► AMX 50 Foch B – New MAD Beast Tier 10 Destroyer! – World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay and Review, Tier 10 French Tank Destroyer. Patch 9.20 Update – New French Tank Destroyer.

patch 9.20 update test is up and running and as promised, I am already there, to provide you some HOT content about all the new things that are going to be here with this update. We are getting a lot of reworks or rebalancing, new Chinese tank destroyer, new features and game mode and a lot more…

In my second episode from WoT: 9.20 Test Server, I will bring you some fresh gameplay action with our “New” tier 10 French autoloader tank destroyer – “AMX 50 B”. This thing is simply MAD, crazy DPM for an autoloader, 6 rounds in the magazine with 2,400 full magazine damage potential…
This is the tank that is going to replace our “much-loved” tier 10 French TD “AMX 50 155”. But do not worry, is not going to be removed, it will stay in the game as a “Special” vehicle. Most likely for some personal missions or special event reward, but players who have it in their garage, before 9.20 update hits live server, are going to get BOTH!

What do you think?



  1. Whaaat, my second upload today? :O #FochInb4Nerf?
    But what do you guys think about this one? Removing 1 shell from the clip would make it more… How to say… Understandable? 😛 Or is everything gucci as it is now?
    But I can smell something cheesy over here… I think it will have the same future as with Foch 155 – It will be super good and after that, super crap!

  2. Let’s compare TDs

  3. all they needed to do was fix foch 155 gun handleing, aim time, etc., leave it with 3 shots, 750 alpha, now you are forced to shoot gold a lot more, but that’s WG’s goal, force players to shoot more gold, spend more credits, buy more prem time, more prem tanks…

  4. 50% good and 50% bad in WOT new update and i still hate WG about the fact that WG never change the way they do to this game

  5. Dez, in your professional opinion, do you think they will do the same with the FV215b if it does eventually get replaced? Make the FV215b a Tier X special tank and remove it from the heavy tank branch? Because then I’d have to complete the British heavy grind, and it is a huge credit sink in the higher tiers (and pain in the mid ones) so I’d like to get a head start.


  6. I think they should nerf the Dpm a bit but buff the gun of the 155.

  7. Great info and video Dez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. this tank will be like WTauf E100

  9. TDs are supposed to have high pen value, this is just the AMX 50B’s gun with 2 extra rounds and slightly higher reload time.

  10. “i play with a food”
    “he is hiding in his hole”
    Dez your pronounciation / grammar kills me sometimes xD

  11. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    it need more 10mm of pen on the primium and in the normal rounds

  12. Great info…..wow it is a beast.

  13. Thanks fro another great video  But maybe I will play more tier 6-7 battles where the power creep is not so bad.  Last night I played my little T20 American medium for the first time in months.  It was fun – had three great battles in it, one of which I received Ace Mastery, Top Gun and High Caliber.

  14. Try it before talking. When it wil be launched on live server, all the player will be with their mods, and usual client, and this thing isn’t gonna to perform so well

  15. I hate it how you speak. haha You talk so deep its just anoying me, but I like your infomatical part of your videos.

  16. Wait a second, is it just me, or is this new TD slightly reminiscent of the WT E100???

  17. Good, it’s not the new WT auf E-100 because he do just 2400 damage and the WT auf E 100 3300. Foch B is good but not OP.

  18. welp guess I should start the French TD’s again. just as well since I lost interest in the Russian line.

  19. 257 pen on 10 tier TD GJ WG

  20. Personally think that this tanks clip is way to devastating especially when considering its unload time. If they were to increase that unload time I would imagine it wouldn’t as broken as it is at the moment.

  21. Like for face reveal ✅

  22. Really want to see Foch B vs WT auf E 100 head-on

  23. this bloody tank is so OP it can kill any tier 10 Medium and TD in one magazine. ?

  24. Cleber Ribeiro dos Santos

    Essa foch b ficou um tanque excelente 🙂

  25. I see a lot of you players out here still angry about the loss of our Waffles. Contact WG like I have with constructive ideas on how to bring it back so that we’ll at least have it and other players won’t hate it. As much. Call it collective bargaining…

  26. “wt auf E100 im you but stronger”

  27. 6 rounds gold spam, fuk u WG

  28. When is 9:20 live?

  29. In 30vs30 mode can you complete personal missions ??

  30. Dez
    The hardest is not to live without doubt, it is to live with
    so much better if u dont understand

  31. Very bad tank imo


  33. AMX 155 is a lot better than the new AMX FOCH B SHIT

  34. still loose credits.. i wonder why my average dmg is so low.. now i know…i dont own any of these high tier autoloaders.. the game is going for sure the right direction..

  35. Totally overpowered….

  36. idk why didnt they just kept the 155 and add the new gun, while buffing the tank a bit

  37. Good for the variety of the game.. sick of just seeing 3
    minute games with 6 different tanks in tier x mm.. wg fucked it up so hard with the new mm.. you might also bring back the WtE100 now. People see always the strong side at this tank but don’t consider the weaknesses.. and this Tanks actually help the game! People think twice about crossing a open area or yolo rush enemy’s… a step in the right direction. Now bring back some old maps and make arty as it was just a bit less accurate and a little ap pen nerf.

  38. Foch b is a terrible tank on less it gets pen buff

  39. Foch B would kick asses in wa thunder xD

  40. @DezGamez: At 20:53 (Just after Live Game), you say: “Over 9K combined”……. How is 6.9K DMG + 1.3K Assist OVER 9K combined ? 😉 😛
    Anyway, GG, WP and once again, AWESOME video !!! Have a BEAST Sunday Dez.

  41. Christian Rautjärvi

    Any idea when 9.20 is coming live servers? Awesome video mate!

  42. just another friking loader,,,,,it’s all ready to many of those in game,,,,,

  43. dude are u Asian or Mexican cuz u got a shit ton to learn about english i cant understand a good 56% of the shit you say

  44. les compare dis rank to other tds in vorld ov tanks

  45. This fucking game is getting even more dumber by the month.

  46. Я качнул эту ветку за НЕДЕЛЮ!Это было потно…

  47. 6X400 is op wg is f blind again…… rhis is waffel:) 4x400or 490 should be good

  48. “Foch155 was one of the most hated tanks because of how bad it was”

    Yeah, and now FochB will be hated because of how good it is.

  49. Maik Gehteuchnichtsan

    What a Beast

  50. Alexander Stoyanov

    Either remove one shell from the magazine or increase the reload time with at least 10sec and new foch will be alright. Otherwise just a new power creep shit

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