► AMX M4 Mle. 54 – THE ROCK! – World of Tanks AMX M4 54 – 9.21 Update Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX M4 54 Gameplay Review, New Tier 10 Tank. World of Tanks New French Heavy Tank Line Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update Test Server Review.

Wohoo, ladies and gents… World of Tanks patch 9.21 update test server is finally here, up and running, so I am here to bring you some gameplay and review action with new tanks.

In my second episode I am going to introduce you new tank mini-branch, starting from tier 8. We are going to receive 3 new heavy tanks – AMX 65t, AMX M4 mle. 51 and tier 10 AMX M4 mle. 54. In this episode I am going to focus on top tier one, “AMX M4 54”. The trademark of those new heavy tanks is going to be really strong frontal hull armor and you get an option to choose between 2 different guns.

► Music used:
– Do You Really Wanna Be In Love – Frigga

►Tanks in action:
– France/French AMX M4 Mle.


  1. Some more new stuff to show you! 🙂
    Anything else you would like to see from the test server? New HD model armor changes, maybe?

  2. Looks a bit to good for me. Needs either nerf to armour or nerf to mobility and gun handling. Those are big guns overall. Still npt as OP as 5A…. wg pls nerf 5A.

  3. It’s “Modele” not “Emily”. Who would call his tank Emily?

  4. I feel that it does bring something special to the game, Its a really flexible tank with a super heavies gun. When I unlock this beast, i’m going to play with the 130 because I personally feel that with the 120 its just a bootleg t10e5.

  5. Geile Tshirts, Grüße aus Deutschland. 😀

  6. How To play on tue testserver?

  7. Dear Dez,
    Dankeschön for these nice Hoodies.

  8. GARBAGE tank
    GARBAGE tank
    GARBAGE tank
    GARBAGE tank

    • As I say, not a single argument, you are just a piece of trash, what a brillant mind you have, you must be 10 year old no? I guess, you must probably have 35% win rate with 500 wn8, like the usual piece of trash no?

    • i have medicament for you it’s called the toxic acid
      it’s good for you , you will be better makes you burn like a real trash

      i think you’re blind or somthing look at the fuking side armor that small corner
      Strv 103B penetrated it with Ap rounds and it was angled then any little mistake the tank is dead

    • woot, this guy is on fire, must be on of the most retarded person on youtube I guess, that’s fun to read. You should see a doctor you know, people like you shouldn’t be able to leave the hospital, but it’s ok, go ahead, we love to see your retardness in your comments.

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    • TheDukeV / xD made my day dude thx

  9. Is it posible to get a Signatur from you on the T Shirts ? Would be a nice gift for my wife.

  10. The new intros are super awsome i LOVE them with the badger and this amx they are funny at shows the tanks strengt at the same thim.Awsome idea

  11. That 130mm looks like it’s straight outta the Napoleonic Wars.

  12. I’d go with the 130mm just for the sound. That beautiful, sharp crack is just so pleasing to the ears, and is wonderfully distinct from the thump of the 105-122mm guns below it, and the massive thunder of those above.

  13. Jezz imagine this thing and a super conker hull down shooting at each other, most pointless outcome ever

  14. And tier 8s will fight this…. Tier 8 getting worse patch by patch….

  15. wg introducing french heavy tanks with armor the end is near

  16. DezGamez – Amazing video editing. Love the intros lately.

  17. Look at him effortlessly tear apart the tank he called a god tank yesterday.

  18. i love the new musical intros, keep that up!

  19. I like how both guns are viable option. To me 130mm is more interesting since the gun hundling is still good.

  20. Now this is a heavy tank! It is ridiculously dangerous to lower tiers but not immune to them with two valid guns that aren’t set up in a way so that one is just plain better than the other. I might just drop my Russian medium grind and go for these instead, 62500xp sounds pretty cheap for the tier 8 and the tier 7 isn’t exactly a terrible tank to grind I suppose. Beats playing T-34/85 without crew skills /shrug.

