► Armored Warfare: 0.13 Update – Type 98 Gameplay – Buffs & Nerfs, New Tanks, New Map!

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Source: DezGamez

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Finally postponed Armored Warfare patch 0.13 update here with a lot of new and interesting changes!
We received a lot of new features including 7 new Chinese tanks:
Type 59 (Tier 3) Main Battle Tank (MBT)
Type 69-II (Tier 4) Main Battle Tank (MBT)
Type 80-II (Tier 5) Main Battle Tank (MBT)
Type 85-IIM (Tier 6) Main Battle Tank (MBT)
Type 90-II (Tier 7) Main Battle Tank (MBT)
Type 98 (Tier 8) Main Battle Tank (MBT)
WZ-1224 (Tier 5 Premium) Premium Main Battle Tank (MBT)
We also got one new map: “Coastal Threat Map”.
New matchmaking, buffs and nerfs…

► List of all the changes: https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-update-013



  1. Didn’t like the MBT changes.

  2. Not sure why you didn’t just do a custom game and get on the coastal map to
    look around.

  3. Low tier MBTs didnt need armor nerfs as they all can be penned frontally
    with all guns, and the sides can be penned with autocannons. It sucks that
    the dmg needed to unlock the 3rd dealer wasnt counted retroactively. Other
    than that good patch.

  4. Tere Dez! 😀
    How do you like the new Type 98? I find it really underperforming, at least
    against it’s own tier and tier 9s. Meanwhile, it’s totally fine against
    tier 7…

  5. Seems to have no armor what so ever. Only really interested in the tier 4
    as it seems to have cage armor built in at tier 4.

  6. Martin Dijkman Dulkes

    played the new map once for now; pretty nice if you ask me.. The 87Kb
    update was to enable the new map

  7. Just wish the shot delay was worked out a bit harder. It’s something I
    barely felt on WoT but it’s absurd in AW. The lead required if you don’t
    have extremely low ping is horrible. Doesn’t help that the server doesn’t
    seem to be on the east coast.

  8. Those chinese things are rubbish. Marketing fck up by OE/Mycum.

  9. Hey I was in the first game you showed where you was Type 59. I was the
    enemy Zhalo-S

  10. looking forward to playing the new chinese mbts i bought the new premium
    and so far i like it the gun dep really really sucks but everything else is
    good about it so if the others play like it then i think i may have found a
    mbt favorite line 🙂 not favorite overall so far thats the bmp line

  11. high tier mbts really did need some sort of nerf they have been able to
    rofl stomp everything for a long time so this was needed but the lower tier
    mbts do kinda suck

  12. don’t know if you will agree with me.. but actualy the chinese mbt (start
    at t6) are pretty weak.. in PVE bot Autopen you cauze of the lower plate..
    and the probleme is.. lower plate does like 80% of your total plate…..
    Actualy IRL those tank got huge armor on the lower plate 🙂 so i you think
    like me those tank need Up go forum :)

  13. I enjoyed Coastal Map.Its Especially good for Close quarters and Fast
    vehicles like the Leo’s.As for the Cap point,I’ve only had the One where
    two teams had to fight for the one cap in the middle.And it was within the
    city.Though,At some areas it tends to be a bit framey when you zoom in
    because the smog was So thick.

  14. Too bad the new PvE system comes with costs that cancel the boosts out. I
    took part in plenty of PvE matches yesterday, every game that I was top was
    about the same as I’m used to… not more. All games that I was second or
    third were FAR less income so overall we earn even less.

  15. Nice video, dezgames!

  16. Hey, how can we send you replays? Do you have an email address for that or
    smth like that?

  17. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Now everyone will be able to try the legendary Type 59 ;)


  19. Really just not loving the PvE income gutting. I was TRYING to avoid PvP
    and the tomatoes who lemming rushed to it from WoT

  20. Arty still the same yesterday I played some PVE games and in some maps arty
    focus on me all game till they kill me.

  21. I like Chinese, I like Chinese MBT’s
    They only come up to your knees
    Yet they’re always friendly, and they’re ready to please

  22. you got the newte now!

  23. That shiny tow cable really pissed me off so much, glad they fixed it, my
    life is much better now.

  24. cum-poh-nents

  25. Played the new map yesterday, but 90% of my team went to 1 side, so didn’t
    get most of the gameplay of the map.

  26. They need to upgrade the British line of tanks, like this:
    Tier 3 Centurion w/20 pounder
    Tier 4 Centurion w/L7 105mm
    Tier 5 Chieftain Mark 5/Mark 10 (The same)
    Tier 6 Chieftain 900 (Chieftain w/better engine and Chobham armour, existed
    as prototype)
    Tier 7 Challenger 1 (this one needs a penetration upgrade for the L11A5
    gun, also the HESH rounds needs to be the equivalent of HEAT)
    Tier 8 Ariete. This tank it´s a WTF in this line, but servers as the bridge
    to the Challenger 2. Also reminds me of the OF-40 in the Leopard line.
    Tier 9 Challenger 2 (also in urgent need for a pen upgrade)
    For premium maybe in Tier 7 the MBT-80 a prototype that never made full
    Also, why not a Israeli line of tanks?? that one will be cool, maybe
    starting with a Centurion “Sho´t” with L7 in Tier 4, then a Magach
    (M60/M48) in Tier 5 to then in Tier 6 – Merkava 1, Tier 7 – Merkava 2, Tier
    8 – Merkava 3 and Tier 9 – Merkava 4.

  27. its hard to unlock china tank line
    i mean hard to unlock type 59

  28. Hey Dez how about doing a “how to not potato in armored warfare” video
    showing some high tier how to deal with some tanks and etc

  29. i i think i like the new map BUT its so fucking dark you cant see your own
    tank when in shadow……if i wanted to play blind i simply could close my
    Autocannon dmg was allready op….

  30. and you can 1 hit in PVE :D

  31. What I didn’t like with this patch :
    It seems that there are still bugs/ new bugs in PvE (I’ll try to report
    them if I see them again, like an invisible object blocking the road…)
    Arty is still focusing ^^ Not that it isn’t a good thing, that is what a
    normal player would do. But if the bots have 3 Pzh 2000, and 2 of them are
    focusing you, while you’re only in a tier5/6 tank…its a bit too much imo.

  32. Meh, I just stopped playing entirely.
    PvE income didn’t change enough to keep me in because getting my PvP
    vehicles researched is OK, but the complete inability to earn enough to
    outfit them for PvP is a game killer.

  33. It wasnt only the arty in PvE. Most of my PvE game I’m feeling like i’m
    Target N:1 for all the bots. And nevermind the rank or the tank. It’s like
    i’ve fcked some bot wifes and now the all hate me. Right after i got spoted
    all “bot guns start pointing at me like “Hey, there’s that fcker!All get

  34. Hey dude, im sorry for ask but you have any Chieftain Mk.6 code left? It’s
    my favorite tank, and yet i could not got one on several streams i watched.
    Please, if you have one can you give it to me?

  35. Still pissed off they haven’t added the amx-rc10 or ajax or tanks from
    middle east :/

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