► Armored Warfare: Annoying Bugger Doing Work Work Work Work…

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Warfare Wiesel 1 Gameplay . Armored Warfare Stingray 2 Gameplay . Armored Warfare AFV Gameplay. Armored Warfare Gameplay.

I am back with some more AW action. This time going to play with 2 fast tanks – Wiesel 1 and Stingray 2. Going to be one annoying bugger, really annoying. 🙂



  1. FIRST!!!!!

  2. Wooooooo

  3. 136th! Wheres ma trophy!?

  4. Last time I was this early the UK was still in the EU

  5. Dez you are Awesome! Just saying :D

  6. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Hello I watch your videos! did you know that???

  7. Is this game good? like wot?

  8. alexander currie

    how many people check there phone his phone went off

  9. Hey dez thanks for the great videos you make for us, really does make my
    day better :)

  10. are you playing on the eu server

  11. I would like to see C1 ariete

  12. What tank is that?

  13. Tell us how to play the Leopard 1s.

  14. Crossout please, great vid’s BTW

  15. Dez i hope you become successful, love your vids you have my support

  16. merkava 2 b please

  17. The_Rebel_Tanker

    U make gr8 vids, hope you have fun in the long run, we all support you :)

  18. Great video as always buddy!! Im watching your videos almost 6 months and
    these videos are perfect! That sense of humour is great and characters of
    videos is great. Thanks for what u are doing man! it´s perfect 😉 Bless u
    from Slovakia

  19. Gareth Fairclough

    You know the game is f*cked when a critical hit is a *bad* thing!

    I’d like to see you in the Chieftain, or the Leo 1A5.

  20. This game is dead as hell on NA. Impossible to get into any PvP games.

  21. DezGamez you should make your phone ringer a gun shot or tank shot sound so
    it blends into the game play 🙂


  22. Hey DezGamez, can you show us some soviet action in T-80, T-72A or T72 ?
    Real tanks made by the hands of Stalin himself ;-)

  23. would like to see some baglepanzer 57 action

  24. its not hull traverse u need, it’s the retro that give acc. and turret
    traverse. u need a super fast turrent to out play other afv’s when u attack
    them, ur turret will keep up better then the other afv’s turret.

  25. M60A3 or XM1! The tanks that made the Soviet Union piss in their pants!

    Also Take care of yourself Dez. I would hate for you to feel like you’ve
    burned out again.

  26. sixstringsamurai007

    lol that wasn’t a high roll for a Cent 120….that was about 200 low.

  27. wishing the NA server isn’t so dead

  28. Gamingwithgrandpa420

    I agree will Alex…..Your vids make me smile, and that’s a good thing!

  29. Real life stuff lol

  30. Keyboard…………………………………..

  31. plz play the m1a2 abrums

  32. Great stuff Dez cant believe i missed it. Oh well got to see it just now.

  33. omg

  34. is that game still in beta

  35. lets see a leo 2A6 game play

  36. that clicking sound tho

  37. Would like to see some terminator gameplay, doesnt matter which tier to me

  38. Always love to see you play… CRAB.

  39. Same here I also hope you get many subs your a great guy

  40. James Ramsey (ShadowXSoldier)

    Okay bro, from me to you turn your mic sensitivity down a bit, your
    keyboard is killing me. I can’t focus on anything else.

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