    • steweygrrr , ( bite your tongue, STALINS GHOST personally guides your Russian shells with his own hand. ; )

    • Mark Parkey he doesn’t hide me from unspotted gunlines that always seem to pick me as primary despite others being closer/easier targets though 🙁 not as if I’m being xvm sniped though, I’m way too potato to earn that.

  21. FirestreakRodimusPr

    I believe Circon refered to the new Tier 9 as a French Conq and I can’t say hes wrong thus far.

  22. Wow… That was a sick godly bounce montage. Loved it!

  23. looks like a german tank.

  24. 1 Thing is fucking fun in 130mm on AMX is “Other 130mm on other tank is got 490 alpha dmg but AMX got 560 dmg”

  25. AMX M4 54 is T H I C C

  26. the 130mm can do up to 700 damage in a shot? Sold! Smell ya later 120mm gun. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  27. Wargaming what’s you smoke¿??? France never have tanks like this …….. fuking wg factory maker thanks???? The tier 10 better than is7??? Better than Russia’s heavy tank tier10???? I no why for idiots put gold on game and buy free experience to take tier 10,…and,??!! In couples updates wg neef tanks ….just that same pay to win ….fuck you wargaming ….

  28. Hmm, I have a suggestion for WG: swap the Liberte back to normal tree, and the AMX 65t to premium, it makes more sense this way.

  29. i feel like this tank is obj 260 is it me.?

  30. meh.. nothing good about this tank.. no challenge for Type 5 🙂 thankfully.

  31. WG in a nutshell right now: “so we need a new tank? Make it have IMPENETRABLE armor” “Lets replace one of the most iconic tanks in the game(183) and replace it with an impenetrable armored tank” “new premium? Yeeeees impenetrable armor” The type 5 oh yeeees…. the Pz. Kpfw. VII….Super conqueror… New french HT? Armor ofc… I mean every change wg makes is just based on buffing armor. the patton tier 9 and 10 get buffed turret- no one knows why. the 30b gets some turret armor the stb gets turret armor. i mean countless examples it just grinds my gears so much if you havent noticed from my screeching^

  32. Dez you are now my favourite youtuber for World of Tanks. Keep it up man

  33. This makes the 130mm gun of the IS-7 look even worse as it already is

  34. nice tank. seems like ppl will enjoy it.
    lick ofc 😉
    p.s. so many new things… when you got to play your own tanks :/

  35. e5 and is7 had a baby?

  36. With all these tanks with invinsible armour like the badger, maus, amx m4 45, type 5, kranvan , t10e3, and new british tank everyone should just drive around in a typ 5 heavy. I’m gona get me a type 5 now because of all this nonsense

  37. God damn it WarGaming, do not release another Super Conqueror (I’d say it’s OP because it should by no means share the same rate of fire as the FV215, although the turret is fairly easily penetrable unless the gun is fully depressed—shouldn’t have 10 degrees of gun depression either)

  38. Nguyễn Hồng Hải

    Great another T110E5 clone that is even better than the original.

  39. The 130mm makes it look like a valkyria chronicles tank.

  40. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Seems a very good heavy line to grind

  41. The Rock says, Know your role! And Fucking Scout for me Jebroni!

  42. That intro.

  43. This tank is pretty well balanced, but that means that it sucks compared to the 5A and Super Conq. I’m sticking with the tier 9 in this line. You can already use the 120mm on the tier 9, and the 130mm on the tier 10 is really, really bad against tier 10 superheavies.

  44. 62000 Xp takes 4-5 month to grind if you play for free…FUCK U WG!

  45. Dude that timing music was OP

  46. The tier 8 would be op on cw because of the 325mm gold round

  47. Such armor. Much wow!

  48. Ah fuck, I thought it was an entire new French line =/ Where are they starting from then, the AMX 50 100? Have the buy the rubbish back again I suppose =/

  49. Tier IX is the best

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