► Armored Warfare: BMPT-72 “Terminator 2” Review / Gameplay – Tier 9 Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV)

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Source: DezGamez

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Finally I have something new to show you. This time it is going to be another tier 9 armored fighting (AFV) – The Terminator 2 aka BMPT-72. This is newest Russian Armored Fighting Vehicle.



  1. my guts told me to look for a new vid ^^

  2. do you know how long I was waiting for a video? >:|

  3. do you alreadt have Enough replays for next rngesus?

  4. Where are you from Dez?

  5. I find loads of shots into the turret deal zero damage (no effect).

  6. Any chance for some challenger 2 gameplay? :)

  7. Nice, any chances we may see Challenger 2 and/or B1 Draco?

  8. Nice gameplays Dez! Enjoyed the video :)

  9. nice man, keep it up….

  10. Dez got a spare computer that can run this game more than 30fps?

  11. So Dez. What kind of car DO you drive then?

  12. I kinda feel ashamed for not noticing you on my team in the live commentary
    part of the video, I was in the B1 Draco on your team. 🙂 Don’t worry I’ll
    say ”hi” next time. :)

  13. The time on the video was 13:37 I like Dat!

  14. challenger2? ever?

  15. i wont to play with you?

  16. Do you guy’s now if the premium Terminator will ever be on sale again?

  17. is the same -25%/+25% damage and penetration rng in world of tanks seen in
    armored warfare?

  18. what is the defult button to activate aps

  19. wheres your camo DEZ? you gotta make that thing sexy! :D

  20. what GPU do you use I only play wot an would love my game to look like

  21. Wait – so not ALL ATGMs follow your reticle? I thought all of them were
    guided like that. I know the MBT-70 has that type of ATGM, I used to loop
    shots over obstacles with it too!

  22. hmm i wonder what car dez gamez drives?

  23. New event in AW start today.
    Join to White Lancers and show germans who win world war III.
    And say “danke” for imigrants in Europe,.

  24. Can’t wait for the T-15 to come in as the Tier 10.

  25. TheDarkentDerp WoT_Blitz

    wow AW looks ripped off… just sayin

  26. Sooooo Warrior or Ramka?

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