► Armored Warfare: Artillery – An Actual Support? – Palmaria Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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A lot of you wanted to see some artillery gameplay on my channel, so today you are going to see exactly that! I am going to take out my “nosogood” Palmaria going to reck some tanks, hopefully!
The question is… Is artillery balanced in armored warfare? Is artillery an actual support class, what that should be?



  1. Hopefully artillery in wot will become support one day :D

  2. Hope you get those ice tanks ;)

  3. Merry Christmas. :)

  4. It’s only me or the Palmaria look a little bit like a Jagdtiger ?

  5. I lovet he new garage and sounds :D.
    In my opinion arty is so hard to play in AW, I like it. Though scoring good
    in arty is very hard. What do you think? Play arty in PVP or in PVE is

  6. i hope they soon will be fixing arty and pve spawns in since they are now
    too tugh to play!

  7. Thats how its done, in support of your team.

    Great video Dez

    And happy holidays to you

  8. Ehh… AW looks so nice. Still I think that I invested too much money in
    WoT to swap games or even split my attention between them both. But it is
    nice to see something other than WoT action ;P

  9. Edu sulle, väga hea video. Olen väga palju kasulikku teada saanud sind

  10. http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/12/too-much-of-good-thing.html
    ^^not after this Dez, not after this………………………

  11. Merry Christmas, man! Thanks for all the fun this year <3 Here's to more
    awesome videos in 2016!

  12. The thumbnail was kinda misleading… hoped it was gonna be a paladin video

  13. yeah not going to lie. sometimes I still hate getting the sole focus of the
    enemy arty. But this is still a MUCH more fair system then WoT arty by far.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

  14. wargaming have much better garages when somthing special happens.
    dez do the challenger2 as a xmas gift!

  15. Норм

  16. Hy Dez i find the Arty Dmg and Play and Aiming its in AW better us in Wot.
    Best Regards Dagpuhoo510

  17. Thanks for all the great videos that you bring us Dez, looking forward to
    what you plan in the coming year. Happy Christmas!

  18. Stop drinking …lol!

  19. still 1 hater…. so sad

  20. merry Christmas to you to dez ! have a good new year.

  21. Palmaria looks like an E 100 ?

  22. cant wait for my christmas… me and my brothers only get 1 lottery ticket
    every year, I hope its the winning one this year:-)

  23. Dez I maybe wrong but I’m pretty sure support rounds don’t show you to
    other enemy artillery i.e. smoke and illumination rounds. I hardly ever
    move after firing them and have yet to get countered after shooting them.

  24. Do you plan to use Viktor(or any commander with +10% crew attributes) later
    on? You’ll shave more seconds off your drum reload since the Palmaria has 2
    loaders and the 0.12.1693 hotfix hasn’t actually fixed the crew skill
    stacking yet.

  25. you dezerve ten-fold subs

  26. Brown shit clicker noob!!!!!!!! I hate arty!!!!!!!!!!

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