► Anyone still playing Grand Battle Mode? – World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay, French Light Tank. Mode, Tank Battle.

Today I bring you my final recorded episode from the old, pre 1.0 World of Tanks… Let’s about Grand Battle mode a little bit, anyone still playing it?
30 vs 30 tank battles sounds on paper, but… Let’s talk about it.



  1. You should know the pen of heat won’t drop over range….

  2. I love Grand Battle maps, they feel more like actual battlefields and less of a showcase for corridor meta and Russian bias. I also enjoy them because I find it less stressful and hazardous when I attempt to use flanking tactics with thin skinned mediums & TDs.

  3. Wel.update 1.0 just makes me quit the game.even on lowest grafic settings my PC is just not perform 🙁 PC Crash and restart after 2 battles ,makes me sad becose i have nice results since 2013.when i start the game 🙁 i wil watch your videos to remaind me the good old days in game

    • franco seitan update your GPU drivers. repair the game or do a complete new install. my laptop runs this on maximum, i5HQ (~3ghz) 8gb ram and a 1050ti 4gb vram. turned down the shadows though, but the graphics is improved even with lower settings 🙂

  4. I stopped playing since I’m trying to three mark some of my tier 10 tanks

  5. I like Grand battles, haven’t had any trouble with it.

  6. u did good, good vid ..

  7. whatever happened to that cool mode on the test server where you had to destro the turrets and respawned

  8. It can be frustrating enough dealing with 14 retards on your team I sure don’t need more then that.

  9. I’d prefer a 30 vs 30 mode on conventional 15 vs 15 maps. It would give rise to chaotic battles.

  10. how are all the people on youtube playing only this klondike map and I newer had a game on it? well I am going to pres that thing and not hope to play grand battles any more

  11. People like me have it turned off so I probably mess up the queue for NA :^)

  12. grand battle mode I don’t play anymore take much camping

  13. Nope… I have play few times and turn off. Maps is bad.

  14. Man way way too boring arty/camper mode

  15. I still haven’t played a grand battle

  16. Grand battles are grand trash!!!

  17. Hey he was right this battle was grand!

  18. I turned off Grand Battles because I was getting basically nothing but. I like them, but not every time.

  19. 4 artys, NO THANK YOU.

  20. Well still have to wait a few days for 1.0 on the Asia server…

  21. no more ballz deep clan?

  22. I would fucking play this game mode and there’d be a lot more people playing if we weren’t stuck in the trenches of hell at tier 8. Luckily i just got my st-1. Here comes another painful grind

  23. I have avoided tier 10 in general, because full tier 10 matches are only slightly less annoying than playing tier 8.

  24. They had some potential with this gammode but they messed it up. They really need to add different type of battles to this game, because that is what this game is missing.

  25. Grand Battle is bullshit.

  26. I still like the grand battles mode it just needs more time to be understood!

  27. Uganda Warrior Knuckles

    I still havent even been in ONE gb yet 🙁

  28. I cant play because of the update I get booted after every battle now lots of lag and my PC is only 3 yrs old

  29. grand boring.

  30. I love the AMX 13 series. So iconic and fun like the M4

  31. I enjoy the only 3 grand battles I got to play on the SEA server. Impossible to get a game on the ANZ server

  32. I think it would be more fun if there was more than just two maps for Grand Battle mode. Oh wait… now with 1.0, it’s only one map now. It would be better if Wargaming would add at least 4-5 different maps for Grand Battle mode.

  33. Grand Battle got old very fast tbh. Klondike was horrible with arty and the other map was fairly good but again, got old fast. Kinda surprised Klondike didn’t make it into patch 1.0, but again, I fucking hated that map.

  34. General Saufenberg

    this mode needs a rework, to many problems. ammo is only 1 of them. maybe they should take a look at AW and their pve field box

  35. Joona Uusiheimala

    If mm sends me to grand battle but… since i rarely play tierX (anyway you know what Im saying)

  36. Goes on holiday and still gets back *before* ASIA can even get a sniff of 1.0 >.>

  37. did not play it , its tier 10 only , I dont play tier 10 , (yet)

  38. what is the most hated thing in wot?
    …artys!!! WG still didn’t get it…
    GB mode is artys paradise…result no one likes it.

  39. Try doing that kind of damage in the Rhm. You can’t because it’s German.

  40. Nobody plays it because its an expensive campfest.

  41. Darijus Jankauskas

    If WG wants to make Grand battle mode popular again, my suggestions would be:

    1) Make it seperate game mode from random battles, that you could play every single battle only of Grand battles.
    2) Make missions related to Grand battle mode.
    For example: 150 bonds for winning 5 battles, being in top 20 of the team and etc.
    3) Make it possible to join and for 8T tanks.
    For example: 30vs30 8T (all types of tanks).

    Wouldn’t these changes be cool? I’m up for it.

  42. I wish i could play it more i really enjoy it

  43. Played it ones, was accidental.. For some reason the game removed the tag but I see you received some surprise butt sex by that IS7 lol.. I think WG should introduce a player vs. AI game mode…. like we are having in WoW and armoured warfare

  44. We need the grand battles to grind the new currency.

  45. Somehow 30v30 feels more boring. Maybe it’s one of the following:
    1) Only tier 10 tanks
    2) Too big of a map. 30v30 on Mittengard would be much more fun.
    3) People only fire premium rounds, for some reason.

  46. id play it more if it wasn’t tier 10 only

  47. @DezGamez I wish You will enjoy your Games in World of Tanks 1.0 cos it looks Amazing 🙂 And BTW Keep up the good work! 🙂

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