► Armored Warfare: CRAB, Tier 9 AFV – My Absolute Favorite Machine! – CRAB Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

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Finally I am going be able to showcase another tier 9 vehicle. You have already seen M1A2 Abrams T-90MS in action, but today… Today you are going to see my new absolute favorite vehicle in the game – “CRAB”.



  1. Imagine crab platoons

  2. I heard the AW CRAB might be too big compared to the real CRAB. Is it true

  3. I have crabs; )

  4. This thing seems ridiculously overpowered, holy shit

  5. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    «I am going for a first spotting run» he says, casually going 120kph on the
    side of the road (not even on the road, that’s too mainstream) and not even
    mentioning it

  6. I would love to unlock the CRAB, though gone up the line of the Wiesel 1
    and can’t get any Tokens from the Wiesel.

  7. grate video

  8. Wow. I am speechless… Good thing I stopped REALLY giving a shit about
    Armored Warfare.

    This is literally the worst case of “Jeep with a Kalashnikov” possible,
    because that is EXACTLY what it is!

    If this vehicle could do even HALF of what it does in Armored Warfare, MBTs
    would have all production stopped.

    The REALITY? The gun on the CRAB could not reliably penetrate the ASS of an

    Seriously, FACEPALM Obsidian….

  9. That is Absurd! 😀 , Well played

  10. It’s a lot of fun in PvE, more than PvP I think. It’s like the Draco in
    that regard. Let MBT’s like the Leo. 2A6 or Challenger 2 take the shots
    with their pretty much impenetrable armour while you sit behind them and
    dish out thousands upon thousands of damage in seconds to AI that randomly
    decide to turn their side and rear to you.

  11. the only arty’s I hate in Armored Warfare are the ones with the auto-loader

  12. No one made a decent Leo. 2A6 video, cmon Dez we need one!

  13. People said this thing would be a load of CRAB, glad I didn’t listen to

  14. Assuming they eventually fix the stupid shot delay then tanks like CRAB and
    Wiesel will get a massive indirect nerf, since at the moment it’s so much
    harder in AW to hit fast tanks which are carouseling you than in WoT. At
    the moment you see the likes of CRAB zooming around with almost impunity
    and DezGamez is taking advantage not only of speed and small size, but the
    terrible shooting mechanics (shot delay) which make these small fast tanks
    so much harder to hit than they should be.

  15. Challenger 2 plz

  16. maybe its OP…you just saying that cause you like so you dont wana to get
    it nerf :-)

  17. That is a freaking rally car with turret on top!

  18. DeZ theTank is pretty good but not op but when it’s in your hands it is op
    and does not need to be in the game 🙂 keep up the great videos man

  19. Nice video, but that Leo 2A6 did 11k damage and got almost 5k xp in a lost
    , wow if he won that would be 1 man carried game :D

  20. Dezgamez is crabby today : )

  21. Are those HEAT rounds loaded in that things 30mm autocannon…

    I didn’t think they made HEAT rounds that small.

  22. these vids are why i have a “dezgamer dabutcher” playlist.

  23. dez can we see some leo 2 the tier 7 game play? (if you have it)

  24. i love how this is a thing in armoured warfare 🙂 this is the ultimate no
    armour all mobility example ive ever seen.

  25. High tier chat in this game is truly foul.

  26. Balls deep action lmao! This game looks fun but the driving physics look
    weird tho,like the gravity on that planet is 8 g’s lol hardly any
    suspension movement reminds me of cruising USA hehe

  27. This vehicle is simply LUDACRIS!!!! I gave up AW after 50 battles,thank

  28. José Carlos Pereira

    Man if you play this vehicle and then go play wows you become afk while
    sailing cause you fell asleep in your keyboard :D. What a machine. Too fast
    for me and my low tier PC im affraid but i enjoy to watch good players at
    work. Carry on

  29. Dez likes crabs.

  30. Hmmm…if only it was correctly scaled compared to the mbts. I’ve already
    called GG with this game. I might have a week or two of prem time left, but
    fuck it. This game still isn’t half baked. I’ll give it another whack when
    it’s done.

  31. please show the last page of the results screen… I gotta know if high
    tier tanks are credit sinks like in WOT or if you can actually make

  32. Dez! Nice! I have the CRAB but the Wiesel is my favorite AFV so far. It
    handles better then the CRAB(CRAB seems to handle like a fox at T9 and
    that’s not a compliment) and is such a small target to hit. The CRAB though
    has a 2,800dmg potential in its 30mm. It is an absolute nightmare. The Crab
    is not doing too well because people don’t know how to utilize it on the
    map. It thrives on flanking at T9 on NA at least this doesn’t work out
    well. Usually T9 is dominated by MBTs that are platooned. As soon as you
    flank you are called out and there is a few MBTs waiting for you as you
    come around. People think its easy because good players make it look easy.
    It’s like the tale of the batchat in WOT. People cry OP autoloader when
    they can’t even average the batchats dmg potential dmg per drum. I’ve
    switched from MBT to AFV. They offer a much more exciting and diverse
    gameplay then pixel hunting and rubbing against each other for 5mins.

