► Armored Warfare: Chieftain Mk. 5 & MBT-70 Gameplay – Keep Calm And Carry Gamez!

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Source: DezGamez

Armored Chieftain Mk. 5 Gameplay, Review/Preview. Armored Warfare MBT-70 Gameplay, Review/Preview. Armored Warfare Premium Main . Armored Warfare Best Premium Tank. Armored Warfare Open Beta!

You guys wanted to see some main battle tank action and in today’s episode you are going to see that!
Going to take out highest tier non-premium tank at the moment – “Chieftain Mk. 5”. After that rolling out with your favorite “MBT-70”, which tier 6 USA main battle tank!



  1. First.

  2. second lel

  3. Hey it would be really nice if you would post a video about a vehicle out
    of the bmd series next.

  4. Noah S (TridentMage)

    6th ?

  5. For one reason or another, i don’t have that wow feeling seeing armoured
    warfare like i have seeing other games. Is that just mee or are there other
    people that feel this way too? Still, nice vid games!

  6. Where did you get that damage counter?

  7. that cry baby in the chat hahahaha he have friends? LOL what a joke

  8. My goodness that t72A in chat during the MBT70 game is one butthurt scrub.
    People like that are so annoying :(

  9. Shame Dez… Sorry you don’t have any friends :P, I’ll be your friend if
    you want.

  10. i didn’t know MBT-70 bots carried games and then uploaded them to youtube
    with live bot commentary

  11. wow lots of crybabies on that server

  12. only gone and got 13th

  13. the Graphics need to improve on this game..its just not got the same feel
    yet like wot

  14. That fucking T-72…I’m sorry but I watched the chat for most of the game
    xD Great video though Dez! Shame you’re clearly such a raging nub… ;)

  15. two days ago I had a game in my leopard 1 and dealt ~4500dmg, still lost,
    got more exp on a loss than any of the enemies on their win… :D

  16. You should use Juan as your commander in all mbt’s

  17. MADAZZY The Wild Scot

    Dez what happened last night u where in a match with ur MBT-70 and u got
    insta killed at beginning

  18. I’m late, must tell a joke

    3 damage shot

  19. Good games; very instructive – to me at least.

    That chat really made it a classic replay!

  20. Shame on you Dez fighting those men v women battles! y you no fight man v
    man like brave T-72A and do 500 damage with honour? :p

  21. Dez, you are in NA or EU?

  22. Just got the chieftain and got the added armour on the turret.

    And I hate it, just had a game and got penned by everything, first time.

  23. Battle chat, once again, proving it’s nothing more than a source of brain

  24. Can you do a live gameplay on OF-40

  25. People with the biggest mouths are usually the worst players.

  26. That T-72A was really mad!! Reminds me the infamous “stetpedder violet,
    kamp bush, unfair plane”…

  27. Your videos are really improving my gameplay… thanks and keep it up

  28. toxic WoT players will be toxic

  29. They can make the game good looking and have good game play but never they
    seem to are able to make a good honnest matchmaking system. This broken
    corrupt shit mm takes away anny motevation to improve my self and i can not
    recomend it to anny of my friends such unfair game and wil never spend a
    dime to this crap till they repair mm and wipe the stats.

  30. First Order Stormtrooper

    That T-72A was saltier than the dead sea HAHAHA

  31. I think you used up your snap shot luck on that VBL.

  32. ту

  33. That T72A diver needs to be dragged into the forest and shot so the retard
    won’t further pollute the gene pool.

  34. DeezBotz! Love the MBT-70, good armor and mobility, punchy gun. A good
    overall package. Got a very good game a few matches after buying it. The
    Chief, still getting used to it. A bit too slow for my liking. I hope
    they’ll have an Asia server soon. As playing with 270+ms is a bit tough.
    Although reaction can be a bit slower, it’s surprisingly still playable and
    feels smooth.

  35. jared hk (Digingholes)

    Man that guy must have been shraaders brother or disciple on being an
    asshole. All he needs to do now is spell everything he types wrong.

  36. Hey des gaming I was wondering if any of the German tanks at tier 5 And up
    are any fun? And can I also please add me as a friend in armored Warfare
    its HMAN1148.

  37. wasn’t the XM1 one of the prototypes for the M1A1?

  38. Is the EU server usually this salty? because I’ve never seen any of that
    shit on NA (which is a nice change from WOT, granted it will probably show
    up eventually, always does)

  39. I don’t know what to get… continue the T72 Line for T90? or get the MK5
    for Challenger … :(

  40. Fritz “Nazi” Misawa

    Holy shit 80 fps on ultra ! What is your specs ? I get 20 fps on ultra…

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