► Anti-Tank Guided Missiles ? Derp! – World of Tanks T49 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

T49 Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks T49, Tier 9 Light Tank. World of Tanks Epic Replays / Battles.

In this Epic Battle episode I am going show you T49 with ATGMs – Anti-Tank Guided Missiles… As a little bonus you, today I have 2 battles in 1 episode. 🙂



  1. EDIT: Guys, I get it… 😀 He was firing HEAT at 8 minute mark at that IS-M, not HE, so this was not the lowest roll. But nice coincidence to get the same roll as the lowest for HE. 🙂
    Not quite Stalin Guided Missiles level, but close enough.
    How do you rate my Photoshop skills btw with the thumbnail, 5/7? 😛

  2. Obj 140 loves to be put on fire….don’t ask why ?

  3. the first replay was frustrating..

  4. i allways go that spot in mid or light tanks , and you act like a child got a bagg of candy ,, keep it real uncle dezz for real gees
    it jusst- one of those 999 replays

  5. You think that t29 pen was something? I still have a replay from a year ago that I penned a T110E3 frontaly. I was slightly above him so I was able to pen a weak spot the same size as the shell with a snap shot at 150m.

  6. wargaming gave us change to equip gun rammer on t49. wg wanted to test iq level of playerbase 😛

  7. Who is that face that keeps popping up on wot videos?

  8. Uganda Warrior Knuckles

    i miss the old 10 shot bulldog 🙁

  9. Hey DEZ…. why u don’t show face like most of the youtubers ?? It will be very nice, more aproac for the supporters
    Nice vids full of entretament !

  10. is it me or is starlin mistaking this tank for stronk KV2 ? the shots are amazing.

  11. Dez can you please stop featuring tanks with durp guns. They’re not good for the game and you featuring them is glorifying them and suggesting that they are a fun mechanic

  12. Those girls are sexy asf:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))), yet another sad ending . But thanks for the battle Dez, your video making/editing skills are laksdjf lkajsdbfoljjj*** :)))))

  13. BestViewedWithCable

    The reload is so long, I dont even bother with the gun rammer. Vert stabs, coated optics, and gun laying drive. Vents could be used instead of coated optics, but you are a scout, with a low cameo value…..

  14. The exact tank is in world of tanks blitz know as the t49 A which has missiles as its ammo….no lies, it is kinda bullshit actually.

  15. I thought WG implemented ATGM in WOT 🙁

  16. Motovlog tank play

  17. My birthday is coming!!!! I can get 100 likes!

  18. A perfect tome for a Klais Kellerman comment – the first game was “almost great”

  19. I can’t see even a great move/shot in part one at all !

  20. I’m a fanatic t49 twitchy driver…..and T49 lost their game…..he should of moved LONG tikme ago behind that Lowe…… ridiculous

  21. Tank in the picture is a XM551 Sheridan, not a T49 as that tank was never made. Sheridan was capable of firing shillelagh missiles but suffered in general from numerous problems.

  22. You are slowly losing your accent Dez! not saying whether thats good or bad, i think neither 🙂

  23. How? 140 has fuel tank in front right?

    • Nipuna Gunarathne

      kazooomful shot a full hp tvp t50 in the turret with my Sheridan once. Set his engine on fire and actually killed him

  24. Baguette with cheese

    It was a HEAT round

  25. EPIC! But I still prefer 90mm on t49 or sheridan☺️

  26. 682 roll was with heat

  27. I penned a hulled down t29 in my su152 for 1012 damage

  28. Shafi ud-din Muhammad

    I remember getting 1k hp removed by one of this in my Emil.

  29. Theres a T49 That can fire guided missiles its name is T49 A on events

    But sadly the event was over

    sad 🙁

  30. So I’m clickbaited into thinking the missiles are guided, and long behold they are not, f*cking great! Wow

  31. buy t49 – put beast in your name … ??? … profit …

  32. Clickbait for the win!

  33. in Warthunder You have Anti-Tank Guided Missiles and now they put M1 abrams and British Challenger and World Of Tanks still dose not have a single chieftain RIP World Of Tanks

  34. ovo je srbin malina zver 100% maline ja berem celog leta i zver je monster to ajde srbine

  35. WoTB had actually T49 ATGM During an event for a month max,it was fucking op

  36. fk this gun i hate when my team light is t49 case i know he will dead in 1 min

  37. 140 fuel tanks is on the front easy to burn

  38. Please Dez make a video guide on IS-6 it would really really really help me out. By ‘guide’ I mean like show explain different match-ups, positioning and, I don’t know, weak spots of heavy-tank match-ups or something like that. You can’t even imagine how mentally hard for me is to try to play with IS-6 in nowadays-common matchups. I would appreciate it very much if you did such thing as a ‘guide’ or something. Thanks for reading

  39. Pfftt in wotb we have an t49 atgm is like an controlled missile

  40. Martijn Andriesse

    me KV2 vs T30 i penned the turret from 200+ meters doing 1000+ dmg. fun feeling 😛

  41. O G Moustache Male facial companion

    The T49A on blitz was PURE AIDS

  42. Zver (the other word in the nickname of the first player) means Beast in Slovene.

  43. We’ve had this in Blitz. It was called the t49A, those were actual guided missiles

  44. Asteris Dazelidis

    T49 always hits the gan

  45. *Meanwhile in War Thunder* …

  46. Dez, the high dmg replays are sure entertaining, but not all of them are the right way to play. Show us more team play or tactical gameplays. Most of high dmg replays are simply RNG based or the enemies being dumb.

  47. Bravo Mic Whiskey

    Hey Dez
    i once managed to pen the T34 heavy amercian tier 8 in the turret with my KV-2. One of my best shots i believe in my KV-2 in over 750(ish) games

  48. DestroyerAlpha Winner

    He should have loaded HEAT against that Lowe..

  49. alessandro napione

    Just much much lucky ,his traks took all the dmg

  50. TheMightyCongueror

    I have gotten the reload from the M551 Sheridan’s 152 mm gun down to 14.80 seconds…In Armored Warfare, it’s stock reload is like 18 seconds.

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