  33. The game won’t even download for meh… The patcher always crashes.

  34. for anyone thinking the crab its op.. just try it your self.. harder then
    you think. low hp, can pen a lot of stuff and zero armour of course.
    driving it is hard too with twitchy controls… I have had a few 5k dmg
    games too but also lots of losses when your teams mbts die in mins and you
    are left trying to fight a platoon of tier 9 t90 ms etc etc.. gl in that
    case. like any light or scout our afv If your team is good you can do well
    too if not then gg

  35. more crab please

  36. maybe you should make “1 hour episode”

  37. I can’t wait to get this vehicle!

  38. try go back to wot after crab you will cry

  39. Gotta tip my hat to you, Dez- up to this point i havent felt “the need” to
    play AW since i didn’t see anything particularly interesting there(i play
    WoT because i like WW2 tanks, not tanks in general).
    Well, that was until today. This thing looks like fun, brings back memories
    of playing the C&C Renegade.

  40. Looks like AW’s driving mechanics are well towards the fantasy end of the
    spectrum. No fighting vehicle can operate at anything like those speeds
    once off-road.

  41. True what you said about artillery role. I wish it could be more assistant
    rolish. Problem now is rapid fire arty. Reload times like 5sec. is just
    stupid… Hope they can fix it in next patch. Great playing btw.

  42. This should be a series 🙂 DezCRAB

  43. AW should show this clip to all world nations and tell them sell your MBT
    because they are useless, CRAB is here. So bullshit this kind of vehicles.

  44. @1:58, 100kph? wow!

  45. ive been 136kmh in mine… but the problem with the game is that the maps
    are too SMALL for the Crab.

  46. Dez will you give codes for Chieftain Mk6?

  47. holy CRAB

  48. I got the Draco instead of the Crab and boy is it bad. Long grind ahead
    till I get another token to unlock that op little thing… When I play the
    Stryker and I see two or three enemy Crabs and none on our side I just wish
    I could push a suicide button because no matter how bad they play their
    Crab when you are in a tier 8 TD you stand absolutely no chance against
    these little bugs at all. 1660 hp gone in like four seconds that is just
    retarded in my opinion.

  49. strnge, all Players i met ingame using this thing told : crab is crap

  50. Nice little sneaky baster
    I like this record

  51. French power !

  52. where is dez from i can’t put my finger on his accent

  53. can you show c1 next?

  54. Boring tank or shoud i say car :D

  55. What server is he playing on ? I rarely get an 8v8 match and full matches
    are non-existent in my CRAB not to mention the horrible 3-5 minute wait
    times in que.

  56. OP or just skill. Well played @DezGamez!

  57. The fact that this thing can one clip kill tanks while a 120mm HEAT shell
    doesn’t shoot it to the moon, justAWthings -.-

  58. Now if we can get a Dr Zoidberg decal.

  59. Hey Dez, can you do a Challenger 2 review? Thanks mate. Keep up the good

  60. Man I’m going to recommend my entire Battalion get the CRAB. Love the
    video’s brother. TAPOC for life! ;)

  61. crab is the way afvs should be. Sadly atm 2/3 afv lines stop effectively at
    t5 and one goes to t7 but doesn’t have t8. Lets hope they do some rework on
    other t6+ afvs fast.

  62. This is why I try to kill CRAB when they get spotted first on Tier 8/9
    games. Leave them be and this is the type of punishing you will get :D. And
    unlike lower tier AFV games where they will mostly go Suicide runs in the
    first 10 seconds. Tier 9 CRAB usually will play like Dez (no pun intended
    haha) and can really become annoying… Scenarios will usually be =
    unguarded arty = dead, unguarded flanks = gets overrun, gets flanked by
    enemy and all dies, Finally even if you spot CRAB they move fast enough
    that its hard to gauge the lead distance to hit them and when your in a
    tank that has bad vis distance you will slowly get shot by AFVs that you
    cannot see.

    I still got some exp stack for M1A2, I might just unlock CRAB instead lol!
    I have never played AFV as much as LT’s,MBT’s and TD’s though I played alot
    of Light Tank’s for the flanking like the VFM, Stingray’s and XM8. Playing
    Light Tank’s in AW, it makes it really much more fun and rewarding since
    Light Tank’s are faster, decent reload and the moving accuracy is really
    good. And every time you succeed a flanking tactic and kill what you needed
    to kill, it is pretty rewarding.

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