► AMX Canon d’assaut de 105 – Not OP, What? – World of Tanks AMX Canon d’assaut de 105 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

, Stats/Specs. AMX Canon d’assaut de 105, Tier Premium .

► Information from: https://thedailybounce.net/
► Other stats from: https://tanks.gg

it too soon to show new, upcoming tier 8 French tank destroyer? I hope not, so here it . Wargaming finally working on something that we did not have in the game before – tier 8 French premium tank destroyer “AMX Canon d’assaut de 105”. I have some good new… This tank has weak spots, it actually penetrable with standard rounds. :O Something new, right?

After my first look it seems to be quite OK, not OP at all.



  1. You are promoting camping and giving wargaming a hot stone massage. I like your videos when they are correct and make a difference. So what did victor have for lunch last week?

  2. stabilisedchaos

    Any news on a release date for the Swedish Medium Centurion model Strv 81? I will buy that in a heartbeat when it is released.

  3. FCMPak40 is better. 😀

  4. Six samuraï Willy

    well releasing another premium tank instead of doing another nation. What a surprise just going to move to war thunder instead where they are going to add the Italian tank tree finally i can play some of that italian meetballs 🙂

  5. How about making the foch 155 playable again before expecting a lot to buy this??!

  6. W i N G t A c K

    Which Tank is better:
    AMX M4 49 Liberté
    T26E5 Patriot
    or Chrysler K GF?

  7. Forgetthereality

    Is no one gonna mention that 4:57 moment? LOL!

  8. You see the smallest ring around the vehicle on the mini map? Ya, that’s the true World Of Tanks spotting distance.

  9. Unknown_ Gaming

    Haha I knew what you were talking about since you said premium

  10. reptilespantoso

    so now the Skorpion G, the Defender, the Patriot and the Liberté need a huge nerf and then it’s balanced again.
    Oh and the type 5 and the Maus.
    And the FCM 50t badly needs a buff. so little alpha with crap gun handling is ridiculous.

  11. WG pls we need moar premium tanks my wallet actually has some money in it!!!! unacceptable!!!!

  12. more maps and bring back Provence

  13. 5,006 rounds per min?! and not OP? lol

  14. how about a fast American medium tier 8 premium Wargaming?

  15. Just pronounce it as if it was written like this “canon dassaut” 😉 And well played, it means “assault cannon” ^^
    However, very nice video !

  16. wow tier 8 premium with 260mm and 320 mm, not op 😀

  17. If the AMX 50 Foch driver is reading this, nice and aggressive game!

  18. First, maybe, keep up the good job Dez

  19. French tank ! ??

  20. why not autoloader? its french man

  21. It is nice for training crew.Facepalm. To train what ?All tds from french are bad , nice fucking joke wg.

  22. Great , another premium tank
    i think i’m not enjoy playing World of tanks anymore

  23. today i get full tier 8 game and there was 22/30 premium tanks. i think that tells a lot about game.

  24. Who will buy not op premium tank………….

  25. A French tier 8 stug looking vehicle. I really like it, it seems pretty balanced and rewards the traditional TD gameplay!

  26. The regular shell looks like ap and the premium is apcr you can tell by the shape and color at the bottom. So it’s AP/APCR/HE instead of APCR/HEAT/HE. Oh and I’m getting tired of these recent premiums starting to pen my E100 turret face.

  27. “Train up your french TD crews”. Yeah, except that the french TDs suck so I don´t care if this tank is not OP as it´s redundant. BTW it´s only not OP ´cause it´s not russian or american, the nations where the money is.

  28. of course it´s AMX 105 assault gun lol don´t be afraid of making mistakes….especially with voice of a pornstar

  29. عبد الهادي

    it’s not op, it just get better camo then E25 and better pen then some tier 10 meds and heavys

  30. A French TD with the same exact problem the other French TD’s have: side armor which is over matched by every 122mm Russian gun in the game. GG WarGaming! Yet another glorious failure for everyone who loves to scream “Russian bias!!” to point out.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t be so harsh; after all, WarGaming’s vehicle designers are seriously handicapped. They shot themselves in the foot so many times that they cannot walk and are now all confined to wheelchairs. Those bumpy cobblestone Russian streets must really be a pain in the ass for them. Actually, that’s a thought which kind of makes me happy. So, yeah, GG for crippled, sore ass WarGaming vehicle modelers. 🙂

  31. lit looks like Maus fell on AMX 30 :O

  32. it is still WAY better than standard T8 french TD, by margin

  33. Vernon Harrison

    Excellent review my friend!!! I think we are getting to many Premiums!! I can’t afford one of the cheap ones so it doesn’t matter. Take care, Vern

  34. look good for crew trng, but I hate the rear of the canon. it’s too much like the su-122-44

  35. I mostly agree with your opinion. Seems pretty good, but not really OP.

  36. DedicatedCollectiveSandwitch

    what about new maps 🙁

  37. i wish i got 260 pen on my s. pershing

  38. Is it just me, or does this thing look like a modified StuG?

  39. dezgamez that’s for being concerned about my tits, sorry my comments were meant for another video

  40. hmm. It seem’s that you really just trade some different strengths between the AMX 48 and this new premium. I can say that’s not a bad way to try and sell a premium.

  41. Training crew for tank line that NOBODY plays. This is going to sell pretty well kappa

  42. Nice tank by the looks of it, but the thing that bothers me is that instead of adding premium tanks to the french TD line, buffing small details of some tanks (mainly aiming time u_u”) to get players interested in playing this line of tanks, proably the most least played one in the game xD

    DezGamez, if you’re worried about the prononciation the “d’assaut” is like the russian “da” then “saut” like you said :p

    Great content asusual o/

  43. The AMX Canon d’assaut de 105 !

    Why buying this tank, when you can buy the much more better: Defender, Chrysler, T26E5, Lorraine40t or the AMX MLE 49.
    And buying this tank for training purposes …. nah, dont make me laugh … the entire France TD line is garbage. They even nerfed the T10 Foch to the bone.
    This is just a distraction, WG is thinking that we cant figure out (with our little brains) this is just a pathetic attempt to let us play again without worry about : Pay to Win, the 2 button, OP prem tanks and tricks to make us pay.

    Of course a company (WG) needs to make some money …. but in a honest and transparant way … not like this … sneeky, backward and pretending doing it all for us.

    So WG : make a (next) statement, and not only about your; Threats, big blunders, mistakes and fails but about your vision with the game (the 2 button, etc … ), the players, youtubers, and the correct way to make profit.

    A Big Fan … of WoT and Dez !

  44. dez all nice, but if shot and not get spot from 200 to 300 meter. let make now e25 td. FUCK off WG

  45. Saw the stats on TAP and at first I wasn’t interested, but thinking about it this doesn’t look like a bad vehicle at all. Definitely not OP though, it has good stats in a few places but the low DPM and the fact that it’s turretless will limit its effectiveness.

  46. About time the French got a tier 8 premium TD. I might pick this up for my ac 46 crew. Big thing that concerns me about the AMX Canon 105 is having decent gun traverse.

  47. I think wot is the first game where I want balancing instead of new content

  48. Its french, of course it has weakspots.

  49. The_black_Frank_White

    I hope they will buff the gunhandling of f155! I want this tank but i see almost never a player with this tank – thats not a good sign!

  50. 1550 hp for a t8 td hum

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