-100lt is much better than Amx 13 105

  27. NEEDS A BUFF!! faster, more hp and more dpm.. maybe should be 4 bullets instead of 3.. like it is now on sandbox not really comparable the the German and Russian.. so .. WOT BUFF this tank pls.

  28. Man, this all tier 10s LT is such a bullshit, all are so OP and unbalanced. Its sooo stupid…

  29. So worst camo, worst gun and dpm, worst manouverability, lowest armor, (shared) lowest HP AND lowest view range of the t10 lights… it is worst in every single way. I really hope this thing is going to get buffed or it will be obsolete from release time, hell, the 1390 in its nerfed t9 state is better than this tank o.O

  30. tier x lt totally shit then before tier v or tier viii.
    thankful i’ve already afked this game.

  31. I remember the times than AMX 13 wwas tier 5-6-7. WG is running out of paper tanks

  32. WHY????

  33. the aiming time on the current one is the only reason it isn’t one of my favourite tanks.

  34. where do you give feedback to the content creators?

  35. why do you get the gold every game?

  36. I really like this light tank to be honest, only thing it needs is a slightly faster clip reload. It currently has 1000 less DPM than the competition which is simply not acceptable for a 3 shot clip.

  37. T100-LT and RHM PAnzerwagon look favourite so far, this one is a bit meh…
    Sheriden uninspiring, looking forward to the WZ-132-1

  38. i dont understand why german and russian lights have super good power to weight. the french and the american lights have significantly less. i hope a change is comming for this

  39. fix the guns on bat chat 12 t and 105

  40. Alexander Stoyanov

    Good job dez on keeping these videos going but wg should NEVER implement any tier 10 lights

  41. yay more autocancer… I once made a joke that wg would be soo stupid to add the amx 13-105… good i quit wot long time ago 😀

  42. Dude, the barrel is as long as the tank the gun in total is also most of the length of the turret as well, so the gun is longer than the tank 🙂

  43. Krisjanis Valdmanis

    “This gun is as long as the tank.”
    Look at the new Panther II, what would you say about that? xD

  44. If they decrease the reload to at least 26 seconds or even the reload between rounds to around 1.5-2 seconds, all the other characteristics of the AMX 13 105 would be balanced.

  45. They should make the AMX LTs have the highest camo rating.

  46. How are these going to be introduced? I mean, I have ground out upwards of 600,000 xp in my 1390. I don’t like the idea of having to re-unlock it, even if it is buffed. I imagine that will be the case though. (I guess it doesn’t matter much, now that I live in the country with no internet. 🙁 I miss my tanks.)

  47. Should give it better Mobility and camo ,its french ffs

  48. Anyone know how the research will work? if I have 13 90 will i keep it at t9 then research t10, or will I get bc 12t and have to research 13 90 again..?

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