► AP-183 – HEY, That’s Pretty Good! – World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b 183 Review. World of Tanks FV215b 183, 0 Destroyer. World of Tanks Derp Tanks. World of Tanks Live Series.

Under my previous episode about another 183mm boomstick, FV4005 Stage II, a lot of you guys were not happy how the hero of the replay used more than a few HESH rounds… and a lot of you wanted to see me playing with FV215b 183, with AP rounds only. I have made episodes about full HE 183, full HESH 183, but I can not remember any episodes about full AP 183, so LET’S GO!

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. APGASM? Does it still feel the same Dez bro?

  2. bet that bat chat 58 on your team felt really stupid for calling the team stupid at the beginning

  3. 5.5k damage, only 3rd class badge…yikes.

  4. Only problem with AP is no Heshgasms, and a Heshgasm would be good for my broken fingers 🙁

  5. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Dang dez that first battle was one hell of a bottom tier carry!

  6. Fuck Dez, do you ever sleep?

  7. The LegitScrubb

    So I’m busy today but I always make time to look at your videos. I love your channel so much that I always watch your old videos and try to be first on watching the newer ones.

  8. forbidden1 from FAME was in ur game. And in the FV replay too.


  10. theyoutubeuser524587

    awesome vids!!!

  11. Marshall Allshouse

    i love the fact that some people are so against all prem rounds that they refuse to use the blatantly better ammo choice on these tanks.
    like why do you grind these tanks to not use the hesh…..

  12. Okay so @DezGamez, I know you’re not interested in getting involved in any kind of drama, but seriously:
    Faceoff 10 TVP VTU vs. 10 Object 252U.
    Come on, pretty please?

  13. that rage though XD

  14. Dez, I love your Victory Girls especially the one on the left with the generous bottom.

  15. tier 10 dont need alway that f….. prium ammo spec not on tier 8mm

  16. fv 215b 183 in shreks swamp,

    evryday stuff

  17. missing that arty was hard to watch. too much rng in this damn game

  18. shooting at Arty with health around 5-600 feels bad when you only get 12 rounds lol

  19. I have been watching your vids for a long time now and I just now subscribed…sorry for procrastinating it 🙁

  20. I am not that confident that I can go into battle with only 12 rounds. I would rage like a beast at every missed shot. Nice Estonian flags BTW

  21. The shot into T-1o was beautiful

  22. Gregory Artavia Salazar

    The Death Star

  23. Death Star drivers were the original gold spammers.

  24. Lol Dez you madman you really went and did it. Crazy match’s man!
    I still think carrying a 50/50 loadout lets you have more flexibility in a battle.

  25. Need more E-100 games.

  26. YES! Dez goes back on tour! I am looking forward to it! 😀

  27. minh ngọc trần

    they just nerf ALL prem round in wot blitz lol, 15 percent damage reduction and a little bit cheaper, nerf 183 armor too, perhaps they are testing it there first

  28. InsertEvilLaugh

    The more I play and see the rounds deviating from where I aim, the more I’m convinced there’s just no rifling left in the barrels of the guns we fire.

  29. How I play World of Tanks

    good job – nice to see the falacy that you ‘have’ to fire premium extinguished

  30. 8:37???

  31. Damn it dez now i want both this and the 62a

  32. Wanted to grind for this beast but again, potato player with standard account…

  33. video quality is unwatchable

  34. This is a worse Jpz E100 with kind of a turret -Dez 2017

  35. SmashedBanana Starzinger

    where my memers at 😀

  36. SmashedBanana Starzinger

    Are you from Estonia?

  37. Next any med tank full HE?:) or stock any 7-9 tier tank:)

  38. nice shots very well played

  39. 8:40 cos yep accuracy nerfs a few patches back are good for the game, bollocks 🙂

  40. @ 8:05 is what I hate about the 183, gun handling is not so good and the reload makes that even worse. O lol, another miss. What a coincidence…

  41. I have osteoporosis

  42. Dramer Memestar

    8:36 he slapped himself i think

  43. Matthew dont need this

    people are still complaining about premium ammo? its in the game for crying out loud for silver cost. I try to use standard rounds as much as possible but have no issues dabbing that button if needed. like if my standard pen isnt good enough or anytime i see stupid jap heavies. premium ammo is in the game use when you need it or not it is your choice. oh and i prefer ap on the 183. well my two cent have been given. have a good day.

  44. TheCardboardJedi

    if you fire before the aiming circle is fully reduced you’re just gonna miss. e train to Whiff City. Snap shot my fuzzy white butt…

  45. lol why shoot BC with this accuracy when jgpe100 is wide open at right side funny dez!?

  46. Dejan Arandjelovic

    lol, gunner almost always drunk and you still don’t want the ShitBarn?

  47. Alexander Kvasnica

    Try to play real tank game like war thunder not this bullshit for kids 🙂

  48. Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    Great video mate … keep the good work 🙂

  49. Vaping Saves Lives

    FV215B 183 sez, ‘I haz no HESH… you want some fuk?’

  50. Damnit +DezGamez i saw the unread message and instinctively tried to click on it and read it lol.

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