► AMX 50 SHADES OF FOCH 155… – World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

155 Gameplay , Epic Battle. World of Tanks 155, Tier 10 .

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But in today’s episode I will show you 50 Shades of AMX 50 Foch 155 aka you are going to see “AMX 50 Shades of Foch 155”. When this tank performs, it can do some magical things, but when it does not perform, then… Well, then it that 750 DPM meme tank. 🙂

► Player: BrunoPitbull



  1. BrunoPitbull World of Tanks

    its meeeeee!!!

  2. What I think: Tier 10 lights were unnecessary, and I hate WG for all the stupid prems and how they keep changing tanks people worked for.

  3. He made it into a BATTLE…. Instead of the Fiasco that it would have been if he hadn’t been on his team….

  4. Draw girls ????

  5. wrong about that 750 dmg….i get even under 600 dmg with my E100

  6. I signed up for the sandbox server last year and I still haven’t gotten any messages from WOT about it

  7. therandomnessisreal

    My Foch 155 winrate went from 50% to 20% today. The teams are so incompetent recently…

  8. jammydean geway

    already saw this replay dez u really need to stop sorting on top damage man

  9. Austin Garrison

    Too much autism…

  10. emfim pegou a maestria =P

  11. Hey Dez, awesome video as always, keep it up! but 750 alpha guns can roll for 562 sadly… :(((

  12. min roll for 750 alpha guns should be 563 if im not mistaken.

  13. Josip Rosandić

    What a horrible enemy team… he is almost dead, arty shooting at him, reloading for almost a minute and they just watch him instead of charging him… oh boy.

    Anyway, fantastic game, shame it was a draw…

  14. So my favorite tank is getting fucked into tier 9; 6 shell auto loader with 257 pen. Fuck me ???

  15. Bela partida parabéns.

  16. If WG does change the gun on this, they should still leave the 155 as an option. It would be a shame to completely remove it and they can’t really say its OP with all the new tanks in game, especially the Type 5’s gun.

  17. 9:50, how and why? happens all the time, the most epic bug in this game, they have no solution.

  18. stabilisedchaos

    I stopped grinding french TD line after I got to tier 8,now I haz auto loader 😛

  19. Basil Abeysekera

    I rolled for 590 in my e100, I was wth, give me a break rng damn hahaha, but on the other hand I role for 607 dmg in my maus, not kidding still have the replay files though xD

  20. He should’ve helped the right flank instead of hitting the tiger 2

  21. but 155 is best elc amx in game 🙁

  22. It sounded like you said the t110e3 went down “swinking”?
    Yes??? 🙂

  23. 1:57, well technically, tank destroyers are spgs as well

  24. Justin_of_hain [1DEPA]

    Ex guys , i played Wotb for 5 minutes with FV215b 183 i done 7300 dmg , ace tanker and 3 kills my heart OMG i done more dmg than the half of all players in my team …….. O.M.G.

  25. Aeeeê Replay de brasileiro!! #HuêBRforce

  26. Bom jogo cara!! Sadly it was a draw 🙁

  27. Dez i rolled under 600 all the time with bl10 on 704:(

  28. Jesus…. !

  29. Break uncertainty reflect negotiation way strip rough.

  30. Cheeeeeesy caption m/

  31. Pretty sure minimum damage for a 750 alpha gun is 563. Believe my lowest seen was like… 580.

  32. france gun those RNG gun

  33. Adam Żwirowski

    with 150 gun you can roll 562

  34. I think those girls deserve more draws :p

  35. Hi Dez, what do you think about the IS7 Buff on the Supertest? It will receive 250Hp more, better power/weight ratio and -0.2 Aim Time. In my opinion this will not solve IS7s problems. The gun handling still sux and the DPM is the second worst out of all tier10 heavies if i remember correctly. Chinese heavies can do everything better (except turret armor maybe). I think they just should buff ground resistance (because power/weight is already decent) and gun stats (dpm,accuracy, aim time). To be honest i dont think IS7 needs more hp just better gun stats because you can not fight well with any heavy in close combat

  36. It’s a magazine… not a clip. Clips are used on the M1 Garand and the SKS. If you look at a clip, it looks nothing like a tank magazine. I imagine if a tank clip was made, It would be three 150mm shells connected together on a metal clip. Loading this would require a very large crane…

  37. Cleber Ribeiro dos Santos

    Jogou muito parabéns:)

  38. Imgonna Eatyou67

    Hmmm…..those draw girls are so hot:D

  39. they could have easily kept the tank with 155 mm cannon, just changes in the parameters aiming time and dispersion would suffice

  40. Dimitris Xouiazis

    the 155 can have a low roll of 570 dm

  41. Dez, Love them Draw Girls!!!! LOL.

  42. imo, wg should put both 120mm and 155mm guns for this one, for me, its kinda satisfying to put 750dmg shots within 10 seconds and then reload

  43. Degetel Simteanu

    Why not keep its penetration and damage, but be a single shot gun? Like they did with WT E100, sort of.

  44. I could agree the new upcoming gun, but that shitty pen? Really?? Even tier 8 td’s have the same or even better penetration, how the fuck ur supposed to do well in tier 10 games? Maybe by flanking and shit, getting side shots, with non turreted TD, easy as fuck yeah why not. Or just spam gold because why the hell would you bother reloading that standard bullshit when you can’t reliably pen anyone frontally unless the enemy is in full retard mode.

  45. Frederick Burkert

    I didn’t want to watch the clubbing so I’ll wait for the 9.20 shades of Foch instead 🙂

  46. I’m selling my foch if they go through with this. There only making it worse.

  47. nearlyagoodlaugh

    I’ve been playing the 155 on the test server and I’m actually loving it, and considering investing the xp even though I’m not crazy about the rest of the line besides the S35 CA, especially with the new premium coming out.

  48. It was just some luck he didn’t made some special move or something else he was just aiming and boom boom I’d to have stupid enemy like that :/

  49. just realized it has Tiger II scirts 🙂

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