► Anyone Still Loves This Tank? :O – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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World of KV-5 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Chi-Ri Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review.

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I am back with another “You vote, I play episode”, this time featuring huge variety of from high, mid and from different classes.
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    #whogotithasagoodtaste 😛

  2. How is called the song in intro btw :O

  3. Hey Dez, when you played that Japanese tank did you have to Chi-ri pick the games? Geddit? Chi-ri pick?

    I’ll get my coat.

  4. I love this tank, but it needs a serious buff in armor and gun. The only 3 things it has going for it are a slightly fast rate of fire, low ammo cost and low repair costs. When it comes to games you can only succeed in it when people forget where to shoot it (anywhere in front, or on the turret). And unlike the TOG (another similar weird tank) the KV-5 does not have a massive hp pool to hid behind.

  5. I still have great games in my Kv5. But I also have 3 marked it and know how to play it well. Its still a fun tank.

  6. must sux dont have checked that accelerate crew xp on premuim tanks ….

  7. There was a time when the KV-5 got his HD model+armour buff and people complained it was now to OP…

  8. cant believe I havnt been able to play for the entire month of November so far because my a.c. adapter decided to crap out and Dell takes their sweet ass time shipping my new one even though I payed for 2 day shipping on the 10th.. fml

  9. No I hate the Kv-5 its soooo bad… R2D2 is suck a big weakspot that it just dont make sense driving this when there are so many other heavy premiums that are MUCH MUCH better

  10. I wanted to say Thank you for all your tank Reviews!!!

  11. Don’t diss my kv5 fool

  12. Good old KV-5!

  13. I don’t blame the Panther ??. Artillery is bullshitt!!!

  14. Blitz gave the option for the old 107mm gun or the top 107mm gun from KV-4. Is that over kill ? I dunno I haven’t played blitz in ages. Maybe I will go and play my KV5 with the new gun.

  15. Come on people. All vote for heavily-armoured high tier TDs. So Dez can go balls deep with a big TD.

  16. I have the KV-5 on console, it’s great! In console, nobody uses prem. rounds, so just wiggle and side scrape to hide the radioman’s turret and watch the shells bounce! My best blocked damage with KV-5 is over 6k. I won it for free, and don’t forget about the ramming!

    • I think it’s gun still needs a pen buff since 167mm at tier 8 irregardless of premium MM is shit, there are tier 7’s that have better penetration then the KV-5.

    • Mathew Brown bro that’s a lie, I was in it and j panther 2’s and other tds just some how shoot the mantlet and go through my armour like butter

  17. Hey Dez, I just ordered some beast mode gear. They look great, I hope there as good as your channel. Keep up the good work.

  18. Yes I still very much love my KV-5

  19. This tank on PC seems to be severely under powered now and it’s starting to reach that point on console, I think it’s about time they game this tank an whole entire rework, mainly it’s completely useless gun.

  20. I still play this tank! I actually just got it 3 marked

  21. Those r2d2 turrets forced me to drive that tank backwards every time I played it… Fuck that tank

  22. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    i swear im the only one that doesnt prem in that tank. well i dont prem at all, but esp with that tank. ive had many times going up agaisnt decent players using it prem and im not using it and trade one for one so easy. even many load apcr when they see is3. i just try to bounce and wait for a good shot. i love to try and get good or better without compensating for it. i wouldnt mined a buff and i hear people say is6 needs one and i say kv5 does. they say no, but before they already buffed is6 a few patches ago. well if it gets another one, then kv better get one then. when i was on console, that was my prem tank and i never fired prem and would get 2000-3500 damage. im not all that good, but i never use auto lame or prem. but the gun they cant really buff, since they woulld have to buff the t150 and i dont think they will. but kv it already has a decent fire rate. maybe bump pen to 175 and fix some weak spots. that would be fine for me. if they did more i’d really be happy, but if it was prem pen, i wouldnt care less then, thats about the only thing i wouldnt care for, for them to buff on that tank.

  23. was a time when you could own in this tank. I recall blocking 9500 damage once in a tier 8 game on malinovka i had no right to survive.

  24. What kind of masochist keeps the Chi-Ri after getting the STA-1?

  25. I like the tank but it’s the most under-gunned/powered premium heavy that WoT has ever sold w/o any buffs!

  26. Just remove the KV-5’s tits and give it a KV-4 gun…
    Easy fix

  27. Why sniping with a howitzer? Sav is amazing for pushing with the howitzer. Long gun is also good but at this tier I would use only the howitzer

  28. hahaha they fire more premium rounds in regular server nowadays than in test server

  29. Have the tank and for reason everytime i play it my games are awesome, but still it needs some love, maybe removal of frontal weakspots, mainly that R2D2

  30. “ With Gold ammo meta armor has no value “
    Thanks Dez, when I say this people are reacting like I am a maniac.
    Thanks for stating that.

  31. U should use regular gun on that Sav…derp type is useful only on things with armour (or enough HP to trade)…like Hetzer…

  32. I miss when the KV 5 was enjoyable. Like so many tanks, this one is obsolete and in mead of an update. OR do something to nerf or limit the numbers of gold ammo

  33. Have they said something about prem ammo ? Like are they doing something about it, or it just stays like it is ?

  34. an antiquated tank to be sure..:)

  35. Can’t pen shit. Literally it can’t pen dog shit..

  36. Used to love the KV-5, but recently I cannot remember the last time I played it, so sad.

  37. In your classic style of variable creativity DEZigned another great video, thumbs up for the like ; )

  38. KV-5…the legend of Beast-Modes past.


  40. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Oh Dez, how hhumourously murderous you are, how you enjoyed looking the poor arty swine in the eyes and giving him hope that you will forgive his sins, which he committed while camping in the base, Oh, you could almost see happiness in the bastard’s eyes…. He thought he might even get away from the clutches of the armoured afterlife… He shall now suffer, squeezed between Leviathan’s butt crevice


  42. Power Creep but still fun, gotta please Stalin. Kv-5 is fun at times but the premium spam noobs is getting annoying, I’ve stopped playing the game because of it. It’s better to use regular ammo to be a better player by having more knowledge of what tanks are easy to pen, ect.

  43. My first Premium tank and I loved it, but now it just feels like I am driving Toilet paper. Everything pens this and I have been unable to pen even when shooting into the broadside of some tier VII meds. . . not more love for this tank – I want my money back

  44. Russian bias i guess…

  45. Rip my most played tank another victim of power creep

  46. hahaha CHI-RI malévolo vs arty.. haha

  47. KV-5 was never good. It was always a meme tank.

  48. Ya well DEZ of course they are shooting pemium rounds at you because them pref match making tanks also have very low pen just like the kv5 but actually you had it worse 167 pen and they got 175 but really they need to fix them few tanks penetration honestly because seeing super heavies like Mauschen,VK100.01p and defender and patriot….oh wait thpe 4 heavy almost for got and now the French heavies coming.

  49. Do the french tier 4 TD
    Or the tier 3!!!

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